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Match 14099 The Creeper (Jack Ryder) vs. Mysterio

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 06:03 PM

This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Morbius vs. Angela.


Here is the wrap up for Jonny Quest and Robin (Tim Drake) vs. Ubu.


Bronze Tiger and Ubu have been sent to Palm Key to abduct Curt Conners. The scientist and his family have been hiding out with Dr. Benton Quest. While Cronze Tiger captures the scientist, Ubu has circles with their boat to find and capture Billy Conners. He has located Billy, along with Jonny Quest, Hadji and Jessie Bannon who were riding high tech wave-runners. The kids have beached their craft and run toward the interior of the island. Ubu leaves one man on board the boat and goes ashore with the other six to catch the kids.




The five of them made it to a thicket of palm trees and paused for a second. Looking back, Robin could see that the animal-masked assassins had reached the beach.


"Don't panic," he said. "We can get out of this."


"We're okay," Jonny said. "We've in situations like this lots of times."


Robin scanned their faces and realized it was true. Billy Conners looked frightened and Jessie Bannon looked serious, but Hadji's face was relaxed and Jonny looked like he was actually enjoying this.


"They've got guns," Jessie said.


"Yes, but they do not look like regular guns," Hadji said. "More like air rifles."


"With tranq darts, I bet!" Jonny said.


Robin nodded. That made sense. Whoever was after Billy and his parents wanted them alive.


"Our best chance is to split up," he said. "Johnny and Jessie, head right, Billy and Hadji, take the left."


"What about you, Burt?" Jessie asked.


Robin winced. Being undercover meant using an alias, but he hated the name "Burt Ward." He also hated it that he couldn't use his real name with friends; and especially with a girl he was starting to like.


"I'm gonna hang back and try to keep them off your backs," he said. "That's my job, remember?"


He could tell the others didn't like it much but they accepted it. Jonny and Jessie took off in one direction with Jonny's dog Bandit following, and Billy and Hadji in another. Robin took his utility belt out of his pack and scurried up one of the palms.


Several moments later the bizarre pursuers reached the trees. One, wearing a wolf-mask bent to examine the tracks.



"They've split up," he said.


"Then so shall we," the bull-masked giant said.


Before they could move, Robin dropped a smoke bomb in their midst. As the thick shroud obscured their vision, Robin leaped, landing feet-first on wolf-mask's head, slamming his face into the sand. His attack had been heard but not seen and he sprang away, hurling several batarangs where he heard movement. By the time the smoke cleared, he was hidden in a clump of ferns and two of the men, wolf-mask and a man in a ram-mask lay stretched out on the ground.


"Two of you take one trail," the giant said, "the other two go the other way. I will deal with whoever is dong this."




"Ouch!" Billy cried, stumbling.


Hadji paused and moved back to him.


"It's my ankle," Billy said.


"Can you stand on it?"


Bill rose to his feet but the look of pain when he put weight on his injured limb gave the answer. Hadji helped him over to the cover of several large volcanic rocks.


"Hide here and don't make a noise," he said. "I will distract our nefarious friends."


Billy did as he was told and Hadji vanished into the undergrowth. A few moments later two of the pursuers, masked like a crow and a hawk, appeared in the clearing. They stopped where Billy had fallen to examine the ground. Billy's heart pounded as he tried to remain silent and he thought his chest would explode when the tracker's gaze turned in his direction.


"Excuse me, gentlemen," Hadji said, stepping out from behind a tree. "I would appreciate it if you would lay down your weapons and surrender now, before anyone is hurt.


Crow-mask raised his weapon and fired but Hadji ducked behind a tree and the dart stuck harmlessly in the bole.


"You're only making it worse for yourselves," Hadli said.


The two men ran at Hadji and made it about half way before strange things started happening. The hawk-masked man wad jerked off his feet as if some invisible force had struck him in the face. he landed hard on his head and shoulders and lay still. Crow-mask made it a little farther before he tripped and fell headlong, losing his grip on his rifle. He rose and reached for it, but Hadji stepped from behind the tree and made an elaborate gesture.


"Sim, sim, salabim!" he said and the air-rifle levitated out of the man's reach.


Crow mask gaped at the sight and Billy did the same. He'd seen Hadji perform magic tricks but this seemed like genuine psychic powers on a major level. He caught his breath as the man drew a wavy-bladed kris-style dagger and began to advance on his friend.


"Demon child," the man said. "Abomination! I will cut out your heart."


