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'Bioshock' ideas

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#1 ND7


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Posted 14 November 2012 - 04:01 PM

Found an interesting thread for other 'Bioshock' settings and I thought I'd share the ones I found the most interesting.

Bioshock: Inquisition

A group of hardcore religious fundamentalists*, in response to what they see as the "sinful degeneration of Creation" caused by the Sixties, build a secret city deep in the most rugged and inhospitable part of the Rocky Mountains. The buildings are multi-tiered affairs built both into the sides of the mountain peaks and along the slopes, with hair-raisingly high bridges and footpaths connecting the peaks. Think Machu Picchu if it was built by the designer of a medieval cathedral. The city declares independence from the US, but nobody really pays them much attention, and the city fades into obscurity. During the period of isolation, the community discovers a previously undiscovered plant they burn as incense during worship. However, they soon discover that the plant gives them amazing abilities, but at a terrible price...

Fast-forward about a decade. The small towns in the lowlands below the mountains near the city have been experiencing strange phenomena, coupled with numerous disappearances. You play as an FBI agent (maybe a pair of agents to allow for co-op play and added characterization) sent to investigate the forgotten city. However, as you infiltrate your way into this strange "city on a hill", it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. The city could potentially be in a civil war over the theological nature of the *plasmid incense. One faction mught view its use as a sin, and the plant's existence as a trap set by Satan (their leaders would, naturally, be very heavy users of it), while one faction could see it as a sign from God that they have been chosen to use its power to dominate the earth and convert the "non-believers". You and your partner/co-op player would have to choose which faction to support (if any), figure out who or what has been behind the attacks, and escape the war-torn city alive...

The city of Bolivar, a breakaway republic literally straddling an earlier Panama Canal formed by hardcore Pan-Americanists, has become corrupt due to the discovery of "phlogiston" or liquid heat, a phenomenon that allows steam technology of unprecedented scope and size while at the same time corrupting and driving the users mad by upsetting the balance of the four humors. Now Bolivar sees a guerrilla urban war between Steamists and Luddites over control of the city. Our hero must navigate a frightening city once considered a utopia, now a hellhole of insane caloradors and brutal steampunk sentinels. Set in 1819, it is Rioshock.

Pacific City

A city that floats atop the waves, and drifts from coast to coast. Originally intended as a moving command centre to defend the West Coast from Japanese invasion, the platform was captured by Japan shortly after Pearl Harbour. Under Japanese administration, a number of experiments were made on human body chemistry. Lost after 1945, Pacific City continued its existence as the last shred of the old Japanese Empire. It has spent its time since then dealing with insurrections from the old American crew and their descendants, and capturing new test subjects, slaves and citizens from the coast of the Pacific.

Equipped with not only esoteric and bizarre technologies developed by the darkest of war-time science, but with 'humours' which can dramatically alter the nature of human chemistry, Pacific City remains impervious to direct assault. Pacific City also continues to grow as traders attach themselves like limpets of bamboo and iron. Tensions grow between three major groups. The High Command, the military rulers of Pacific City, descendants of Japanese officers sent to command Pacific City before the end of the war. The American Stormborn, descendants of the American military crew and civilian staff, seek to cast off Japanese rule and return Pacific City to American control. The Barnacles, the slave underclass who live outside the old perimeters of Pacific City, they seek liberty and freedom from both the oppressing Japanese and xenophobic Americans.

#2 The Rookie

The Rookie

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 08:03 AM

In my head I kept thinking about a game called Cryoshock. Pretty standard Antarctica base setting, maybe go a little more System Shock then Bioshock but have a terrifying snow beast chase you like Nemesis in RE3.

#3 AVP vs The Terminator

AVP vs The Terminator

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 09:00 AM

I'd sooner have System Shock 3 than any of these. :P

#4 Ruinus


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Posted 15 November 2012 - 10:22 AM

See, the thing is that Bioshock isn't so much about the setting but about the philosophy of that setting, the first one being an extreme version of that whole Atlas Shrugged type-deal with insanely wealthy profiteers running society (and everyone else trying to become insanely wealthy profiteers) and a complete lack of government oversight that is usually expoused by some conservatves. So while the first suggestion works as a setting that is the extreme of religious movements (though really, that could easily be set in real world theocracies, no need to make up a fictional land for that), the last two are more place than idea. The new one, as far as I know, is based on ultra-patriotism or something, setting it in the sky came after the idea for the society.

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