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Match 13582 Cheshire vs. Black Widow

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 12:02 AM

This is part of an Arc, the last installment of which is found at Renee Montoya vs. Elisa Maza.

This is the wrap-up to Maggie the Cat vs. Vermin. When the underground Labyrinth complex was attacked by Kraven the Hunter and Sabretooth, Maggie fled deeper into the tunnels beneath New York. She is currently at the base of the spiral stair leaving to the underground of the Beauty and the beast TV series (90's version.) Unfortunately for Maggie, she has been followed, not by Sabretooth, but by the man-rat known as Vermin.


Maggie cringed as the rat-man sprang at her. Vermin crashed into her and bore her to the ground, pinning her with his weight.

"No!" Maggie screamed. Desperately she pressed her hands against Vermin's shaggy body. Without even thinking about it, she generated a powerful electrical shock that threw the creature a dozen feet.

"What iss it?" Vermin shrieked, leaping to his feet.

"Stay back!" Maggie said, raising her hands. "I'll do that again."

"No," Vermin said. "It isss afraid."

Maggie fired another bolt but Vermin was ready, and his twisting movement made him nearly impossible to hit. He slashed with his claws, tearing open her shoulder.

Maggie cried out in pain, then something snapped in her as she realized that this monster was going to kill both her and her unborn child. She lashed out with her own claws, raking bloody furrows across its face. she slashed again and again with desperate fury and he fell back. Maggie pressed her advantage, clawing and striking until she was panting with the effort.

She stopped and her heart sank as she saw that Vermin was barely wounded. He had faded back, using as little energy as necessary to counter her wild attacks. Now she was exhausted and he was fresh. With a hiss of pleasure he lunged at her. Maggie tried to fend him off, but her arms were weary and she no longer had the will to fight. Vermin sank his teeth into her shoulder and she passed out from the pain.

"Good tassste," he said, licking her blood from his lips. "But not for now. Ssshare you with my friendsss."

He slung Maggie over his shoulder and began to climb the stair.


Curt Conners sipped the cup of coffee Batman had given him and glanced at his companions. He had heard of Batman and Robin, though the reality was a little overwhelming; and Vincent was even more so. The big man looked like a strange hybrid of man and lion, though his obvious intelligence and gentle manner belied his bestial appearance.

"So, this is your lair?" Curt said, looking around the Batcave.

"You'll be safe here," Batman said. "It's only a temporary arrangement though. Is there somewhere you can take your family where you'll be hard to find?"

"You think the people who tried to abduct me will try again?"

"They're powerful and ruthless," Batman said.

"Perhaps it is best not to take a chance," Vincent added.

Curt nodded. "There's a friend of mine, a scientist who lives on one of the Florida Keys. It's very secluded."

"Benton Quest?" Batman asked.

"You know him?"

"I know of him. He's an ideal choice, though I'll want to arrange a little extra security for you."

"Catherine!" Vincent said suddenly.

"Who?" Robin asked.

Vincent shook his mane in confusion. "My memory is still hazy, but I know she is important to me, and I can feel that she is in danger. I must go to her."


Barbara Gordon stared at her prisoner in horror.

"Put my friend on speaker," Merlyn said. "Do it, or your father dies."

Swallowing hard, Barbara pressed a button.

"Razor Fist, can you hear me?" the archer asked.

"Yes," came a harsh tone in reply.

"Your buddies are our prisoners," Barbara cut in. "If you want to see them again, you need to release my father."

"Merlyn?" the voice asked.

"It's true," the archer replied. "The girl and her lover have astounding fighting skills. We were unprepared."

"The child believes that she is able to negotiate?"

"What does he mean?" Barbara whispered, covering the mouthpiece.

"Our lives are forfeit because of our failure," Merlyn said. "Nothing you do to us will change your father's fate."

"What do you want my dad for?" she asked, uncovering the phone.