Seeing the look of terror that blossomed on Hadji's face, Billy realized he had to do something. Scrambling out of cover as best as his ankle would permit he grabbed hawk-mask's fallen air-rifle. His dad had no interest in guns, but Race Bannon occasionally let the kids take turns at target practice so Billy knew the basics. He raised the gun, squeezed the trigger and was elated when a red tassled dart appeared, lodged in the man's left buttock.


Crow mask turned around and raised his weapon as if to throw it, then sank to the ground, overcome by the drug.




"Jonny, this is the wrong way," Jessie said. Their uphill race had led them to the top of the island. It was an easy climb on this side but you had to descend a 75' cliff to get down the other side.


"Don't worry," Jonny replied. "Hadji and I left our rappelling gear last week. We'll get down, no problem."


"Was that some of the stray gear my dad went around the island collecting yesterday?"


Jonny's face went blank with shock. A minute later they reached the spot where the climbing gear was supposed to be… it wasn't there.


"What now?" Jessie said.


"If we can't run, I guess we have to fight."


"Fight armed men? Grown men?"


"We'll need some weapons," Jonny said. He ripped a pocked out of his swimsuit and then removed the drawstring.


Jessie left him to his preparations and started down the trail a bit to where she had seen a stand of bamboo. She cut a slender six-foot stalk with her diving knife. She had planned to lash the knife to the tip but heard a noise behind her before she could. Turning, she saw two men, masked as a leopard and a hyena, emerge from the trees.


She dropped into a defensive stance her father had taught her, holding the bamboo like a bo-staff. Hyena-mask raised his rifle but leopard-mask pushed down the barrel. Drawing a machete, he advanced on her.


Jessie swung the staff in a pattern of attacks and got in a couple of good blows. Unfortunately, the green bamboo was too flexible to do any real damage. She knew from experience that it hurt like anything to be on the receiving end, but the man in the leopard mask had a very high pain threshold for pain. She swung at his head the other but he parried and his blade cut two feet from the end of her weapon.


The man slashed at Jessie and she parried. The machete sliced through the bamboo but missed her flesh. Taking a step back, she shifted her stance and held the two sticks in an escrima guard. Leopard-mask aimed a slash at Jessie's head which she parried with crossed sticks. Too late, she realized that he was setting her up. His kick hit her in the belly, knocking her off her feet. She landed hard, losing her sticks. Before she could rise the man had the edge of his blade to her throat.


"You fought well, little girl," he said, "but it's over."




When Jonny heard the scuffle he raced down the path, improvised sling in hand. He found leopard-mask holding Jessie from behind, his machete at her throat and hyena-mask a few feet away.


"Let her go!" Jonny shouted, loading an egg-shaped stone into his sling.


"Shoot him," Leopard mask said, and Hyena-mask raised his rifle.


Johnny whirled his weapon once and threw. His crude weapon sent the stone crashing into the rifleman's forehead with the velocity of a major-league baseball pitch. The man took three steps and keeled over.


"Drop that weapon," Leopard-mask said, holding his blade tighter against Jessie's throat. While the man's attention was focused on Jonny, she stomped her heel onto his instep, startling him and throwing him slightly off balance. That was enough for her to use his machete arm to throw him over her shoulder using an ippon seoi nage technique.


Jonny raced forward and snatched up Hyena-mask's rifle. He leveled it at Leopard-mask.


"Drop that machete," he said.


"I will die before I--" the man paused and looked at the dart embedded in his chest. He raised his weapon and took several steps toward Jonny before collapsing.




Robin rose from his cover and extended his staff to full-length as Ubu approached. The giant didn't have any weapons but Tim knew those hands could easily kill him. He thrust the end of his staff, catching Ubu in the solar plexus, then whipped the other end across the side of his head.


The blows had no visible effect.


Ubu lunged, grasping with both hands and Robin ducked and shot between his legs. He smashed another blow between the giant's shoulder blades, but this didn't work any better. Realizing he might wear himself out beating on the huge man, he ran, gaining distance. As Ubu followed, he turned and flung two pairs of bolas, wrapping his arms with one and his legs with the other. The giant toppled and lay in the sand, struggling with his bonds. Robin stepped close and applied his taser, stunning him senseless.




A little later, Race Bannon made his way around the island, collecting the unconscious assassins. When he came to the spot where Robin had left Ubu he found only severed cords.




Ubu climbed out of the water to the deck of the boat. The Bronze Tiger was on deck waiting for him.


"Did you get Conners?" Ubu asked.


