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Match 13949 Kokoa Shuzen vs. Wolverine

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 05:17 AM

Yokai vs. Xaiver's X-men Torunament Goes on Mutants fighting monsters in a vicous fight.


" oh that's too bad, I guess Gin the werewolf was not match for the beast Hank Mcoy"! The annoucer said.


Nurses came hurring to take Gin to sickbay. Hank leaves the arena to go speak with his teamates.

" Hello professor how are things holding up?" hank asked.


" Well Peter is still fighting that vampire girl, I think it might be a little while, Betsy lost to a chinese boy named fangfang and I see you beat the werewolf Gin". Professer X said.


" Well it was a facinating fight, I have fought werewolves before but none like him, he was able to maintain his thought process and speech and he had incredible speed, with a decade more training he would surpass me". Hank smiled.


" It is our job to forge an allience with Yokai in case of any trouble we might have, I spoke with the headmaster about if things go well if he could send some of his students to train with us someday since there is no college for monsters." Professer X said. " Hank why don't you visit your werewolf friend in sickbay, I am sure he would appriciate it."

" Yes professer I would like to learn more about his power". Hank said before he ran off towards the academy.


" Logan, what's bothering you," Professer X asked.


Logan, also known as wolverine said " I got this weird feeling, I smell a girl, a young one she lusts for battle."


" Ah, very much like you." Observerd professer X.


" No, not like very much like me, exactly like me, and my gut tells me I am gonna be fighting her". Logan said.


The annoucer called out the next fight.


" Now up Kokoa Shuzen Vs. Wolverine". fight will start in 5.


down at the yokai side of the arena Kokoa is restless.


" it's going to be ok, Koko you will do great." Tskunae said.


" I know that! I just don't know what to expect that's all". Kokoa said.


Both fighters made their way to the areaa both could not stand waiting any longer.


" Nice bat kid." Logan smirked.


" Shut up old man!" Kokoa yelled.


" I am so scared of a little midget girl, how old are you 10?" Logan mocked.


" I am 16! and you are not much taller than me, lameo!"


It was true Logan stands 5'3 and Kokoa stands 4'11.


" Enough talk lets fight" Logan said.


Logan's claws shot out and he lunged at Kokoa, he attempted a double back hand to quickly end her, but Kokoa nimbly did a back wards handspring to evade the fast attack.


" Batty, transform Morning star mode"! Kokoa comanded.


Batty turned into her trademark weapon. Kokoa swung the mace a full ark smashing right into Logan's head. There was a mighty clang and Logan went flying across the area.


" I won! that was easy". Kokoa said as she jumped for joy.

but she then stared in amazement. Logan got back up and cracked his neck his wound was healed.


" I got this healing factor and a indesturcable skelliton, it takes more than a mace to get me down" Logan laughed.


" Well I am a vampire, and we are the best, Rapier mode". Batty turned into a Rapier.

Logan begain his next assult with quick swipes while Kokoa parried and attacked fenceing style, they moved like a blur with vampire speed and animallike reflexes. the pair disengaged.

Both fighters were panting wounds bleeding in dozens of different places. Logan has much more minor cuts on him and they healed instantly. Kokoa was gushing blood from her arm her healing factor is not as fast as logans, Logan went on the offencive once more Kokoa was on the pure defence. She lashed out with a kick to his chin sending in flying, She was able to heal herself.

" Damn, you are good old man". Kokoa said impressed.

" I have been training all my life, kid", Logan said.

" After we kick the snot out of each other, want to buy me dinner?" Kokoa winked.

" Yeah, I will buy you a happy meal, I saw on TV that they are giving out barbie toys", Logan said.

Kokoa lunged pissed, how long will this last?

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 05:17 AM

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 06:15 AM

Match Final Results
Venom 2009 gives it a grade of: B
michalecs gives it a grade of: A
Kokoa Shuzen: 6
Wolverine: 7
FPA: 3.5

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