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Match 13985 Rolento F. Schugerg vs. Ralf Jones

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 01:33 PM








Kula Diamond rushed over to Heidern, who was on the ground, holding his leg in pain.


“Don’t worry about me, it’s just a flesh wound,” said Heidern.


“A large gash of a flesh wound,” Kula corrected.


“True. But the important thing is she didn’t hit bone,” said Heidern.


Kula looked over to the one responsible for Heidern’s current injury, the android, Alisa Bosconovitch. Alisa was frozen in a large block of ice thanks to Kula. (REF: KULA DIAMOND VS. ALISA BOSCONOVITCH)


“We should leave here, it’s not safe,” said Kula. “Who knows if there are more on the way and that robot may have some sort of internal heating unit to free herself at some point.”




“But where do we go?”


Heidern thought it over. “I know a safe house where we can keep Clark while he recovers. I just hope the others are having success in locating Lars Alexandersson and convincing him to join forces, we really need the help. Our team is not doing so well. Except for you that is.”


“Before we do anything else we are going to need to get that leg some medical attention,” said Kula.


“It’s really not that bad,” Heidern insisted. He pointed to his eye patch where his right eye once was before Rugal Bernstein had ripped it out. “Compared to this it is nothing.”


“I am not going to let you be stubborn so that your wound can get infected,” said Kula. “I’m going to go call Leona.”




Leona approached Ralf Jones and Whip. “I just received a call from Kula Diamond. There has been an incident. An android, from the Mishima Zaibatsu no doubt, attacked headquarters after we left. Kula managed to subdue the android, but not before it sliced at my father’s leg with a chainsaw.”


“Is he okay?” asked Whip.


“From what they can tell he will be okay. Although I doubt he is in great fighting condition,” Leona infromed.


“What about Clark?” Ralf inquired.


“Clark was not harmed during the skirmish,” Leona replied.


“So, are we supposed to go back?” Whip wondered.


“Not at all. We have a mission to complete, and the need to find a strong, able bodied soldier has just increased. We just need to work faster,” said Leona.


“What are Heidern and Kula going to do?” asked Ralf.


“After they wrap up my father’s leg, they are going to go find K’ and Maxima. Kula had been looking for them anyway, we can really use their help, and my father figures they will be safe during their search because K’ and Maxima are not on the Mishima Zaibatsu’s radar as far as he knows,” Leona explained.


“Alright then, let’s get back to work,” said Ralf. “Lars Alexandersson and his renegade Tekken Force unit are a little hard to track. They are nomadic so that the Mishima Zaibatsu can’t pin them down.”


“Sounds like a strategy we should employ as well given what’s happened,” Whip suggested.


Leona and Ralf nodded in agreement.


“Anyway,” continued Ralf. “We caught a lucky break. According to reports, Lars and his unit were last spotted at the village up ahead a few days ago. They were there to threaten some nefarious group called the Mad Gear Gang who had set up a recruitment facility just outside the village. Lars warned them to shut it down and leave the area or he would be forced to shut them down himself.”


“I think I’m going to like this guy,” Whip remarked.


“What happened after that?” asked Leona.


“That’s where it ends. We just have to hope that he is still in the area,” said Ralf.


The three Ikari Warriors walked through the village and asked the locals about Lars and the Mad Gear recruitment facility. When they arrived at the facility outside the village, the front door had been smashed in. They entered carefully, one at time, offering each other backup if the need would arise. After they had walked for a minute, a horrific sight engulfed them. Lights were smashed everywhere and dead bodies were spread like grotesque works of art all throughout the facility, both Tekken Force officers and civilian recruits alike. The same thing held true wherever they walked.


“Did they all just kill eachother?” Whip wondered.


“I have a feeling that something else it at work here, but I don’t know what,” said Leona.


“Keep your eyes peeled for Lars,” said Ralf. “I’m going to be really upset if we came all this way to just find his corpse.”


“We should also keep our guard up, if in fact they didn’t all just kill each other, whoever did might still be around,” Leona added.


The three split up to inspect three different auditoriums. Ralf Jones ended up at the auditorium in the back of the facility. He wondered if anyone in the facility other then himself, Leona, and Whip was still alive. He would soon get an answer.


“Name and rank soldier!” shouted a voice.


Ralf looked around, but did not see anyone. “Who’s there? What happened here?”


“Name and rank soldier!” the voice repeated.


“My name is Ralf Jones of the Ikari Warriors,” he responded.


“Why are you here?” asked the voice.


From the sound of his voice, Ralf assumed he was talking to a member of the rebel Tekken Force unit and tried his best to lure him out. “Why don’t you show yourself and we can talk,”


“Just state your business for being at this facility,” said the voice.


“I’m looking for Lars Alexandersson. We need his help.”


“Wrong answer, soldier!” Rolento summer summersaulted into the dim light. “Any potential ally of my enemy is also my enemy!”


“Why is he your enemy?”


“Look around at his handy work! These boys were not yet trained for this kind of battle, he knew that, and yet he massacred them just the same,” said Rolento.


“Lars did this? Are you sure?”


“It’s the only logical scenario. He is the only one with the power to pull off something of this magnitude and he is the only person missing from the party,” said Rolento.


“So you didn’t actually see him do it. Why would he take out his own men?” asked Ralf.


“You calling me a liar, Ikari Warrior?” shouted Rolento. Rage and frustration clouded his mind. “I was out looking for new recruits when it went down. I came back and saw my boys like this. Sometimes you can know things without seeing them.”


“That’s insane,” Ralf retorted.


“What’s insane is Lars thinking I will let him get away with this. I will have my vengeance, and I think I shall start with you!” Rolento quickly threw a grenade in Ralf’s direction.





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Posted 25 May 2013 - 01:33 PM

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 10:03 PM

These men are on equal footing. They both have granades to go along with thier attacks. But Ralf seems to use his more in his fighting  than to just throw at the opponent every once in a while like Rolento. However even if he closes the distance Ralf still has to get past the staff. Once that's done, then he can pound away at Rolento. That's a lot of stuff to get past though. A better fighter would be able to do it but I don't think Ralf is up to the challenge.

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 02:15 PM

Match Final Results
FoxFingers gives it a grade of: A
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of: A
Rolento F. Schugerg: 8
Ralf Jones: 2
FPA: 4.0

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