When Razor Fist was silent, Merlyn replied. "We only needed him to gain access to the Batman," he said. "But I believe you will be the better hostage… Batgirl."


"Are you going to pretend that you don't know what I'm talking about?" Merlyn asked with a grin. "A redheaded girl and a dark haired youth with your skills? I'm not stupid."

"You'll exchange my father for me?"

"Barbara," Dick Grayson said. "You can't do it!"

"You're in no shape to stop me."

"These guys; their MO fits R'as al Ghul's Society of Assassins."

"I know," she said. "So, Mr. Assassin, can we make a deal?"


"L. Thompson Lincoln," Dominique said, stepping into the elegant Manhattan office.

"Ms. Destine," the tall, albino man said, offering her a seat. "It's a pleasure to meet the chair of Nightstone Enterprises."

"And it is a pleasure for meet the infamous Big Man," she replied.

"You're mistaken," Lincoln replied. "I'm a humble businessman and philanthropist."

"And I am a respectable businesswoman," she said, matching his smile. "Since we understand each other, let's get to the reason you asked me here."

"We've gotten off on the wrong foot," Lincoln said. "I'd like to correct that."

"Are you threatening me? That wouldn't be an intelligent move. My companion, Duncan, is very capable."

"So is my man, Hammerhead."

Dominique smiled. "That would be interesting… but not tonight, I think."

"I agree," Lincoln replied. "I wasn't threatening you; simply pointing out that your associate, Lex Luthor, recently sold a suit of power armor to a… business rival of mine."

"Lex is a businessman," Dominique replied. "He doesn't consult me on all his deals."

"More to the point, an employee of yours, Killer Croc, recently killed two of my employees."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Dominique said, frowning. "But what my ex-employee does has nothing to do with me."

"I'm glad you're terminated that association. I'm hoping we can come to an exclusive arrangement that will obviate any need you and Mr. Luthor may have to deal with Mr. Manfredi and his family."

"You'd like us to back you in your gang war against Silvermane?" Dominique said, clearly amused. "In what way."

"I've had an arrangement with a local resource to supply me with super-villains, but I believe you and Luthor might be more… reliable."

"And in return?"

"I can beat any financial offer my rival can make, and we can be useful allies in other ways as well."

"Tempting," Dominique said.

"I have a peace offering," Lincoln said. He pressed a button on his intercom and a moment later two brawny men entered carrying the unconscious form of Killer Croc, bound in chains."

"How very thoughtful," Dominique said. "I think I know exactly what to do with him."


"Gargoyles," Lex Luthor said reflectively as he saw the creatures appear on the screen. "Are you sure this is a real memory and not a delusion?"

"Absolutely," Hugo Strange replied. "The tests I gave Miss Maza show that she's actually a very stable personality; not given to self-deception."

"And what is Xanatos' involvement?"

"Maza had a strong negative reaction whenever I mentioned his name," Strange said. She clearly views him as an enemy."

"And the gargoyles?"

"Very strong positive reactions, especially for the one called Goliath," Strange said. "In fact, she shows signs of having falling in love with him, which is a very interesting pathology."

Luthor grunted, obviously bored by these observations.

"I don't know why she views Xanatos with hostility and the gargoyles as friends," Strange continued. "It seems clear from her memories that the creatures live in the castle on his property."

"No matter," Luthor said. "I know where they are and I can put them to better use than he can."


"Tony," Pepper Potts said, "how long are you going to keep this up? You missed a board meeting this morning, you know?"

"Um hum," Tony Stark grunted as he applied a laser tool to some microcircurty he was studying under a magnifier."


"Huh?" He looked up. "Pepper! When did you get here?"

"You've been missing in action for three days," she snapped. "What are you doing in here?"

"What do I always do in here? I'm working on the armor."

"I know you're working on the armor," Pepper replied, controlling her volume with obvious effort. "The thing I want to know is why you're working on the armor instead of running your company."

"It's a priority thing," Tony replied.

"As in you have no sense of priorities?"

