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Make Your Move: CBUB Edition!

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 11:57 AM

Welcome to the CBUB Make Your Move thread. Make Your Move is a website where you can make fake movesets for characters you only wish were in Super Smash Bros.


The site has a 'no limits' policy, so literally anyone can be included, so long as it's an actual character, and has appeared in published media (books, games, movies etc.).


So yeah, I'm basically starting this thread up so we can share our own movesets for characters. Here's

an example:


Kento Marek (Star Wars)


Galen Marek's father from The Force Unleashed, Kento was killed by Darth Vader on Kashyyyk, which is where the dark lord found the boy and took him in.


Kento is a pretty all-round kind of character, and his lightsaber attacks give him a large hitbox for his attacks. He's also fairly agile and fast, like Captain Falcon, but isn't quite as powerful.


Jab: In his first jab, Kento punches forward with his left hand dealing 3% damage. He follows it up with a sideways swipe forward with his lightsaber which deals 5% damage, which he can follow up with a second swipe, which also deals 5%.


Forward tilt: Does a swift roundhouse kick, which he can follow up with a jabbing kick to the stomach. The first hit deals 8%, and the second does 6%.


Up tilt: Does a high kick that can juggle his opponent in the air. It does 8% damage.


Down tilt: Swipes his opponent's legs with his lightsaber. It deals 7% damage.


Dash attack: Dashes forward with a flying kick that does little knockback. Deals 6% damage.


Side Smash: Charges up his force in his hand, before launching his opponent with a quick force palm blast. It can be angled upwards and downwards slightly. It deals 20% damaged. It can launch opponents very far if fully charged, though the hitbox is quite small.


Up Smash: Charges up his lightsaber before swiping it 180 degrees, giving it a large hitbox. It deals 19% damage. It can launch opponents high into the air, allowing him to juggle them.


Down Smash: Charges up the force in both his hands while crouching, he thrusts both his hands out in opposite directions, like Sheik's down smash. The force gives it extra hit box. Getting hit by either palm deals 15% damage. It doesn't launch opponents very far at low damage percentages.


Aerial jab: Just a simple karate kick than deals 3% damage.


Forward aerial: A slow smash move where he strikes forward with his lightsaber. It is a rather strong smash move and usually launches opponents diagonally downwards. It deals 9% damage.


Back aerial: Just puts his arm out behind him with his lightsaber. It deals 6% damage.


Up aerial: Similar to his aerial jab, but faces his leg directly upwards. It doesn't have a large hitbox, and doesn't launch opponents very far upwards. It deals 5%.


Down aerial: Swipes his lightsaber 180 degrees downwards. The attack is fast, deals large knockback, and even boosts Kento upwards a little, like Meta Knight's. It deals 6%.


Forward throw: Kicks his opponent forward with his right foot. It deals 11%.


Back throw: Throws his opponent backwards. Deals 6%.


Up throw: Uppercuts his opponent upwards, before blasting them with the force. This can damage other fighter caught in it. The uppercut deals 5%, and the force blast deals 6%.


Down throw: Throws his opponent on the floor before stabbing them with his lightsaber. The throw deals 4% and the saber deals 7%.


Normal Special: Force Smash - Uses the force to pick up a rock out of the ground and throw it straight into his opponent. The rock deals 14% damage. It is one of the few


Side Special: Lightsaber Slash - Slashes up to three times with his lightsaber, similar to Marth's, excpet it can't be tilted upwards or downwards to boost it's effectiveness. The first strike deals 7%, the second deals 11%, and the third smasher deals 14%.


Up Special: Wookiee Hovership - A Wookiee hovership appears out of nowhere piloted by Tarfful, which can carry Kento up, but doesn't do any damage, even after he lets go. It is one of the best recovery moves in the game due to it's versatility.


Down Special: Force Snatch - Uses the force to telekinetically grab the opponent before slamming them into the ground. The grab deals 2%, and the slam deals 17%.




So who do you want to be in the next Smash game?

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