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Match 13481 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Lone Ranger vs. Professor Moriarty and Dracula

League Lone Ranger Dracula Moriarty

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 02:03 PM

Chapter 1: http://www.electricf...showtopic=29883

Chapter 2: http://www.electricf...showtopic=29950

Chapter 3: http://www.electricf...showtopic=30024

Chapter 3 PartII: http://www.electricf...showtopic=30026

Chapter 4: http://www.electricf...showtopic=30183


Growling is heard amongst the two werewolves and one being Wolf-Man himself. The two swordsmen quickly press their backs to each other as their swords are unsheathed and ready for combat. The yellow glowing moonlit eyes of the monstrosities looked at their next two meals. The inexperienced were-wolf jumped first lunging toward de la Vega. With his silver laced blade he bent his knees and with a diagonally upward thrust, he thrusts his sword in to the werewolf’s shoulder. The monster rolled on the ground and roaring in agony. The Wolf-Man didn’t take his comrade being hurt so he slashes toward Zorro who ducks from the first but his chest is slashed from the second blow of Wolf-Man, barely missed the skin of the Californian. Nathan, The Last Samurai performed a diagonally downward slice movement and deeply cut the Wolf-Man’s leg, since it’s silver the wolves are not healing. Wolf-Man swung behind them with a mean hit across the jaw of Nathan.

CRASH! The Samurai hit the wall behind him and a bit dazed. Zorro ran to help his partner but the Werewolf grabs Zorro by his cape and swings the Californian like a lasso. The Masked Hero is sent flying and slams in to a light pole. Zorro hits the ground hard and gets to his knees. He shakes his head a bit in a grunt and slowing looks up at the growling Werewolf. “Oh boy.” Stated Zorro, with a nice tuck rollup back flip he barely dodges a downward swipe from the Werewolf. Quickly getting to his feet he runs to the wall, leaped off, gripped the light pole and with both his feet swung forward and hitting the jaw of the Werewolf. After Zorro flipped of the light pole and attempt to plunge his blade in to the Werewolf’s forehead but with a backhand he swats Zorro through a wooden wall.

Nathan continued to dodge with his Samurai reflexes, with each time the Wolf-Man missed a slashed, his arm or forearm would always be cut. Nathan moves his blade from left to right to swipe across the midsection, but Wolf-Man curls his arm around Nathans and holding them together between his bicep and waistline. Nathan is struggling to free his arm as the Wolf-Man raises his hand to decapitate Nathan. “I can meet my family….” Whispered Nathan who was about to accept his doom. But out of nowhere….SLASH! The Wolf-Man roars in such pain from Van Helsing’s razor spinner he just threw toward him and cutting his shoulder. Van was in midair during the throw and he tucked himself in, rolled in to a front flip and caught his razor spinner.

As Zorro and the Werewolf were circling each other, a loud hiss is heard and from behind the werewolf, he felt sharp teeth sink in to his furry neck, after Mina had her fill she threw the Werewolf who then made a hard thud on impact. Mina knelt down in a combat like vampirism stance. She hissed at the Werewolf who is slowly getting up. He runs on all fours and Mina runs toward it, ready to do battle again, but like a spear Zorro lunges his sword it sinks in to the heart of the Werewolf. Mina stopped in her tracks and just for a moment she looks at the lifeless body of the Werewolf then back toward Zorro. “Impressive Mr. Vega.”

Nathan: “Mina, Zorro!”

The two ran forward to help the Samurai who is holding Van Helsing.

Helsing: “Ahhhhh, damn it.”

Nathan: “He was bitten.”

Mina: “How?”

Nathan: “After his razor struck the creature, it hit me back against the wall and jumped toward Helsing and bit him in his shoulder.”

Zorro: “Well….that sucks amigo.”

Helsing: “Gee, you think?!”

Mina: “Let’s get him inside.”


The two men who formed this evil duo is looking at their progress for world dominance. Moriarty and Armand hit their glasses together with the most delicious wine. “Soon, my friend we will have full control of weapons, armies, and more importantly….money.” As Armand stated that, Moriarty smiled as wickedly as ever and they sipped to their flawless plan. Dracula looks on over his balcony toward them. “You do not hope to think to leave me in this “plan” of yours.” With just a leap, he lands behind them and the two men turn to face Dracula.

Moriarty: “Please, Dracula….”

Dracula: “lord….”

Moriarty: “lord Dracula. We have the utmost respect for you. I guarantee once we are done with the League Transylvania will not be touched.”

Dracula: “….keep me posted on our success.”

After, Moriarty and Armand nodded their head, Dracula took his leave. Moriarty sipped his wine and stated as Armand asked his partner the obvious question. “Why didn’t you just kill him then?” Moriarty placed his glass down and looks toward Armand. The Professor responded. “We need him to continue to feel dominate. The League will kill him for us, eventually.” The Professor smiled and his fangs lengthened.


The team gathers.

Quatermain: “We need to expect the very best of Dracula and whatever he has planned. There is a secret passage from what the picture looks like, on the south of the castle. If we can slip inside undetected it can give us the opening that we need.”

Helsing: “Exactly, it can gave me time when the full moon is out to kill Dracula for good.”
Mina: “It’s too risky. With that 5minute opening it won’t be too much.”

Sherlock: “Which is why you’re going with him. The only thing that can kill Dracula is a werewolf right?”
Everyone looks at Sherlock quietly and he continued to explain. He blew out the smoke out of his lungs which made Watson, Nemo, and Anna cough.

Sherlock: “I discovered on my way here that there were small tracks of wheels. From the looks of it, it seems to not be heading in to town. Watson and the good Samurai didn’t notice it as I did but the tracks didn’t lead to the village.”