Tony sighed. "Pep, when I dropped in on Lex Luthor the other day--"

"Which reminds me, he's suing you."

"Really? That's not very nice of him."

"He didn't think it was very nice when you came crashing through his office window to threaten him."

"I spoke to him sternly," she said. "I did not threaten him."

"Can you talk to him Shang Chi?" she asked.

The young man glanced up from the chessboard where he was playing Happy Hogan.

"I can speak to Mr. Stark, but no one can make him listen," he said.

"Look," Tony said, "when I dropped in on Lex, he had a whole goon squad decked out in the same armor that Corey Mills had. I know Lex well enough to know that I'm going to have to take them on, and for that I need an edge."

"Checkmate," Shang Chi said, moving his queen to trap Happy's king.

"Nuts!" Happy said. "Dumb game anyway. If we was to spar I'd show you some real strategy."

"There's going to be a fight?" Tony asked, perking up.

"Sure," Pepper said. "You'll take time off for that, but not for me."

"To be fair, you're not fighting anyone," Tony said. "Now if we were to find a couple of bikinis, and a lot of Jell-o, you and Natasha could--"

"Yeah," Pepper said. "Have a lot of fun with that thought. In the meanwhile, you have a meeting that I need to be in starting right now."

Tony watched her go, then turned to the two men.

"So… Marquis of Queensbury or MMA rules?"


Natasha Romanov approached the fountain in the Metropolis park. She wore a long coat over her Black Widow costume and carried a small handbag. It held the money she had promised her LexCorp informant for the evidence linking Lex Luthor to the recent attacks on Stark Industries.

As she stood there, another woman approached, a Eurasian beauty with green eyes and a wealth of dark hair.

"Ms. Romanov?" the woman asked.

Natasha nodded. Her instincts told her something was wrong.

"Good!" the woman said with a grin and hurled a small dagger.

Natasha dodged the attack, twisting out of her coat as she moved. Her attacker also shed her coat, revealing a tight green outfit.

"It's better this way," she said with a grin. "I relish the chance to test myself against the famous Black Widow."


The Black Widow has her standard compliment of weapons. She will kill if necessary but would prefer to take Cheshire alive for questioning. She is aware of Cheshire's reputation.

Cheshire also has her usual compliment of weapons and poisons. She has been sent to kill Natasha and will stop at nothing to succeed. She has thoroughly researched her target.

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 12:02 AM

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 01:54 PM

This arc is rocking, I don't want it to end. Lol. I'm leaning toward Black Widow for this but it will be one heck of a showdown.

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Posted 28 February 2013 - 07:11 PM

Okay, this will be fairly even in the martial arts category... which means Black Widow has a chance to get poisoned if she isn't careful. However, Black Widow has a long range weapon to that could take Cheshire down without running into that problem: Venom Bolts. Either she wins at long range or she takes down Cheshire in a point-blank shot.

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 03:37 AM

Another great set-up, Dinsdale. There's no real reason why you shouldn't be on CBUB's Top Match Creators List by now. Maybe you'll have a better shot now that a few more people are paying attention. Anyways, "Dominique" potentially making dealings with SSM's Tombstone? Barbara negotiating with the League of Assassins for her dad? Lex learning more about the Gargoyles? Very interesting.

As for the match, this looks to be another tough battle. Natasha and Cheshire may be almost evenly matched in skill, with Black Widow having a bit more physical ability. Yes, Cheshire's poison-tipped fingernails and weapons could possibly be a threat, but the Super Soldier Serum in Widow's system may likely afford her some resistance to those toxins. On top of this, Widow also has the better weaponry.

So, in short, I think Natasha takes Jade down after a pretty tough fight, but she'll very likely need some medical attention afterward.

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Posted 05 March 2013 - 01:15 AM

Match Final Results
A Nice matchup and very nice blending of different aspects of your arc.
Cheshire: 3
Black Widow: 17
FPA: 3.8

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