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John Carter (film) vs Scar (AVP)

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 07:34 PM

Listen Stark, go get Pepper Potts or whoever your woman of the week is.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 10:58 AM

So those are the only differences? I haven't read the books, but at least you cleared that up.

Not the only differences. The movie drops the plot thread about the failure of the atmosphere plant. It also changed Carter's relationship with Dejah Thoris somewhat and adds an element about him really wanting to go home when, in the books, he was happy to stay on Barsoom. There are probably a lot of other small differences as well, though the movie clearly takes great pains to stay faithful to the book.

The point I'm making, is that the movie does not seem to change the physical abilities or the fighting skills of John Carter. They had to make some changes in plot points to make the story work as a movie but their clear intent is to give us John Carter just as he was in the novels.

A LOT of people like to dismiss the Predators on a basis. It's been something which I have been trying to fight for years on this forum going back to 2006 and so far I feel like I have had to constantly drill it into their heads. I'd like to think I've extensively researched on Predator's quite thorougly and visited numerous forums and held discussions with many fans who know just as much or perhaps more than I do. I've even spoken to people who have worked on the films at conventions. But for some reason... people just want to lean for the human/human type character. In a forum of superheroes afficiandos... I feel as if the Yautja are criminally underrated and they would be able to take on many notable capes and masks alike.

I'm not trying to downgrade the Predators. One of the things that struck me in the first movie was how it thwarted my expectations. I was expecting a bunch or aliens and Dutch's team would rack up a huge body count before dying. The fact that one hunter killed them all, and that he was more than a match for an Action Hero played by Arnold Scwartzenegger really impressed me.

And I can appreciate your frustration with people blowing off characters who you have researched so thoroughly, especially when they haven't bothered to do any real research themselves. Frankly, that's who I'm frustrated with you on this thread. I don't have a problem with you saying the Predator will win. I disagree, but I know it's an honest opinion. It's also a realistic possibility. I disagree with you, but I can see your point of view, and I admit that there is a chance that I could be wrong and you could be right.

But it bothers to see you dismiss John Carter, who you admit you haven't researched, as glibly as other people have dismissed the Predators. And you've blown off my arguments as if you know more about Carter than I do, while admitting that you hardly know anything about him at all. That's irritating.

But people, perhaps on a psychological level... don't like the idea of that.

I suppose my frustration and resentfulness gets the better of me and I get REALLY heated in debates. You'll have to excuse my brash approach.

I appreciate you saying that.

To me it sounds like that ERB has had his works publicized and adapted by many different companies and people. I don't even know where to start with what concerning ERB's works and I just know that there are different adaptations of them and to me is sounds like a lot. I mean you just listed the many different intereptations of Tarzan out there and to me that sounds like quite a lot. 

There have been many adaptations of Tarzan, less of his other creations. Most have followed the Johnny Weismuller "me Tarzan, you Jane" model which is almost completely different than the novels. Others have gone in different directions but only a couple of fairly obscure versions have even tried to follow the novels.

That's something I never even knew. All I had was an adaptation to go on regarding Tarzan. And none of them really so much as made mention of Tarzan learning skills like boxing, Jujitsu and of course Shaolin Kung-Fu. That is something which I don't think a LOT of people on this site here know where as you probably do. I will say, this makes me see Tarzan in a different light than just a guy who swings on trees and just has animalistic instinct and strength going for him.

Personally, I think the martial arts thing is an unnecessary gloss. Someone who can break a gorilla's neck with his bare hands and had killed killed lions with a knife, at least 20 times, and never had more than minor scratches, would wipe the floor with any real life MMA fighter or Shaolin monk.

Regarding the senses of the Yautja... Here is an archived site which hasn't been updated since 2007 and closed down since Geocities went away... But it's archived. I do suggest that you have a damn good firewall and online shield because while the site is archived... it kind of has an exploit. So... be warned: http://oocities.com/gunsandgod/

No, you haven't... I suppose it's just my aggressive way of thinking and seeing things clouding my judgement. A lot of people really like to downplay the Yautja, and say so-and-so wins because of whatever reason.. Now I don't know you too very well, so I kind of have this... negative attitude towards newcomers on this site and assumed you were going to be like everyone else, always wanting to downplay something like everyone else.. Again, you'll have to excuse my brash approach towards things.

We disagree, but it's an honest disagreement. I can respect that.

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