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Battle Tournament

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 11:37 AM

Just pick a character under 15 ton strength physically and below 100 mph in speed, any magical limitations are settled by me.







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AVP vs The Terminator

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Posted 25 September 2012 - 04:45 AM

Oh yeah, I was supposed to join this, wasn't I? Hehe.

Name: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

Height/Weight: 6'3/230 lbs

Pic: Posted Image

Skills: Master Swordsman, Master Martial Artist, Accurate Marksman, Weapons Specialist. Kroenen is a brilliant mechanic and inventor, whose inventions have included his own superhuman clockwork heart, a prosthetic mechanical hand, a virtually indestructible gas mask, and many others. Which pairs well with his knowledge of medical sciences. Karl is highly trained in the use of both theoretical and practical occult magic, and is considered a medium level mage. Although he mainly uses magic in the form of rituals and potions, but is also competent with spellcasting, though rarely does.

He is an adept leader and inspiring commander, who has often been selected as a favorite commander for many warlords such as Adolf *uncreative* and Grigori Rasputin.

Weapons: A pair of tonfa-style swords, a retractable dagger hidden in the sleeve of his trench coat, Heckler & Koch P30 Pistol

Abilities: Following his injuries sustained after project Ragna Rok, Kroenen had his pierced heart replaced by a mystical clockwork version which was mentally linked to his brain. This enabled him to control his cardiovascular functions, and therefore speed up or slow down his heartbeat, or fake his own death by causing it to beat so fast or so slowly that it cannot be heard or felt. It also offers him a few extra abilities: Kroenen can push himself beyond human capacity and lift more than two tons. Although he has not really been shown lifting great weights, his strength was great enough to let him cut right through stone and most metals. Can run at speeds of about 55 miles per hour.

Kroenen's ability to perfectly control his own heartbeat prevents his muscles from producing fatigue toxins and therefore grant him near limitless stamina. An incredible reaction time and has been shown dodging bullets, and can also deflect them with swords. He does this with such pinpoint dexterity, accuracy and coordination that he was capable of deflecting bullets back at the police, killing them.

His coordination, balance, agility and flexibility is also superhuman, allowing him to perform complex acrobatic feats. Due to Kroenen's clockwork heart directly supporting his body, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen's blood no longer circulated and has now dried up inside his veins, leaving only dust, and allowing him to absorb most impacts and be invulnerable to bullets and powerful punches. It also supports the rest of his organs, preventing them from losing effectiveness, allowing him to keep his youthful vigor and vitality into his centennial years.

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