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Match 13478 Pit and Samus Aran vs. Tenchi Muyo! Cast and Tenchi Masaki

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 12:07 AM

Continuation of the Samus and Pit Multiverse adventures, also part of the February 2013 CBUB challenge. NOT A STRAIGHT UP FIGHT!

Dark Pit darted from tree to tree. As he fled through the woods, Samus the Metroid slayer followed only breaths away. Pit dashed after the two, hoping to resolve the conflict from the bus. Lighting struck fast and hard and narrowly missed the three as it hit a tree. The world only saw the beams that flew through the air as lighting strikes, with thunder too slow to follow.

“SAMUS STOP!” Pit shouted as he ran and dodged falling branches. He was faster than Samus was on the ground, but if she had a head of steam she was next to impossible to catch.

Dark Pit was flying in the trees, throwing out insults as he went, giving her more anger to continue running after him.


Samus froze still, the action causing both angels to stop. Dark Pit was only about ten yards ahead, Pit about 15 yards behind Samus. He knew the bounty hunter and she hated those words.

“Paluentina no…” Pit said as she lifted her arm cannon up.

‘The second she fires that blast, I’m going to fly over and knock her out,’ the dark angel grinned as his plan had finally come together.

Samus, however, had a monkey wrench to throw.

Her aim was perfect, her speed too fast. In a moment, a missile flew out of her arm in the same instant that it came up. It was small and fast, but the experienced hunter knew better than to rely on one.

Her speed with the cannon allowed her to fire three.

The dark angel flew up, expecting to see the missiles hit the branch. One did, the tree’s limb snapping off and bursting to flames as it fell.

The other two dodged the branch and were closing in.

The Mirror of Pit realized his mistake almost a second too late as he pulled out his Silver Bow and fired a shot that intercepted the closest missile. It exploded far enough away to avoid causing pain to the angel. The last one emerged from the smoke and the Pandora creation was able to get a branch in the way of the hit and that too exploded and sent fire raining down from the branch.

The arm cannon of Samus connecting with his head however, he didn’t foresee.

She had been careful to time it right. The second that she had fired the third missile she knew that she had him dead. The Riley Killer caught a branch that allowed her to get into the flight path of Dark Pit and the second he was close enough to see it she jumped to a higher level.

Both fell to the ground hard. Samus was prepared and landed in the mud on her feet, the suit she wore absorbing most of the fall. Dark Pit landed hard, on his back, knocking the wind out from under him.

Samus grabbed Dark Pit by the collar of his tunic. The angel kicked as she slammed him up against a tree trunk, arm cannon inches from his face.

“Ok Black Icarus, tell me why you were after us right now, or that sarcastic mouth of yours is going to be about four miles the other direction,” Samus snarled, the cannon charging.

A ray of light hit the bounty hunter in the back, fast and stunned her for a moment. Samus turned glaring.

Her partner in this misadventure had just shot her in the back. Samus’s grip let up as she turned to face the angel captain.

“What the hell Icarus? What’s the deal?!” Samus demanded as she aimed her cannon.

“Samus you have no idea who that its. He’s Pitoo. He's basically my twin who is magically linked. What happens to me happens to him, we aren’t sure if it goes both ways or not,” Pit said.

Samus’s eyes widened in horror as Dark Pit snapped his way free of Samus’s grip.

“I hate being called Pitoo,” he said rubbing his neck.

Pit walked up and spun his bow around and put it away. Samus stood still at the realization of what she could have done.

“Are you saying that he’s the more brutal and honest?” Samus said.

Pit shrugged his shoulders while Dark Pit just shot death glares at Samus.

“How did you even get here?” Pit asked finally the thought dawning on him.

Dark Pit sighed as he turned to his happy-go-lucky counterpart. He walked over to a clearing and turned to face the two of them.

“Viridi asked Paluentina to send me. The Smash world is under siege. Without you two, somehow Gannon took down Mario and Bowser beat Link and locked them in the detention centers. Wario’s run amuck, Wolf’s going berserk, Master Hand has lost control,” Dark Pit said.

Both Smashers’ eyes were wide as they attempted to process the information. It didn’t make sense as the three walked through the woods.

“What are they trying to do? I thought Meta-Knight could stop them,” Pit stated.

“We have no idea. All we know that it isn’t Tabuu. Paluentia has been able to monitor the two of you for some time, but the way Gannondorf and Bowser are doing things is odd. No deaths, no rituals, they aren’t even expanding from the manor. Paluentia stated that we might need assistance from outside
sources to fight this growing army,” Dark Pit said.

“Paluentia said, or did you?” Samus asked.