The Tiger shook his head.


"My assignment was a failure as well," the giant said. "My men are lost and the children have escaped."


"They were too well prepared," the Tiger said. "I barely escaped with my life."


"We must report to the mistress," Ubu said. "She will be displeased.


The Bronze Tiger nodded solemnly but behind his mask, Christopher Chance grinned.




Amanda got out of her cab and gazed up at the imposing LexCorp tower. She took a deep breath… then her cell rang.




"Good afternoon," Owen Burnett's emotionless voice answered. "I take it, you've reached the target."


"I have," Amanda said. "I was just going in to keep my appointment.


"Very good. And you are confident you will be able to attach the device to Ms. Head's computer?"


"Come on! You know I'm the best thief in the world. A little job like this won't be any problem."


"Given your recent altercation with the Catwoman, I'd say the best 'second best' is the most you can realistically claim."


Amanda glared at the phone but remained silent.


"Of course I don't need to remind you--"


"No, you don't need to remind me what happens if I fail," Amanda said, fingering the torc she wore around her neck.


She hung up and went into the lobby where a security guard checked her in. there were workers doing repairs around the lobby and one of the elevators was out of service--in fact it was missing its doors. (to learn why, see Mercy Graves vs. Dr. Octopus.)


She moved toward another elevator and saw a tall man with his dark hair in a ponytail also waiting.


"Mac?" she said.


Duncan MacLeod turned around and grinned, then swept her up in an embrace saying, "Amanda! What are you doing here?"


"I've got a business meeting with one of the execs," she said. "But what about you? You're about as far from the corporate world as I can imagine."


"I'm meeting someone," Mac replied. "Someone special."


"It's about time," Amanda said, returning his smile.


"In fact, here she is," Mac said as the elevator doors opened and Dominique Destine stepped out in an immaculate business suit. "Darling, let me introduce you to an old friend."


The exchange of greetings was friendly enough, though something about Dominique disturbed Amanda. It was more than the possessive way she clung to Mac. There was a tingly, almost as if she was an immortal too, but not the same. She watched them head into the sunshine looking every bit the happy couple. Then her elevator arrived and she boarded it.




That's them, MacBeth said, handing the binoculars to the dark haired who sat with him in the car. She raised them to her eyes and focused on the striking redhead in the business suit and the tall, dark-haired man with her.


"I need to kill the woman," MacBeth said, "and that part needs to be by my hand alone. I just need you to keep the man off my back long enough for me to get the job done."


"So you don't want him dead?"


"I don't need him dead, but if you have to run him through with those toys of yours, it won't break my heart."


"You say he's an expert with the kanana," she said. "I don't see one on him."


"Yes, that's a trick I haven't ever figured out. Rest assured, he has it."


"And you insist the attack be during the daytime?"


"I insist absolutely," MacBeth said. "That won't be a problem, will it?"


"Of course not," Elektra said.




"Goodbye, darling," David Xanatos said, kissing Fox on the cheek.


The beautiful redhead returned the kiss and smiled slyly.


"I'll only be gone a week," she said. "How much trouble do you think I can get into in that time?"


"You should ask someone who doesn't know you," he said, returning her smile. "I wish you'd let me assign you a bodyguard. Especially now that you're--"


"Where's the fun in that? Seriously, David, you must know by now that I can handle myself."


"Of course."


When Fox had left, Xanatos turned to Owen Burnett.


"Have you taken the appropriate steps?" he asked.


"I was just about to, Mr. Xanatos. Are you certain? Mrs. Xanatos will be angry if she finds out."


"I'd risk anything to protect my wife and unborn child, Owen. You should know that."


"Very well, sir, I'll see to it immediately." Owen picked up a phone and dialed a local number.


"Nightwing Restorations Ltd." A woman's voice replied. "How may I help you?"


"I'd like to speak to Misty Knight, please."




"Ms. Knight, I have a bodyguarding job for you and your partner, provided you are free to travel to Monaco right away."




"So, what do you think of Metropolis," Ned Lee asked, hanging up his sport coat in the hotel closet. The two reporters were staying at the Metropolis Hilton. For once J. Jonah Jameson has sprung for first class accommodations, if only to have the pair across the hall from his son.


"It's impressive," Peter Parker said. "It reminds me of New York, but clean."


"That's Lex Luthor's influence, I'm told," Ned said. "They say he owns this town. Nothing happens without his say so."


"Kind of a kingpin, huh?" Peter shook his head. "I can't say I like the sound of that."


