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The Sword And The Fist

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 06:39 PM

   Kinjidara rushes at the man, and once in range he slices, splitting the ground, But there was no body, the enemy, had simply, dissipated. "What?" he said under his breath. A laughter rang out from behind Kinjidara, "What was that?" the man said to Kinjidara, "What a pathe..." the mans sentence cut short from Kenjidara's quick movements as the sword barely missed the man's nose. "I am Kinjidara Nakamora, and I am here to purge your evil." he said with a glare that was almost as if he was staring right into his enemy's soul.

   With another quick movement Kinjidara thrusts his blade at the man, but the man vanished again, "What is this? some kind of super speed or something" Kinjidara said as he scans the area. "It's called teleporting, Just one of my many...Gifts...OH! and Here is another" with a raise of the hand the body of the person he just killed started to move..."This one is one of my favorites." the body rose and sprinted at Kinjidara but with quick reflexes dodged the dead man, "Keep your focus on me," the man said as Kenjidara quickly turned to see that the man was right in his face..."GAH!!!!" Kinjidara screams as he barely blocked the attack. "he is fast, and using others is making it quite hard on me, but the man is already dead, so I must do what I must," and with that Kinjidara turns and cuts the dead man in half, and keeps moving to keep his attention to the enemy. "You are quite deceptive" Kinjidara said with a smile on his face "But like you, there is more to me then appears" with that the area seemed to be getting heaver and heaver. The man started struggling at points to keep himself standing as Kenjidara started walking over to the man with ease, "This is my Ability" and with that Kenjidara's sword slashes the man, but only catching his left arm before he teleported again. "That is going to be a hard one to pin down" Kinjidara said to himself as he scanned the area.

   Keeping guard he walks past the death that laid before him, 10 to 12 people laying dead around him. "Such death, how could someone do th..." without being able to finish his sentence the body's began to move. "not this again..." The body's began to attack Kinjidara...and so he fought back, making quick work of the dead. "Boo" A sharp pain in Kinjidara's left arm splashed through his body, but the Boo gave him just enough time to dodge the blow that could of been much worse. Rolling with the blow, Kinjidara twisted and cut the mans right leg on the thigh, but he was able to dodge what could of been a amputation.  "Your kinda quick" said the man to Kinjidara "No, Your just slow" at that time the man noticed his leg was much heaver then before, and so was his hand "The weight of hell dragging you down" Kinjidara said with a glare, and with another quick movement and another cut to the man, this time just catching his coat, "Nothing can escape gravity" Kinjidara said, as his enemy slumps slightly. Kinjidara readies his sword for another attack, The sword began to glow a dark blue, and as he began to swing from a down to upwards position, the ground split. But once again the man dissipated..."I will no longer hold back from such evil!" Kinjidara exclaimed the ground around him and parts of buildings began to crumble and fall quickly to the ground leaving small breaks and crater type impacts, "Where did you hide?!" Kinjidara yells.

   Kinjidara started wondering the small town, now dead and crumbling as he walks past building "COME OUT AND FIGHT!" with that he heard something from his left, "Found you" and with quickness leaped there just to see the man vanish again "AHH!!!" Kinjidara was quite angry at this time, "Fine, I'll give you no where to hide" and with that Kinjidara Raised into the sky and began to look around, "Where is he, WHERE IS HE!" Kinjidara kept saying to himself, Then a small reflection came from an ally, "Found you!" Kinjidara flew to the ground with great force, slamming into it hard enough to cause a small shock wave and destroying the buildings around him..."No more running" he said to the man now on the ground peering at Kinjidara, "And now, to purge one evil from this world"

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