Watson: “The road was hidden.” Watson added on explaining to the league.

Sherlock: “Correct, it seems as if someone swiped the road to cover the tracks. Thus, it leads to my conclusion….”

Quatermain: “Someone came here before us.”

Sherlock nodded his head to Quatermain’s response. He puffed out some smoke again and Anna snarls at Mr. Holmes.

Anna: “Do you mind….”

Sherlock: “Oh no not at all.” He continued to puff smoke as Anna again frowns in frustration.

Nemo: “So, I’m guessing it is wheels of a chariot?”

Sherlock: “Actually a vehicle. Very small tires. Someone with money.”

Sawyer: “Moriarty.”

Skinner: “That son of a b***h.”

Zorro: “If he’s here then so is Armand, with possibly a small army of knights.”

Dr. Jekyll: “And not to mention that might have all of our powers. How can we compete with that?”

After the Good side of Hyde asked his question a knock at the door is heard. The team readies to fight as Sawyer slowly grabs for the door nob, with his pistol out. He looked over his shoulder as Quatermain kept his Winchester pointed toward the door. The leader nods his head and Sawyer quickly opens, two men stand in the doorway. The male in front stated. “Didn’t mean to startle you folks. I thought my partner and I can be of assistance.” Mina stepped forward a bit and with her eyebrows low and her fangs shown she asked in a such a demanding voice. “Who are you?”

The man smiled slightly and responded. “My personal friends all me John Reid. But mostly everyone knows me as The Lone Ranger.”

Sawyer lowered his gun. “The vigilante of the west. Once was a sheriff.”

Ranger: “Still am a sheriff, kid.” He tapped his badge with his index finger. “This is Tonto. We came here looking for a man named Butch Cavendish.”

Tonto: “Man is very bad. We followed him to Japan but lost his trail.”

Ranger: “Sawyer, give them the heads up.”

Sawyer: “I thought we can use a bit more firepower. So….here they are.”

Ranger: “Butch tried to steal a weapons smuggling train and it’s loot, until someone caught him. Some guy with swords.”

Zorro: “Armand, he’s trying to destroy the United States.”

Sherlock: “And the one he’s with is Professor Moriarty.”

Sawyer: “The President didn’t want this to get out of hand and to cross over seas to the west. Britain has America’s help.”

Quatermain: “So they send us you two?”

Ranger: “No sir, not at all. From the President himself, he asked myself and Tonto to come a day earlier before the extra men arrive.”

Sawyer: “An army….The President is sending the army?”

Ranger: “Yep. It’s about saving the world as you so put Sawyer, then he wanted to make sure it’s saved.”

After a few days of planning the league is ready. The day of battle and war. They are expected to lose men. They all look at each other as 100 American Soldiers and 50 of Nemo’s men ready their guns. Quatermain looks at his entire team of Mina, Sawyer, Jekyll, Skinner, Nemo, Zorro, Sherlock, Watson, Helsing, Anna, Nathan, Lone Ranger, and his ally Tonto.

Quatermain: “This is it. The last stand we have against this evil threat. We have our plan and we must stick to it. I’m not expecting all of us to make it out alive, but we can damn bloody try. This isn’t just for Britain, this isn’t just for America. This is for the world we live in. This day will be a day that people will call this a myth or a legend. The good was outnumbered in power but prevailed. We are The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but….” *He places the ammo in his Winchester and they hear the CLICK of the weapon in Quatermain’s hands. After he continued* “….we’re not going to act so gentlemen like today.”

He begins to go over the plan.

Quatermain: “Remember the plan, at full moon Helsing you handle Dracula, Mina you help him. Sherlock, Watson, Nathan, and Zorro will go after Moriarty, Armand, Moran, and Butch. John and Tonto you lead the front entrance as a distraction to have Skinner place the bombs with Helsing and Mina. Anna and Sawyer you go with them to lead the south entrance with Helsing, Mina, and Skinner to slip in to place the bombs. Nemo will lead the east side I will lead from the north, we attack them on all sides, but the south is the secret passage. Hyde, you do what you do best.” Hyde just smiled.

Quatermain: “League, let’s get to work.”

This is the last of this arc. It’s The New And Improved League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Long Ranger and Tonto from the 2013 film) with 50 of Nemo’s men and 100 American soldiers vs Moriarty(with all of the leagues powers), Armand, Moran, Dracula, Wolf-Man, Butch, and 40 knights with the leagues powers and Wolf-Man’s and 10 Flaming Armored Knights. Each league and soldier of Nemo’s and America have weapons that have the weaknesses of vampires and werewolves. The mission is to breach Dracula’s Castle while the large battle is happening outside and small battles inside.

10 Mina Knights

10 Hyde Knights

10 Skinner Knights

10 Werewolf Knights

20 Armored Flamethrower Knights

40 Regular Knight Soldiers with guns

While debating please be respectful. Sorry for any typos and hope you all enjoy the read.

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 02:03 PM

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 08:58 PM

Very nice. I'd say the League takes this.

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 09:47 PM

The Lone Ranger and Tonto are excellent additions to the League and the masked man's silver bullets and amazing skill are ideally suited to fight Dracula's minions.

BTW, the Ranger was not a sheriff, he was a Texas Ranger. He only becomes the Ranger after he is presumed dead and Tonto makes a false grave for him. As a result, he is legally dead and does not hold any official rank or office. Maybe they'll change this in hte new movie version. I'm looking forward to it with anticipation and dread.

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 03:45 PM

Derp! My bad, thanks for clearing that up Dinsdale! Supes Rulez thanks for your comment!

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 03:15 PM

Match Final Results
B Very good story, but still, watch your tenses.
The Lone Ranger and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 12
Dracula and Professor Moriarty: 4
FPA: 3.0

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