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Match 13952 Abel Nightroad vs. Akua Shuzen

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 06:59 PM

Cain Nightroad a crusnik and the leader of renegage vampires is pissed. " Damnit, why do all vampires have to be so useless". Cain asked his deformed underling Igor. " Master, we have hired one with a very impressive record. She has slaugthered thousands of humans and inhumans alike." Igor said.


" Bring her to me". Cain snarled.


A young asian vampire walked into the main chamber, she was beautiful and had the air of nobilty around her.


" Ah, you do not look like you fit your repuation, you look barely older than my littls sister seth". Cain sneered.


" I am Fairy Tales top assassin, I am more than capaple". Akua said smugly.


" If you are able to kill my brother abel then I deem fairy tale a worthy cause and I will join it myself". Cain Promised.


Cain Provided Akua with vadican information, Akua was to infiltrate Rome. it was easy for her.

she located Abel buying sweets. " What an Idiot, this guy is just some stupid human he was no where near as powerful as Cain, I am going to have to provoke him" She thought.

A walking child passed right by Akua, She punched the boy hard in the stomach, blood gushed from his mouth and he died instantly. Abel noticed the murder and sprang into action he drew his Gun and opened fire on Akua.


" In the holy name of the pope i arrest you for murder," Abel said suddenly serious.

Akua evaded the bullets with impressive vampire speed, " You are going to have to do much better than that priest". Akua laughed. " Dimesion Sword"!  She karate chopped the air sliceing through the dimesion slashing abel across the cheast.

Abel spewed blood and fell to the ground, this gave Akua enough time to close the distance and grab him by the throat, she raise her fist to end his life, he uttered his last words.

" Nano Machines Crusnik 0.2 Power output 80 percent, Activate". Abel Muttered.

A flash of lighting threw akua back, and there stood able with wings and fangs! was he a vampire?

Abel raised his hand and a Red Sythe appreared out of nowhere.


" You, vampire will fall before my sythe you wll be reaped from existance". Abel snarled. I am a crusnik a vampire who feeds on the blood of vampires".


" Nice trick, but still you can't hope to best me, I am the strongest of the Shuzen familey I will end you". Akua said.


Abel flew towards her with an unearthly snarl his sythe raise for the kill.

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 06:59 PM

Learn More About
Abel Nightroad
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Akua Shuzen
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Posted 27 May 2013 - 09:15 PM

Match Final Results
michalecs gives it a grade of: A
DSkillz gives it a grade of: F Made by a multi-accounter. One of the prices of cheating.
Abel Nightroad: 4
Akua Shuzen: 5
FPA: 2.2

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