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Maximized training

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Posted 01 May 2013 - 06:05 AM

Here's a little something to exercise the mind a bit.


Universe: Naruto/Star Wars(pick one)


Task: Set up a training regimen, that will(when finished) allow the student to utilize as much of the powers of that universe's potential as possible.


Starting Age: 4


Time: Just after the Uchiha Massacre(naruto)/2 years after Luke and his students finally defeated Exar Kun(star wars).


Resources: In Konoha, the Hokage has given you free hands, you have the full resources of the village and the Hokage behind you.  In Star Wars, you have the full resources of the New Republic at your disposal.




Explain your training regimen, and explain how it will allow the student to fully utilize the potential of their abilities.


Note: You are dealing with an average, but gifted(intelligent) student, in either universe.


Note 2: The training ends when the student reaches the age of 15


Note 3: I will post my own(for both universes) in a day or two, to allow other people to make their input first.


Edit: As a 'bonus': You are a Sith Master, and have found the person you want to be your apprentice. How do you turn him/her to the Dark Side, and how do you train him/her, to utilize the full potential of the Dark Side of the Force.

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