Dark Pit didn’t say a word as they continued the hike through the woods. The sounds of quiet was a little too unnerving to the three, especially after getting the news of a new menace that could be coming. It was troubling news to say the least.

But when they finally got to a path that was already made by man, what they found was a little more disturbing.


It was a gate with two logs that have moss growing over them. Each of them had strange writing on it. They had weird circles in the middle of the top half of the logs.

“Well, that’s something you don’t see every day,” Pit said looking at the gate.

Samus slapped him outside the head as hard as she could which slammed the angle into the gate.

“Well aren’t you two just a brutal couple,” a robotic voice said.

The three jumped back as the voice announced itself. All had their weapons drawn.

“SHOW YOURSELF!” Samus shouted.

“Now now, there isn’t a need for that. We’re not going have a fuss,” the light on the log light up as it spoke.

“THE LOG IS TALKING!?” Pit shouted.

“Idiot, there’s no way a log can talk,” Dark Pit glared at his white counterpart.

“He’s technically correct. However could you please put down your weapons?” the other log said.

The three lowered their weapons, but their jaws hit the ground first.

“There that’s better, now we can discuss this as civilized beings,” the second log said.

“YOU’RE TALKING LOGS!” Pit shouted.

“Perhaps we should just let them talk to Lady Ayeka and Master Tenchi about this,” the first said.

“That would probably be best,” the second agreed.

“YOU’RE TALKING LOGS!” Pit shouted.

“SHUT UP IDIOT!” Dark Pit shouted punching the back of Pit’s head.

The trio walked forwarded toward what appeared to be a normal house. A normal house in the middle of the woods with a normal lake outside.

Posted Image

But that wasn’t the strange part. For an instant, Samus stop.

That was the strange part.

“Samus? Are you ok?” Pit asked visibly worried.

“Yeah Pit, I’m fine…I think,” Samus said.

Both Pits stopped cold. That was just scary.

“Samus…we need to stop now,” Pit said.

Samus stopped.

“Icarus I don’t know what you’re talkin-“ Samus started.

“You called me ‘Pit’, not Icarus,” Pit said.

Dark Pit nodded his head. Samus’s eyes were huge with the same horror that the other two Smashers of the sky stated.

Something was off about the house up ahead.

The trio stopped at the door. There was some weird energy coming off the door as a lot of weird things were going on at once.

“Maybe we should turn back, I liked those talking logs more than the vibes that are coming off here,” Pit said.

“Afraid?” Dark Pit smirked.

Pit returned a glare that Pitoo gave him earlier. The bounty hunter giggled at the two angles as she knocked on the door. The two shifted their gaze at
Samus for a small second of worry.

Something is definitely wrong here,’ Pit thought.

And when a little girl open the door, the three stood at attention.

Posted Image

“Hello, can I help you?” The little girl asked nicely.

The girl was way too young to be doing something like this, but Samus leaned over to look her at eye level.

“Hello, can we speak to the owner of this house?” Samus asked nicely.

Pit tapped on Samus’s shoulder. She only turned to look back when the girl was out of sight.

“Yes?” Samus snarled.

“Can you lay off the niceness? It’s really starting to get creepy,” Pit asked nicely.

“No, I really can’t,” Samus said.

“Why would you want to be mean? Karma is a powerful force after all,” an elderly gentleman appeared at the door asked.

The angels jumped back a couple of feet. He was silent and had a strange sense of power.

“Oh hello, didn’t hear you approach. I am Samus Aran, and these are my angelic body-guards Pit and Pitoo,” Samus said.

“Bodyguards?” Dark Pit asked.

The man raised his eye-brow slightly at the comment. Pit recovered after the initial comment quickly.

“Sorry, see we’ve gotten lost and have been attempting to find a place to spend the night and regain our travels,” Pit responded as politely and formally as

“Ah, please come on in,” The man motioned for the three to come in.

The three stepped in and were instantly hit with what can only be described as pent up aggression that hasn’t been released in some time. Samus finally
powered down her Power Suit. The old man chuckled.

“Is there something wrong?” Pit asked.

“Oh nothing, there are a few other girls here that are like that as well so things might get shaken up a bit more,” the man said.

The three stared at each other for a second wondering what that meant. Dark Pit went towards the back of the house as Pit and Samus moved through the house towards the living room. There was nothing out of place. A tv, a sofa, some chairs, a table, even some pillows.

“Kind of makes you miss the Smash Manor a bit doesn’t it?” Pit asks Samus turning around and keeping an eye on her.

Samus nodded. The two had sat down on the couch to put their time to rest. Pit nearly started to close his eyes to nap. Samus for some reason felt reenergized and couldn’t sleep.

