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Thoughts on Asylum of the Daleks?

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    Why? No one's gonna see them.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:33 AM

OK, I know this episode came out a while ago, but watching this review from Mr. Tardis, I've come to a conclusion as to why this episode is such bullshit. Seriously, it choked me off the new Doctor Who for good. Someone please tell me when he next regenerates so I can watch it again.

I totally agree with everything Mr. Tardis says. There are too many continuity errors and plot holes to count, and the whole Amy/Rory divorce subplot was just unneccesary. The main draw of the whole episode was the fact that 'every dalek ever' was going to appear, from the Renegade Daleks to the New Series Bronze Daleks. Except there wasn't. Like he says, the only old era Daleks you can plainly see are the Special Weapons Daleks.

Infact, the premise of old Daleks reappearing is nonsensical. Didn't the Supreme White Dalek say that all the old Daleks were impure and therefore inferior in design? So why have they brought them back if they're not needed? I thought the Red Drone Daleks would fill in that role instead, but hey, that's Steven Moffat's writing for ya.

Another thing that annoys me that Mr Tardis doesn't point out is that the insane Daleks never seem to act very insane. I mean, sure they have creepier dialogue and that weird dalek spinning around in the background, but I was expecting them to be doing way more than that. Like when they all wake up and break out of intensive treatment (which shouldn't exist since the Daleks are afraid to go down there and actually treat them), I was expecting all out war between all the different types of Dalek, but like I said earlier, there are no other types of Dalek, so it would be pointless. I was expecting them to laugh maniacly as they try to kill each other and the Doctor. I was expecting them to start getting human emotions like the lone dalek the Ninth Doctor encountered from decades of lonliness and torture. None of these expectations came true, and probably never will.

And the Daleks are so stupid in this episode (I'm gonna run on about the Daleks a lot because THEIR NAME IS IN THE FRIGGIN TITLE). Didn't the Ninth Doctor say they could solve like 6 billion combinations in 2 seconds flat? Then why make the force field's on and off switch on the inside of the prison. Why does the Prime Minister keep contradicting himself? And just because the Daleks are insane, doesn't make them flat out retarded.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this episode. Also, make sure you watch Mr. Tardis's review as well.

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Shoggoth breeder

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 10:47 AM

Pink Daleks are the best

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