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Match 14089 Morbius vs. Angela

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 01:57 PM

This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Mercy Graves vs. Dr. Octopus.


Here is the wrap up for Roger "Race" Bannon and Christopher Chance vs. Bronze Tiger.


Bronze Tiger and Ubu have been sent to Palm Key to abduct Curt Conners. The scientist and his family have been hiding out with Dr. Benton Quest. Ubu has gone to the far side of the island to capture Billy Connors while Bronze Tiger is making a direct assault on the Quest Compound. He's gotten inside the house and

Is confronting Dr. Quest and Race Bannon. Unknown to him, the other man in the room is not Conners but a disguised Christopher Chance.




"Stand down," Bronze Tiger said. "I've come to take Conners. You don't need to die."


"That's really nice of you, kitty-cat, but I'll pass." Race drew a pistol from his waist band.


Fast as he was, the Tiger was faster. His foot slashed out in a crescent kick, slapping the pistol out of Race's hand. The Bronze Tiger continued his spin into a side kick that caught race in the body, staggering him. He lashed out with a clawed hand strike that dropped Race to his knees.


"Hold it right there!"


The Tiger turned to see that Dr. Quest had snatched a rifle and was pointing it at him. He lunged, deflecting the barrel before he could fire. Sieving the weapon he used it as a lever to throw Quest over his shoulder. He raised the gun to club the scientist with it. That's when Race tackled him.


The Tiger rolled with the impact and ended up on top when they hit the floor and the two began to wrestle. The Tiger soon found himself on the defensive. He had studied many forms of ground combat but had always focused more on striking styles. Bannon, on the other hand, was a judoka, and was very, very good. The Tiger realized that, if the fight stayed on the ground, there was a very real chance he could lose. He countered Bannon's attempt at an arm-bar and got in a short elbow to the jaw that stunned the man.


As the Bronze Tiger rose he saw Conners moving in on him. There was no worry there, just brush the one-armed man away and finish Bannon with a stamping kick. He caught Conners by the lapels and went for a foot-sweep only to find the man had sunk into a low stance that blocked his effort. Then Bannon, still on all fours, fired a side kick that caught him in the solar plexus and Conners hit him in the side of the neck with a chopping blow. The Tiger reeled back but assumed a defensive stance before the men could press their advantage.


"You're not Conners," he said.


"If you've figured that out, I guess there's no need for this." The fake Conners peeled off his labcoat and the sling which had cunningly hidden his arm and he and Bannon advance together. They came at the Tiger with a flurry of kicks and hand strikes, which he was barely able to counter… but he did. After several moments he saw an opening in "Conners'" defenses and knocked him down with a kick to the stomach. Bannon grabbed him, going for a judo throw but the tiger countered with a head butt and a series of body punches.


As he moved in for the kill, he caught a blur of motion and spun just in time to block a round kick from "Conners." He countered with his own kick, which doubled the man over but then Bannon jumped on his back and applied a choke hold. He stuck his thumb in a pressure point in Bannon's elbow. That loosened the grip enough for him to throw the man into the rising "Conners." The two went down in a heap.


The Tiger moved in for the kill but stopped when he heard a soft spitting noise and felt a sharp pain in his back. He put his hand to the wound and pulled something loose; a small tufted dart. Across the room, Dr. Quest stood, rifle in hand. The Tiger started toward him but he was already feeling weak. When "Conners" and Bannon tackled him from behind he no longer had the strength to resist.


Moments later the Bronze Tiger lay on the floor, tranquilized and securely bound as the three men stood over him. Conners peeled off a sophisticated mask revealing a completely different set of rugged features.


"Thanks for the help, Chris," Bannon said. "I don't think we could have taken him without you. This guy's good!"


"All in a day's work," Christopher Chance said. "Though I don't think my workday is over quite yet."


"What do you mean?" Quest asked.


"I've got an idea of how to get closer to this man's bosses," Chance said.




The Ventriloquist watched in awe as the gargoyles climbed back to the hole in the roof, then spread their wings and glided away. He got out from under the desk, where he had been hiding during the fight. The unconscious bodies of the world's most dangerous criminals lay scattered across the floor. Only two were awake: Amygdala and Harley Quinn.


The group were all bound, courtesy of zip-ties that the gargoyles' human companion had discovered. For Bane and Amygdala, the biggest of the gargoyles had torn loose a pair of metal bars and wrapped them around them.


Searching the floor, the Ventriloquist quickly located Zsasz's shiv. Picking it up, he headed toward the Joker.


"Hey!" Quinn shouted. "Whacha doing with that? Don't get crazy!"