The two however, noticed something that made the two jumped out of their skin.

Or someone.

Posted Image

“Umm..hello?” Pit asked looking casually.
“Great, now there’s two more girls in this house that I’m going to have beat up,” the woman said.
“HEY! I’M NOT A GIRL! I AM A MAN!” Pit shouted and punched forward as a reflex.
He hit a button on the robot and it self-destructed in front of him. Smoke filled the room fast as Samus and the woman opened the doors. A voice could be heard over the sounds of coughing.
“Mihoshi! Did you break my robot again!?!” a voice shouted as the smoke started to clear.
“Hey Pit, you doing alright in there?” Dark Pit shouted.
The smoke cleared quickly via a mix of fans and wind. Pit stood there with a blacken frontal face.
“Hello, my name is Peter Parker and I sold my marriage to the devil to save my dying aunt,” Pit said falling back onto the couch falling asleep.
“Ok, that wasn’t odd,” Samus said looking at the burnt angel.
The Smashers turned to see that the room was now filled with people all staring at the three.
“uh…Hi,” Dark Pit said before turning to his lighter counterpart and shaking him.
Samus sighed and turned to the others in the room. She reviewed the room. The guy-to-girl ratio was tilted highly towards the guy’s favor. Six girls, all about the same height, physically or hair style save for the little girl that opened the door. All of them had the strangest of hair colors in the world, save for the blonde but her skin was darker than the rest.
“Typical,” Samus sighed after looking at all of them. Her gaze moved towards the guy in the room.
And her heart skipped a beat.

Posted Image

He was simple. He didn’t act like an idiot at seeing her. She saw no malice, no lust, nothing coming from him. In fact, she felt embarrassed for presenting herself in her Zero Suit.

Is this how Peach and Zelda feel around Mario and Link?’ Samus thought to herself.

“Ok, seriously, who in their right mind puts their robot’s self-destruction button on the front like a giant bulls-eye?” Pit asked regaining consciousness.

The shortest of the adults walked up and looked him over.

Posted Image

Pit got chills. Harsh, cold and vicious chills.
Her voice came with venom, but her face showed nothing but cheer.
“I’m the one made that one, the beautiful genius Washu!” the girl said.
Pit shifted back a pace, only to find his wings being grabbed from behind. A quick spin was all he needed to see another girl behind him working on grabbing his wings.
“Are those real? You look like a birdman. OH! Are you a superhero or something?” The girl asked.
Pit flinched. It was the first time that they forgot to transform into their civilian forms. They were out of their element completely now. No matter what was done now, they were left in the open.
“Good thing they’re all aliens,” Dark Pit said looking them over pointing to the taller, blue-haired girl.
Pit and Samus turned to look and finally saw that the girl had a tail. From there the pieces started to fall into place. The talking logs, the robot, the appearance of the girls.
“You’re aliens aren’t you?” Dark Pit asked.
“Isn’t that like the kettle calling the pot black?” the blue haired girl asked.
“Who had the talking logs outside?” Pit asked.
“Oh, those are mine,” the purple-haired girl answered, “They’re named Azaka and Kamidake.”

“Can you tell us your names and intentions for being here?” the boy asked.

Samus blushed hard hearing his voice. Pit rolled his eyes and explained about their travels through the worlds and their attempt to get back. Shortly after what took about an hour to explain the details, the girls were crying.

“You’ve had such a rough journey,” Mihoshi said crying hard.

“Please, feel free to stay as long as you need,” Tenchi said.

“Oh, no we couldn’t. We have no idea how long it’ll take to get a portal open either to our world or the next one,” Pit responded.

“Oh that’s easy, the parts and to generate enough power, it’ll take me a month to complete,” Washu stated.

Samus had been quiet the entire conversation. Her face was turning red every time that she would look at Tenchi.

Pit had enough.

“If you don’t mind we can stay around and help out if that helps,” Pit said bowing, “Samus, can I have a word with you in private?”

Samus blinked to life and looked at Pit. She nodded and followed him outside. The rest turned to Dark Pit.

“They’ll be fine, the white winged idiot out there needs to snap her back to herself,” Dark Pit said turning and looking at the girls.

“Really?” Ryoko asked.

“Yeah, they fight all the time,” Dark Pit stated matter of fact.

Samus was confused the second they were out on the dock outside.

“Ok Pit, I need you to-“ Samus started.

Pit spun faster than he ever spun before.

He decked her in the face.


Samus spun, landed on her face. The shock was more impressive than the actual act.

