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Match 13191 The Eleventh Doctor vs. Jaffa Warriors

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 03:16 AM


Anubis escapes from his battle with Oma Desala only to find that his army/fleet are no more, he once again rebuilds his forces and immediately begins leading them on his new quest – REVENGE!. Anubis leads his fleet (of 40 Ha’tak’s) to Earth where he plans to rid himself of the one constant annoyance & obstacle as well the cause of his defeat

First Prime:My lord we are nearing the Tau’ri system

Anubis:Excellent! –Power up the superweapon and ready my Kull warriors

First Prime:Yes my lord!


The SGC prepares for battle and in the midst of the organized chaos a police box materializes within the embarkation room, The Doctor walks out of the TARDIS in the middle of a conversation with Amy & Rory and then notices SGC personnel with weapons trained on them

General Landry:Identify yourself or you will be fired upon!

The Doctor:I’m The Doctor .. You are American yes?! (Looks around & sees the the Stargate) and you have a Stargate...How do you have a Stargate? (He then sees Teal’C)... You also have a Jaffa... with no symbiote, interesting ... (Looks at Carter & Vala and senses something different about them, pulls out his sonic screwdriver & scans them both) and you 2 have been host to a symbiote, not too sure if it was a Gou’ald or Tok’Ra...

General Landry:Clearly we need to compare notes “Doctor”


General Landry:Good news is that the British government has vouched for you, but it still leaves a lot of questions Doctor

The Doctor:On how I know so much about you from just a glance?


The Doctor:Let’s just say that I do a lot of “travelling” and therefore know a thing or 2 about such things

General Landry:In any case “Doctor” as much as we would like to continue to conversation we are preparing for a battle

The Doctor:Yes let’s not get side-tracked .. On my way here I did notice a lot of Ha’tak’s starships heading this way... I’m guessing that you have been a problem for the Gou’ald

General Landry:One in particular, one that we thought was gone for good… Anubis!

The Doctor:Anubis!... WOW that is bad!

Dr.Jackson:You know of Anubis?

The Doctor:Yes I know Anubis very well… Before and after his half-acension, but that’s a story for another time

General Landry:In any case the Earth fleet is getting ready, the Russians & Chinese are sending their 304’s to assists our 304’s and the Free Jaffa Nation & The Tok’Ra are sending what they can to help with Earth’s defence

The Doctor:Why not take the fight to him?

General Landry:Our fleet technology is superior, but Anubis has the numbers

The Doctor:I can offer a way to get to him without the use of your ships, (points to The TARDIS)… The TARDIS can get us to Anubis ship

General Landry & SG-1 are skeptical, but after The Doctor shows them the inside of the TARDIS & explains what it can do, their doubts about how to get to Anubis flagship disappear

Lt.Col.Mitchell:O.k so we get on board… That’s great, but how do you expect to stop Anubis himself?

The Doctor:With this (pulls out his sonic screwdriver) it’s has a Sangraal function which is used to …

Lt.Col.Carter: …Destroy ascended beings

The Doctor: (Scans SG-1 with his sonic screwdriver which makes a high pitch sound at Dr.Jackson) I see that a bit of Merlin is or was in you

Dr.Jackson:You knew Merlin?

The Doctor:Of course I knew him, who do you think helped him create the Sangraal in the first place

General Landry:Doctor I approve of your plan, but might I suggest that a few SG teams accompany you

T/Sgt Jones:Sir the Free Jaffa Nation & Tok’Ra ships have arrived

General Landry:Get them to join our fleet .. Doctor the fleet will serve as a distraction, while you board and deal with Anubis

The Doctor:Let’s be on our way shall we?


A dozen Ha’tak’s from the Free Jaffa Nation & Tok’Ra with Earth’s fleet (which consists of 6 Daedalus class battlecrusiers) come face to face with Anubis fleet

General Landry:Anubis has been busy

From out of nowhere a volley of drone missiles are launched towards Anubis Ha’tak’s

General Landry:Report!

Helmsman:Sensor readings coming in now… 14 Ha’taks destroyed, Anubis has lost a third of his fleet

General Landry:But how?

The Doctor: (Cuts in to the Odyssey view screen) Thought I’d lend a helping hand General, wish I could of done more

General landry:You’ve done more than expected, we can take it from here - Good luck Doctor!

And with that The TARDIS appears on Anubis flagship while the Tau’ri fleet with their allies engage the remainder of Anubis fleet

So it will be the current Doctor with his sonic screwdriver with its Sangraal function, accompanied with Amy & Rory as well as a mixture of 100 SG personnel (SG-1 included), Free Jaffa & Tok’Ra armed with FN P90 & M249 firing trinium rounds (weapons have Kull disruptors attached as well) and they will go against Anubis as well as his Jaffa & Kull warriors that are on board

The Doctor wins if he destroys Anubis via sonic screwdriver with Sangraal function, Anubis wins if his Jaffa & Kull warriors are able to dispatch The Doctor and his allies, so who wins? You tell me!

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 03:16 AM

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 01:10 PM

I don't like the idea of the screwdriver as a weapon but, aside from that, great write up. SG-1 has pulled off similar victories before without the Doctor's help, and this is the sort of thing the Time Lord excels at. He'll give them some tough moments, but I'm confident the Doctor will win.

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 07:15 AM

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