"Y-you people," the little man said. "Y-you bully me and m-mock me all the time. W-why d-don't you just leave me alone?"


"You better stay away from Mista' J with that thing!" she replied. "HELP! MURDER! FIRE! CRAZY PUPPET MAN WITH A KNIFE!"


The Ventriloquist ignored her as he bend and neatly cut away all the zip-ties, releasing the Joker.


"Huh?" Quinn said. "What gives?"


"O-orders," he said. "I'm supposed to get him out. The b-boss has a use for him."


"What about me?" Quinn asked, batting her eyes seductively.


"I h-haven't been given any instructions for you," he said. He draped one of the Joker's arms around his shoulders and struggled to lift him.


"I'd be real nice to you!"


"S-sorry," he replied, "b-but I d-don't believe you." He threw all his strength to the task but only managed to get Joker to a kneeling position.


"Fair enough," Quinn said, "but I'm strong enough to carry Mr. J."


The Ventriloquist thought about that for a moment, then eased the Joker down and crossed to Harley.


"O-okay," he said, "but n-no tricks."




"Parker! Get in here!" J. Jonah Jameson said.


Peter hurried into the publisher's office wondering what the problem could be. He didn't need any grief with his boss just now. Not when he needed some way to talk Jameson into sending him to Metropolis.


"Yes, sir?"


"Parker, you're going to Metropolis!"


"What?" Peter said, stunned.


"The city is honoring my son--you know about my son, the astronaut, don't you? Of course you do. Anyway, the city of Metropolis is giving him a special award as part of their Science and Exploration week. This is big, Parker! BIG! I want photos, and I don't mean whatever second-hand pictures that Perry White sends me!"


"Gee, Mr. Jameson, that's really--"


"I know, I'm too soft-hearted giving a kid like you an opportunity like this. That's just the kind of boss I am. Now stop wasting time and go! Miss Brant has your airline ticket."




"Yes?" Chameleon said into the cell. "I see. Thanks Blackie, I appreciate the information."


He hung up and stepped into the workroom where Beck and Mason were busily working on some sort of an elaborate costume.


"What's up?" Mason asked.


"Jack Ryder's in Manhattan, looking for me," Chameleon replied.




"He's a reporter--that is he poses as a reporter. He's really the creeper."


"The freak who jumped us in Gotham?" Beck asked.


"The same. I've fought that lunatic a number of times and managed to learn his true identity. Unfortunately, he's so unhinged I've never been able to use the information to good effect."


"Don't worry," Beck said raising a pair of green gauntlets, "Phineas and I have been working on something that'll put an end to out Creeper problems once and for all."




"You got some pull, Mista V," Harley said as the two muscled Joker out the hidden escape tunnel to the waiting truck. "How'd ya get us past all the alarms and guards so slick?"


"I d-don't know who is behind this and I d-don't want to," the Ventriloquist answered.


"You know who's behind it, Dummy," a harsh voice said from the back of the truck.




"What's the matter?" Harley said. She opened the back door and looked in. "There ain't nothing here but some kinda puppet."


"That's h-him!" the Ventriloquist said.


"Shaddup and get in!" the voice said. "Me and my associated got big plans for you."




"The escape went off as planned?" Demona said into the phone.


"Yes," said Hugo Strange's voice. "The prisoners you requested have been extracted from Arkham. I must caution you again, Joker is dangerously unpredictable."


"I should hope so," Demona said. "That's what I want him for. Now, what about the policewoman? Did you get her death on video as I requested?"


There was a pause before Strange spoke. "I'm afraid, she managed to escape."




"Those gargoyles broke in and rescued her."


"Goliath!" Demona said, hate dripping in her voice. "This is intolerable."


"I'm worried about what that means," Strange continued. "Maza knows I'm connected to her framing. I think they'll come after me."


"Let them," Demona hissed. "I'm going to give you a new personal assistant, Doctor. I think you'll like her quite a bit, and I'm just as certain the gargoyles won't."




"It's an improvement in every way," Barbara Minerva said, "All I need is one test subject to try it on."


"Ridiculous," Dr. Dorian replied. "You're just a grad student, Ms. Minerva. To think that your preparation could be any improvement on my work is insulting."


Eddie Brock hesitated in the doorway, having walked in on this dispute unintentionally.


"What is it Brock?" Dorian asked.


"Um… Doc Sevarius would like to consult with you on some tiger DNA he's getting ready," Eddie said.


"Let me show him my serum," Barbara said raising a syringe of orange fluid. "This is exactly what he's trying to create."


