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Match 8527 Miharu vs. Skarla

The Angel vs. Demoness

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#1 Guest_stargazer69_*

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 04:58 AM

The Pentagon recived a distess call from the capital of oregan state, A Terrorist described as a female has been causeing massive criminal activity, Hundreds are dead and undercity scum are on the ramage on a new drug dubbed " Demon". which the user loses all functions and turns into a mindless beast. The Secratry of defence issues an order for the purge to begain the infected shall be condemmed.  Major Genral Smith in charge of the Purgatory squad calls a meeting with his staff Miharu a recent addation is the only one present.


Smith: Listen up, Lass Ah'm sendin' ye tae' Salem to clean up dis 'ere um calamity, Wot!


Miharu smiles at the General, she finds his thich highland accent adorable


Miharu: so you want me to go and clean up the mess caused by these drug lords?


Smith: Aye, Lassie tis what Ah jus' said!

Miharu: Yes, sir I will depart right away!

Smith: Stan' fast wot! Ah'm gonna sen' a squad o' troopers wiv ye

Miharu: Yes sir I will breif them while we are on the transport


Miharu is on the transport an hour away from Salem landing pad

Miharu: We are to kill the infected with no mercy, we have our orders, we have to do this for the sake of the innocents.

The Squad Leader a Seargent who was a seasoned Campieger raised his fist

Miharu: Proceed, Seargent

Seargent: With all due respect Ma'am, are you not a little young to be leading a group of soidlers?

Miharu: Well I am 17 years of age but I have skills in combat that humans don't have.

Seargent: I see now, you are that experiment i have heard about, I read your service record I approved your appilcation for your position, very impressive!

Miharu: I thank you kindly sergant, I am going to leave the military customs to you, while I pursue the witch in charge of this mess.

Sergent: Yes, Marm!

Miharu: No, call me Miharu, I do not rank above you Sergant, You are in command.

Miharu smiled and the Old vetren smiled

Sergent: then Lets get into formation and move out!

The Troops marched in perfect unison, they numbered about threescore and a half (65) All equiped with state of the art laser weapons.


The landing pad was over run with the infected humans.


Sergent: Let's give 'em Blood n' vineger!!!!!!!! Charge!!!!!!


The soilders fired their weapons mowing down the infected like a lawnmower to dry grass. they were all dead in the span of a minete.

Miharu was impressed she bid the captian farewell and too a score (20) soilders with her to the Garden of time where the important people were buried, this was the last know location of the Witch.

They entered the Guarden and found a woman dressed in a black dress holding a septer. It was Skarla the witch!

Skarla: More victems! hahaha, you guys might enjoy my new drug, These Methheads could not take it, their bodies were already ravished!

Miharu: You are done, we are here to end you and your reign of terror you old hag! FIRE!

The Soilders opened fire on the witch whom threw up a Psi-sheild to protect herself. Miharu Used her water magic to summon a torrent of water from the water fountain and slashed her with a megaton of hydro force ten times the amount of a first class fire hose!

Skarla was knocked back into the back wall of the Garden her Psi-sheild broken due to the Phsyical impact.

Skarla was in a searing rage she waved her hand about to cast a spell.

Skarla: Fallen ones, come aid your queen!

The Graves burst open and 30 zombies stormed out towards Miharu.

Miharu acted fast and uses the light breeze to manipilate the air to create invisible blades

Miharu: AIR SLASH!

She took out 3 that were almost upon her.

The troops opened fire 10 more were taken down, half of the soilders were on their knees clutching their heads in desiar due to the mind witch's powers.

those who were not torn apart were fighting hand to hand with he remaining Zombies.

Miharu was sick of the death. she used the fear and desperation energy to create a massive charge of enegy


A massive charge decimated the  zombies. only 2 soilders remaind.

Miharu: Alright, Skarla it's time to finish this!

Miharu's hands are still cakling with the power she absorbed from the fear of her comrades this will be a tough battle for Miharu, can she defeat the Powerful Mind witch?

#2 Callisto



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Posted 20 May 2013 - 04:58 AM

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Origination: Elemental
Alignment: Hero
Team: Nekos United!

Origination: Mental
Alignment: Villain
Team: The Wicked Garden

#3 Callisto



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Posted 25 May 2013 - 05:01 AM

Match Final Results
Skarla Won a match against Miharu
9 to 3
Miharu: 0 fame points
Skarla: 0 fame points

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