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Characters we hate!

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Posted 10 January 2010 - 11:29 PM

What never sat well with me was the idea that disliking a character somehow makes you a target for personal attacks. Even though ViceCityMoster88 doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're," he feels compelled to make a personal attack against someone simply for stating their opinion. If this is acceptable behavior I might as well just delete every CBUB post right now, because honestly most of you have taste in comics/manga that is far different from my own.

I'm also amazed that user comic_book_fan articulated himself so poorly, even though he was regurgitating something from the first page.

#182 Shockwave


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Posted 11 January 2010 - 12:06 AM

Oh yes. That's so true.

Personally I have always hated the GTA series. Completely overrated. It's just a few repeated stupid gameplay.

Of course that could be said for any series thta's ongoing. However I believe that this particular series suffers from a severe lack of plot.

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 09:27 PM

For my pick, I would have to say:


Now, I've read somewhere that Sephiroth was mentioned but there was no real in-deph reason as to why Sephiroth was put here on this thread, so instead, I will go ahead and do that myself. First and foremost, allow me to say that I am not a Final Fantasy fan, nor am I a hater of the franchise. I just personally feel that the franchise is undeservingly over-rated, especially for the seventh installment which Sephiroth has originated from, which has spawned quite a number of anime movies and a CGI film known as Advent Children. While I could harp on and on about the franchise, I am not here to do that, I am here to validate as to why I find Sephiroth so... detestable.

First and foremost, it's a no brainer that Sephiroth is Squaersoft/Square-Enix's biggest Gary Stu character, as a matter of fact this trait has been seen something of a postive thing to people like Tetsuya Nonomura and several of the staff at Square-Enix, going even as far to state in interviews that "Nothing is above Sephiroth" by members at Square. It is this trait which makes me hate Sephiroth and makes him to be the target of dismay for me. Infact, this Gary-Stu trait has been woven into his storyline, written just perfectly for him in Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core, Before Crisis, Advent Children, etc, etc, etc, so on and so forth. So what is Sephiroth's backstory?

Well here is the low down, and I've done my research on the guy so... anyway. Sephiroth is the son of Professor Hojo, a maniacal, insane drive mad-scientist and Lucreatia, Hojo's personal assistant and former love interest of Vincent Valentine. Hojo had been hired by the Shinra corperation and when it was believed that they had found an Ancient, who was infact an alien life form known as Jenova, Hojo saw fit to it to somehow revive the Ancients, when unbeknownst to him, what he was dealing with was this parasitic life form whos own origins aren't even revealed. Hojo conducted experiments with the Jenova cells. Shinra then commissioned Hojo and Gast to create a brand of super soldier by harvesting Mako energy and utilizing Jenova cells. Anyway, soon enough-- Hojo and Lucreatia soon concieved a child, whom Hojo had genetically implanted Jenova cells into. Soon enough, Sephiroth was born, and when quoting on his childhood, Sephiroth has said: "I've always known I was different. I know I'm going to do great things."

As the years went on Sephiroth became a First Class SOLDIER, standing out amongst the other SOLDIER units in Shinra, even going around as being hailed as to be the best. Better than the rest in everything which they did. Sephiroth was hailed as a hero, adored by millions of children everywhere. So, lets go over this:

Genetic manipulation made Sephiroth just better than everyone else, including the other First Class SOLDIERs who were also injected with Jenova cells.

So sometime around Crisis Core, Sephiroth eventually found out about who or what he is-- loses his sanity, lashes his anger out on everyone and everything, because he believed that his alleged race, the Ancients, were wronged when he was infact the unholy offspring between a mad-scientist, his personal assistant, and a parasitic polymorphic alien life form. So Sephiroth goes on a killing spree, and isn't stopped until he is apparently "killed" by Cloud when pushed, which was re-written as having jumped, into the Mako reactor. Sephiroth then appears on years later, only to reveal that after he has died, he's become even more powerful than before.


Apparently, everytime Sephiroth dies, he just gets even more powerful, better, and perfect. This is even reflected in Dissidia.

Fast forward to him killing Aeris. Perhaps, the moment which he is most infamous known for. We get to know the character of Aeris Gainsborough, a character who developes quite likeable qualities for the player to appriciate, and when Sephiroth has recieved the Black Materia from Cloud when he controlled him through Jenova Reunion, Aeris has the White Materia. Black Materia is to summon Meteor, which is to destroy the planet, and White Materia is summon Holy, which stops Meteor. Anyway, when Aeris gets ready to stop Meteor by summoning Holy, Sephiroth jumps down and kills her. Apparently, this makes him quite the popular villain, ranking him in the top ten, or being number 1 in some gaming magazines during the time of the game's release and some.. to this very day.

.....Sephiroth is NOT the best villain in Final Fantasy, or any other medium. I am TIRED of hearing how awesome he is, just because he almost destroyed a planet, how he killed Aeris, how much better he is than everyone else in Final Fantasy VII, I blame Square and the fans.

Square has said that "Nothing is above Sephiroth".. Umm... Bull-shit.

The Gaming Magazines.. Bull-shit.

Sephiroth is not the greatest villain... infact, he's just a damn Gary-Stu. No redeeming qualities, no flaws, no weakness. He's just supposed to be "Better" than everyone. And the fans eat it up.

