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World of Darkness

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 09:57 PM

Hello everyone on cbub and welcome to World of Darkness topic.









Short Introduction


Now the main reason why I opened up this tab is asking people opinion on this role playing game. Their is couple of question I would like to ask to spark discussions and I personally seeking answers to some of those questions. However if you do not know of this role playing game, let me give you a short and vague crash course. 


Vague Crash Course


World of Darkness is role playing game made by whitewolf. This game concept is sort of like dungeon and dragon, however with a supernatural setting, instead of fantasy. These supernatural elements are usual monster, such as vampires, werewolves, mages, demons and other goodies. They even have mummies. However the game is split into two universe (well maybe three however that is not important) the old system, in which many people call cWoD, classic world of darkness, and the new system called nWoD; new world of darkness. These two universe have very different themes as the cWoD have a revolving around Armageddon and the other is more individualized. The players in both universe are one of the monsters that and learn about their lore, character diversity, and their main threat. There is more information on this however I can write pages if I continued, therefore lets just move on to questions.




This toward the people who actually play the game. If you haven't try to find a Game Master and play it is really fun. Well it depends on GM and the people. That lead me into my first question


1.   When playing WoD what are some of your re-memorable moments, both good and bad and what was the cause it to become a great or disappointing memory?


2.   What is your least favorite core book, source book, or even universe(cWoD vs nWoD)? 


3.   Do you enjoyed a certain game so much that you actually try to make more stories off the game? Aka fanfic or addition stories for your character or other or even the town


I will add more later for now these three I think is a good way to start off.


If you want to add question, or edit something please post below and I will make those changes. 






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