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Match 12560 Trunks vs. Superboy (Kon-el)

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 11:50 AM

is this following statement correct?

As a partial genetic clone of Superman, he has most of the physical abilities of a Kryptonian who has absorbed the solar energy of a yellow sun. However, due to the human DNA supplied by Lex Luthor, he lacks the more advanced powers of flight and heat vision and presumably is incapable of ever acquiring them.[7] In addition, his existing powers are considerably inferior to Superman's.[11]

if so Trunks wins even with Superboy's high invulnerability.

The statement is partially correct.

Yes, he is a clone of Superman, with Lex Luthor's dna added to the mix.
Yes, his kryptonian powers are weaker than those of Superman(i.e. his strength without the tactile TK is only about 50 tons, his speed is only about Mach 7, etc.).
No, he does not lack the powers of Flight and Heat Vision(he has both, even without his tactile TK).

He does however, have at least 2 ways of taking Trunks out with a single shot(if it hits), those being his Strength(i.e. punching him), and his Heat Vision, which is powerful enough to leave a scar on Superboy-Prime.

I do not think Trunks was stronger than Goku, but he is also not that much weaker if any, in fact Goku SSJ1 is actually the weakess (if you put Goku SSJ1 when he fought Frieza) with even Gotens SSJ when he trains with Gohan for the tournament in the Pre-Buu Sagas, then yes Goku is weaker

I have not, at any point, made any comments on how weak Trunks is compared to Goku. Thus putting his(trunks) absolute Maximum strength, at the same level as that of Goku(with a comment that it is most likely somewhere below that).

I have also said, every time I've commented about Goku, that we are talking about Goku during the Buu saga. So your various comments about pre-buu Goku are kinda pointless.

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