I could think of several villains who are more interesting, and actually better developed characters than Sephiroth.

Kefka Palazzo, villain of Final Fantasy VI, went through quite the large, grueling process of planning his goals out. He started out as an ordinary person who was fascinated by power but then was subject to an experiment involving magic which went horribly wrong and affected his mind, to where he was driven insane. Kefka worked behind the scenes in his quest for power, even using the Emperor as his puppet, and when he was done with him, he pulled off a Darth Vader on Windu on the guy, then actually DESTROYED the world after he absorbed all of the magic and become a god. When Kefka was defeated, the world was restored, but then everyone got screwed over still when they realized, Magic didn't exist in their world anymore. So who got the last laugh? Kefka did.

Thanos of Titan, in the Infinity Gaunlet series, somehow recieved all six Infinity Gems and now had the power to do ANYTHING. He was in every literal sense of the word, God. All because he had found the Infinity Gems and there was no one who could stand in his way. And he got these Infinity Gems to impress the cosmic entity of his affections-- Death. Thanos had built shrines to her, given her gifts, only to be relentless, time after time, spurned. Believing that to recieve her love, Thanos had assumed to do so, required him in doing the most depraved acts of his heart. He decided to kill every living thing in the entire universe. And with the Infinity Gems, there was nothing who could stop him. Thanos then continued on his reign of terror, killing almost every hero and villain on Earth, and when he had been spurrned by Death too many times, he created a woman in his own image, Terraxia, by using the power of the Infinity Gems. Warlock then summoned the surviving heroes of Earth, and they tried their best, but Thanos KILLED them... ALL of THEM. When the Cosmics intervined, they were but a small fraction of the power which Thanos weilded, and Thanos DESTROYED existance as a whole, but in a moment of vulnerability, Thanos lost the gauntlet to Nebula, who in turn become God, and somehow restored the universe as a whole. With everyone ressurrected, they fought for ownership of the Gems, but Warlock claimed it, and restored everything to where no one remembered anything. The last we saw of Thanos, he got his just deserts, he was reduced to being a simple pig farmer.

Sephiroth doesn't even compare to these two, or any other villains I could think of.


#184 Kinetic War

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Posted 12 January 2010 - 08:42 AM

If this is acceptable behavior I might as well just delete every CBUB post right now, because honestly most of you have taste in comics/manga that is far different from my own.

Not the same thing at all. A fanboy ranting over how perfect a certain character is and how idiotic you are for not recognizing the sheer greatness of it is stupid and immature, but at least his crimes of stupidity will be there for all to see. Anyone with an ounce of reason (CBUBer joke duly noted, no need to post it) can make up their mind about who the real a** of the discussion is by simply reading the posts. Plus, everyone will still be able to express their opinion on the matter, there will just be a truckload of unnecessary hate posts to ignore. However, if an admin goes around deleting all the posts he doesn't approve of on the level of personal preference, it doesn't leave any room for discussion, and shows a bad kind of censorship.

That being said, I heartily approve of deleting posts that actually sink to the level of personal insults. VCM86 may feel he's being deliberately picked on for his outspoken love of GTA, but these problems should preferably be discussed via PM, not on random threads. And definitely not by name calling.

Back to the subject. While I don't literally hate him, Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons annoys me because his character started out as a promising "disliked eccentric with hidden talent" type, but later devolved into a mentally handicapped child. He occasionally has his strokes of genius in later episodes as well, but that side of his personality is hidden way too well behind the typical idiot.

#185 comic_book_fan


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 03:57 PM

@Marvel Man - Where the hell do you get all these freakin comic pages? I mean I have most of these comics in a box in my closet, but I'm not searching and scanning everytime I need to make a point.

Anyway, next up (and you are all going to hate me again) is Deadpool...

I hate Deadpool mostly because I hate Rob Liefeld. He came around during the horrible 90's. You see there was a time during the 90's (history lesson) when everybody was trying to sell comics through gimmicks: Hologram covers, 3D covers, multiple covers for 1 issue, Every cover had boobs and everybody had a gun (most noteworthy being Hulk and Superman!! Yes, there were periods in the 90's when somebody looked at Hulk and Supes and said these guys need guns dammit!). Right at the forefront of the stupidity was Rob. He created so many horrible knock off characters. All his characters looked the same. When he left Marvel, he did like fifty different Cable look alikes at Image. 30 Deadpools and they all sucked. He sucks at proportion. He can't draw feet and hands. Did I mention he sucks at proportions. Don't believe me. Go look in the art section of the forums and look at the thread regarding the Worst Comic Covers. See Captain America covers...yeah. Yeah. He sucks. Anyway, it's not Deadpool's fault he's a creation of Rob Liefeld. But because of this...he sucks. Same goes for Cable. Blegh.

i thought the 90's was a great time for comics but i did hate the multi covers i bought ike 3 of the same comic because of that shit. but over all the 90s was a great time to be a camics fan.

#186 treacherous


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 07:56 PM

It had its ups, but looking back it had a huge amount of downs. I think I named most of them.

#187 Marvel Man

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Posted 27 January 2010 - 12:22 AM

It had its ups, but looking back it had a huge amount of downs. I think I named most of them.

Have you mentioned the Clone Saga.

Or Spider-Cide/Kraven the Kid/Etc.

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