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Match 13148 Father (Fullmetal Alchemist) vs. Shao Kahn

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 11:11 PM

“Listen well my children!” called a calm, yet intimidating voice. “Now is the time of reckoning. We shall leave this filthy world behind us, and carve a path to perfection in a new realm.” A dead silence crept in as his echoes faded down halls and corridors before he continued, “Come forth my children, for I shall now open the Gate and bring about the next chapter of our journey.” The man rose from his seat as silence once again enveloped the room. He stood patiently in the growing hush as pearls of red, slowly began to appear in the darkness. Eyes of crimson waded through the blackness, followed by seven bodies or differing sizes. And finally one of them spoke. I beautiful woman with enchanting features whispered, “We’re ready, Father” as a sinister smile began to form across her face.

The man who called them all there, the one they call Father, began to move once again. He strode toward the furthest wall and stood before it as his ‘children’ gathered behind him. Then, after a moment of inaction, a dazzling red light erupted from beneath his feet and cut a path down the side of the wall he was facing. Father smiled a subtle smile of accomplishment as archaic symbols and the crude outline of a tree formed along the wall creating an enormous door. As all of Father’s children looked on with excitement the newly forged door burst open revealing a single piercing eye. And from that I sprung a wave of tiny black hands that engulfed all they came in contact with. And with mixed emotions ranging from uncaring to confusion to amazement, Father and his children vanished beyond the doorway.

They were being swept across time, space, reality, even Truth itself. They were dragged from one plane of existence and thrust into another… But which plane were they in now?

Father and his children gathered themselves from the ground on which they had awoken. They lift there heads and see a vast and grim looking courtyard, crudely adorned with rotting skeletons and tinted with a mixture of both fresh and dried blood. The open sky above them whirled with black and ominous lighting, dotted by storm clouds of equal harshness. They had truly been thrown into a world of despair.

While investigating their new surroundings a mysterious figure appeared on the balcony above them. He had an imposing build and apparently thought it stylish to clothe himself in spikes and very revealing plate armor. He also wore a skull mask over his face, which eerily looked as though it was a recently acquired battle trophy. After gaining their attention the man in the skull mask spoke to them. “I am Shao Khan!” he bellowed, “and what reason do you have for trespassing in my palace court?”

“Who the hell do you think you are talking to, Pipsqueak?” called back one of Fathers children. Shao Khan’s eyes began to glow with a mystic fury as he glared down at the androgynous looking man who spoke to him in such a way. But before either side could incite a fight, Father interrupted with some words of his own. “Calm down, Envy.” said Father, “You should be a bit more courteous to our host. After all, he is going to be the one who leads us to what we truly want.”

By this time all of Shao Khan’s deadliest warrior and most powerful generals had gathered from all around his palace. Father and his children where surrounded. But none of them showed any fear concerning their current situation. Father began speaking once more, “If I am correct, you are the ruler of this realm aren’t you?” Shao Khan puffed out his chest and exclaimed to both Father and the world, “I am Shao Khan, ruler of Outworld, and conqueror of all realms! Who are you, so weak and insignificant, to think that you can be in my presence?” Father takes a step forward and says, “I have many names: Homunculus, Father, Philosopher of the East. But you can call me God, for that is what I shall become to this world.” Shao Khan didn’t like this newcomers way of think. But he let him continue, “Me and my children, these Homunculi, have come to conquer this world and take from it the power of the gods. All I need from you is the location of the one called Blaze, and the souls of your insignificant empire.”

Shao Khan raised a single hand, commanding his followers to hold off their attack on these insolent intruders. “You have a great ambition in you. But that ambition shall die here with you and your children.” Says Khan, “Lucky for you all, you will have the great honor of dying by the hands of my generals.” Shao Khan then pointed his hand forward, telling his all of his commanders to attack. And they all rushed forward at a fevered pace. Father on the other hand simply began a slow walk towards the stairs leading to Shao Khan’s balcony and absentmindedly told his children, “Slaughter them all, while I go have a chat with the one upstairs.” The homunculi then charged forward themselves, ready to tear their opponents limb from limb.

And while the battle at his back intensified, Father continued his stroll upward to Shao Khan. Once he made it to the top of the landing he saw his adversary staring back at him, a giant hammer in hand. And as he walked into the room Shao Khan roars, “You will feel the wrath of Shao Khan!” And Father simply replies, “No matter where I go, the inhabitants of every world are all primate and in need of extermination” before giving a quick sigh of annoyance. And with that last utterance the true battle was underway, Shao Khan ready to crush his enemy and Father ready to continue with his plans for Outworld.

This is the Father/The Dwarf in the Flask VS Shao Khan in a battle for Outworld. Shao Khan does have his hammer with him but neither has backup because all of their allies are already fighting outside. To vote on the outside battle go here: http://www.electricf...showtopic=29806

Who wins?

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 11:11 PM

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Posted 26 December 2012 - 01:15 AM

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