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Battle Rock: Round 1, Match 3, Be'at-Dow'n: God of Disco vs Boiling Point Inc.

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    I am One with the Ferret.

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Posted 14 January 2013 - 04:34 AM

Me as Treacherous

My eyelids were heavy, my body ached, and nothing in that damn room would stand still. I was bleeding on the outside at least if not also inside. But Tony DeLuca's used to blood, he's used to beatings. No one takes me down without getting plugged themselves. A real man fights till he's dead, but a palooka like me ruins the fun and gets one last shot in.

I raise my gun towards his brains. One last shot...

Strength attacks body with piercing weapon

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    I am One with the Ferret.

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 03:49 PM

"I don't dance," Tony said.

He fired, B'eatdow'n went in for a flying kick and the floor beneath them exploded in anticipation of closure. The disco kept on pumping but both contestants were on the floor. Merci lept over the railing around the dance floor to run to her man. Then the floor dropped beneath her.

"Uh uh uh," Playmate chides after the girl has already fallen down the trap door, "no cutting in sweetie."

B'eatdow'n groaned and began to crawl to his feet. He was weak but not out quite yet. Tony was another story. He had amazing stamina that the Disco God admired, but he just couldn't keep up with the beats. Tony was unconscious, but it would take more than this to kill him.

"Well it seems we have our winner," Playmate says, "Now if you would, please bring me his severed head and still beating heart,"

The Disco God is struck with terror.

"Now hold on, that ain't how I groove, I,"

He's interrupted by a barrage of laughter. Playmate even snorts.

"Oh God, relax. It was a joke, geez. Oh man, the look on your face... ok then Mr. Technical Pacifist, just pick him up and take him with you."

The far wall creaks open, and dull yellow light peeks out. B'eatdow'n lifts the detective up by the shoulder and stares towards the passage. As he moves closer the only detail he notices differently is that it leads down a flight of stone stairs.

"Where do these go?"

"Down," the voice on the PA says.

B'eatdow'n looks up to the ceiling.

"And if I refuse to dance to your beat? Then what then?"

"Oh I was afraid you might say that..."

The dance floor tiles all begin to light at once, the effect both stunning and worrying to the disco god. If each tile was loaded with a single landmine, the entire room would be shredded. A giggling countdown begins.


He begins to run, towing the limp detective along with him. The passage wasn't far, he might make it,


Almost there, if he could just jump,


He crashes through the passage and dives for cover on the stairs. The wall shuts instantly behind him.


He waits. And waits until the beat after zero is missed. He grunts a disco grunt and shakes his head.

"Lying little, that's some kind of messed up joke if I ever--"

The Boom is loud and brutal. The wall shudders from the force and B'eatdow'n dives for cover again. Then everything is still even while his ears are still ringing. Smoke is creeping through the crack in the wall behind him. The voice on the PA comes back.

"Almost had you there, didn't I. Keep on going you dancing fool, and bring your new friend with. I ain't done with either of you yet..."

Congratulations to Hamtaro for his victory, and a round of applause for both contestants on a very interesting match! Stay tuned for Round 2, (if there is a round 2 at least :) ...)

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