"Sometimes a benign dictator is the best alternative to chaos," Ned said. "Look, Pete, much as I'd love to debate this with you, I'm an early riser. I'm gonna hit the sack, okay?"


"Sure," Peter said. "I think I'll go out and get a little fresh air."


"Just don't do anything crazy," Ned said. "Jameson would kill me if anything happened to you."


"Don't worry," Peter replied.


A few moments later, Peter Parker stood on the hotel rooftop, clad in distinctive red and blue tights.


"Talk about a needle in a haystack," he said. "Finding Eddie Brock in this place is going to be a miracle. I guess I'd better get started.


"Slipping on his Spider-man mask he cast a web-line at another building and swung into the night.




Jack Ryder stepped out of the bar and into the warm Manhattan evening. He was close, he knew it. Proteus--or the Chameleon as he was calling himself now--was close. Even the master of disguise couldn't hide from him for long, especially not if he called in some help.


Jack pulled a card out of his pocket with the name and number of an old journalism school pal on it. Vic Sage worked fro the Bugle now. He was an odd sort, Jack reflected (not that he had any room to say anything) and always seeing vast conspiracies. Still, if anyone had the connections, and the instincts, to track the Chameleon down, it was Vic.


He pulled out his cell when there was a sudden burst of smoke on the sidewalk in front of him. As the smoke cleared he saw a bizarre cloaked figure with a green costume and a glass-dome helmet.


"Jack Ryder, your end has come!" the figure said, "and it comes in the form of the malevolent Mysterio!"


"Crap!" Jack said.


He sprang into a nearby alley and scurried up a fire escape. That bought him enough time to change into the Creeper. He scanned the ground for his foe, then heard a voice on the fire escape above him.


"You can't hide from me in that get-up, Ryder. Mysterio is all-seeing."




The Creeper is the version seen on Batman: The Animated series.


Mysterio is the version seen on The Spectacular Spider-man series. He has six of his homunculi plus his usual bag of tricks and illusions.

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 06:03 PM

Learn More About
The Creeper (Jack Ryder)
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Read more about Mysterio at Wikipedia
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Posted 06 June 2013 - 07:56 PM

This is amazing!  Putting Johnny Quest in the mix is FANTASTIC!  This is a toss up I think Mysterio might be a bit smarter and get away with a win.

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Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 09:04 PM



The genesis for this whole thing was reading a match that DSkillz did of Kraven the Hunter vs. Demona. It hit me how cool it would be if Gargoyles and Batman, TAS were in the same universe. Since then I've been adding in fairly low-powered characgters (with a few exceptions) that I thought would work with them. JQ is a favorite from way back1

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 11:54 AM

I've always thought they mixed well too both in abilities and tone. I did an entire arc with gargoyles characters and batman villains awhile ago.


Great work again, Dinsdale. As for this particular match, I am leaning toward Mysterio although I don't feel good about it.

#6 Dark Spider-man

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 07:50 PM

Which JQ are you using?  The old originals or the ones from this?

#7 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 09:09 PM

They made a lot of changes in Season 1 of Jonny Quest TRA, and I'm definitely not using that version.


Season 2 is a lot closer to the original series, the characters are essentially the same as the original series, just a couple of years older. I'm taking the characters from a point 1 year after the end of the original series. Jessie has moved in but nothing from TRA has happened yet.

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 11:53 PM

Another great set-up, Dinsdale. Good stuff recapping every aspect of Ubu and men chasing Robin and Jonny's crew, as well as good continuance of other parts of your arc. 


As for this match, while the Creeper could literally sniff his way past many of Mysterio's homunculi to Beck himself and take a hell of a lot of punishment, Creeper's own zaniness doesn't really allow him to be all that bright. Mysterio just might have the smarts and arsenal to take Ryder down.

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 09:32 AM

Great setup and Creeper wins. Creeper is wacky and a little bit crazy enough to figure out Mysterio's illusions.  You add in he could sniff until he found the right one I say he can pull it off.

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Posted 11 June 2013 - 06:15 PM

Match Final Results
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of: A You have some very interesting things going on here!
DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Once again, good recaps, continuity, and matchup!
bigballerju gives it a grade of: A Excellent setup. LOL you used Johnny Quest who hasn't been used in any arc in long time on here. I like when people used less popular characters in their arc rather then the same characters we know. Great job.
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: A
The Creeper (Jack Ryder): 3
Mysterio: 10
FPA: 4.0

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