“Icarus what the hell are you doing? Are you telling me that you’re going to beat the daylights out of me for-“ Samus stopped.

“Do you see it now? Do you realize what we’ve been saying? This world has a strange effect on you! You’re acting like Peach! Princess Toadstool
Peach! What happened to the woman I started this mis-adventure with?” Pit asked walking forward.

Samus rubbed her cheek as she listened.

“You’re Samus freaking Aran. The best bounty hunter in the universe! You slayed Boba Fett, you’ve taken down space dragons. Hell, me and Ike got into a debate about whether or not you could take down guys like Monkey D. Luffy given the chance!” Pit snarled out.
The Bounty Hunter stood up and glared at Pit.

“Are you saying that you’re going to have to deck me to keep me straight?” Samus snarled.

“I’m asking you that question,” Pit responded.

The two glared at each other for a little while until the two couldn’t take it anymore and just attacked each other. Trading blows and blocks as they
attempted to gain ground on the other. Fast and furious the two moved.

Finally, after five minutes, and the sun setting, the two stopped. Samus nodded her head.

“Ok fine, if I get all lovey-dobby, stop me,” Samus said.

“Deal,” Pit said offering his hand.

Samus took it and threw him into the lake. Pit bounced out of the water and shook his head clear.

“Now we’re even!” Samus said.

The three smashers were sent to their room after a large dinner was made. Finally, after what felt like days of travel. Pit and Samus had a true safe haven.

The captain of the guard of the Goddess of Light however, did not get sleep easy.

A girl appeared in his dreams. But that wasn’t weird as Pit was used to getting messages from Goddess.

This girl, wasn’t a Goddess.

She was an angel.

And she had a familiar jumpsuit on.

Posted Image

“Who are you?” Pit asked.
“Dad, can’t you tell who your own daughter is?” the girl asked.
“Daughter?!” Pit shouted.
“Yeah dad, duh!” The girl said.
“If you’re my daughter, then who’s your mother?”
As if waiting on cue, the two parents emerged.

Posted Image

Pit woke with a start, screaming at the top of his lungs. In an instant he was out of bed, in the hallway, and into the bathroom, splashing cold water on his face. He lifted his face to the mirror.

“I do not have those kinds of feelings for her. I’ve never had those kinds of feelings for anyone before,” Pit said looking in the mirror.
The angel opened the door, and the Bounty Hunter was there.

“You too?” Samus asked raising an eye-brow.

“Yeah. Something’s weird about this world, or at least this house,” Pit said.

“What do we do?” Samus asked visibly worried.

The two Smashers looked at each other for what felt like hours of silence. Finally the two looked at each other.

“Try to keep ourselves. Survive this house. We let what happens happen,” Samus said.

Pit nodded and the two bumped fists. The pact was made. The gauntlet thrown down for the two.

Can they survive the world of Tenchi? Will they be able to keep themselves from falling for one another, or will the power of love take control?

Samus and Pit have to survive for one month in the house of Masaki with the others. It’ll be basically a battle of staying true to themselves vs. allowing themselves to fall into the basic urges of love. Will they succeed? Or will they fall victim to the power of love?

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 12:07 AM

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 06:42 AM

Damn it. Looks like I got too ambitious with the images.

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Posted 11 February 2013 - 05:55 PM

Seriously? Do I have to start making fights with more popular characters to get people talking about my fights?

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 12:03 PM

This is hard, I haven't watched Tenchi in a very very very very very very very very long time. But Samus has a strong will as for Pit I'm not sure.

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 10:03 PM

Pretty good set-up, Shockwave. I'm a bit lost as to how Samus and Pit started working together, though. Probably due to this being part of an arc. I've never seen Tenchi, either. Given all that, I'm at a complete loss as to if Samus and Pit can "hold out" against the forces of this house and their urges.

Be wary; using an arc match as a Challenge entry has had a tendency to work against entrants in the past when it comes to judging.

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 01:15 AM

Match Final Results
B Good, detailed story, though it might be a bit confusing to those who haven't kept up with this arc.
Samus Aran and Pit: 11
Tenchi Muyo! Cast and Tenchi Masaki: 2
FPA: 1.8

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 09:07 AM

Why is throwing F's?

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Posted 03 March 2013 - 03:39 AM

Why is throwing F's?

That is undeserved, don't worry - Admin are investigating options to prevent this.

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 07:14 PM

Seriously? Do I have to start making fights with more popular characters to get people talking about my fights?

Resist the urge my friend. RESIST!

Anyways, from what I know about the power levels present, team one has no chance in hell. They either get torn to shreds or fall in love.

PS. ...

Who the hell placed an F on this match?

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