"No!" Dorian said. "Ms. Minerva, you are an assistant here and it's time you learned your place. I want you to destroy that witch's brew and burn your notes. I'll be the one to decide when you've come up with something useful."


He strode out of the room and Eddie looked at the dejected woman.


"I'm sorry, Barb," he said.


"I don't get it," she replied. "It's not like we don't have enough test subjects. I heard we're getting a bunch more this week."


"I've been wondering about that," Eddie said. "Do you know where they're getting these people?"


"Better not to ask," she said. She looked up at Eddie and a smile lit her face.


"What?" he asked feeling suddenly anxious.


"Eddie, you'd like to be faster and stronger, wouldn't you?"


"Like Spider-man? Sure, who wouldn't?"


"This can give you all that and more," she said raising the syringe. "The speed of a cheetah, the strength of a tiger, enhanced sight, hearing, smell, it could all be yours."


"Thanks," Eddie said, "but I'd rather not. This stuff is still kind of… untested, you know?"


"Sure," Barbara said looking glum.


"Look, why don't I treat you to dinner tonight… try to take your mind off of it?"




"Great! In the meanwhile, I'd better get back to work."


Eddie turned and headed out the door and watched him go. When she was alone, she took off her labcoat and rolled up the sleeve of her blouse. Then she placed the tip of the needle to the inside of her elbow.


"Got to test it on someone," she said.




Broadway and Angela soared over the dark streets of Gotham. Even though they were in a strange city, they had wanted to go on patrol. Besides, Goliath and Elisa had obviously wanted to be alone.


"I kinda like this place," Broadway said. "It has a real gargoyle feel, if you know what I mean."


"Hmm?" Angela said.


"What's the matter?" Broadway asked. "You've been off somewhere ever since we got Elisa back."


"Got her back from my mother," Angela said.


"Are you beating yourself over that? Come on, Angela, Demona's not worth it."


"I'm sorry," she said, "but this isn't as easy for me as the rest of you. I'd like to be alone with my thoughts, if you don't mind."


"Oh," he said. "Well… sure, I guess so."


Angels felt bad after her lover circled off in another direction. Broadway was sensitive and she didn't want to hurt him. It was just that everything was so black and white for him. Her feelings about Demona were complex and she didn't understand them herself.


After a few moments a noise from the street caught her attention, a man attacking a woman, dragging her into an alley. She wheeled around to dive at the attacker but as she did a dark shape passed by below her. The manlike form appeared to be gliding on the wind, just as the members of her clan and she wondered if it could be another gargoyle.


The dark glider landed lightly, kicking out at the man as it did. It's foot caught the criminal in the chest and sent him flying back. The woman screamed and fled in terror at the sight of her rescuer. Angela began to descend, eager to greet this stranger. As she did, it seized the fallen man, lifted him up and sank sharp teeth into his neck.


"Stop!" she cried landing a dozen feet from him.


The creature turned and she saw it was no gargoyle but a man with bone-pale skin and luminous yellow eyes. Its lower face was covered with the blood if its victim. Its eyes widened as it stared at her.


"Release him!" Angela said.


"My thirst is great, creature," he replied. "I prefer the blood of the guilty to that of the innocent, but perhaps I need not take human blood at all. Yours will suffice!"




This is basic Morbius as he first appeared in Amazing Spider-man.

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 01:57 PM

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 05:58 PM

Another great set-up, Dinsdale, and great recap as usual. I had almost forgot about the Bronze Tiger/Race & Chance match! 


As for this match, it's definitely a good one. While Angela is surely stronger and possibly quicker than Morbius, she may have to watch out for his hypnotic stare. Angela's smart, but she's also kind of naive.

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 09:50 PM

Outstanding work, Dinsdale. And I thought I was juggling a lot of characters and strands, sheesh.


I think Angela takes this. As DSkillz noted she is a bit naïve, and if this were the Angela straight off of Avalon I would give it to Morbius. But, even by the time she reaches New York with Goliath and Elisa I think she is a much more experienced fighter and more resourceful.

#5 Dark Spider-man

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Posted 05 June 2013 - 07:53 PM

Amazing setup, sir!  I think Angela can win this if like DSkillz said she stays away from his hypnotic stare.  If she can get him quick and stay smart she can win.

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 11:39 PM

You know, as the fight carries on, Morbius might realize Angela's not a threat and either flee or inadvertently leave himself open to attack (though his healing factor would protect him to some extent from the latter.). 

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 02:15 PM

Match Final Results
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: A
michalecs gives it a grade of: A
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of: A
Morbius: 4
Angela: 8
FPA: 4.0

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