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Pragmatist Job 1: Into the Village

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Posted 16 October 2012 - 12:31 AM

Terra groans as shellhead makes an ass out of himself. She really wanted to kick his ass, but since she was half-dead and he just sorta saved her(well his smart bomb did) she grabbed his hand so he could hoist her up on the transformed Ani.

"Hi ho, lets get the hell out of here..." she wheezes. Living sounded like a good idea to the magical pet and she really intended to do so.

Get rescued!

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Posted 21 October 2012 - 11:45 AM

Editing: The wrap up is coming soon.

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Posted 28 October 2012 - 02:02 AM


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Posted 28 October 2012 - 08:26 AM

The party exits the tunnel just int he nick of time as the mouth collapses shut. Ani's hooves eat up the ground and they emerge on a cliff overlooking the edge of the village.

"I can't believe we made it out alive." Terra says.

Just as she finishes her sentence, the cliff face begins to shake something terrible. The party are all thrown off their feet. They look back at the tunnel and it detaches itself from the rest of the cliff along with all of the mountain above. As it pulls away they can see it from farther away and they see what it really is. The tunnel was part of a giant massive colossus and they just exploded one of it's major organs.

Dirt is shaken off as the colossus gets up. Underneath, crystal gleams in the sunlight. An eye opens two stories above the party's heads. It stares down at the party.

"That thing's probably mad." The Battle Turtle assumes.

"Probably." agrees Ani.

A mammoth hand raises up from the ground and looms over the party. They try to scramble to safety but the hand is so large that they can't escape from under it's shadow. Ani morphs into a cockroach, hoping that it would at least survive the crushing blast.

There is a wooshing noise followed by a loud explosion and suddenly the hand is gone. The Battle Turtle looks in the direction of the explosion.

"I know my explosives and if I'm not mistaken, that round came from a Third Edition Loco Brand RPG Launcher. Who the hell would have that?"

A helicopter draws closer, flying through a cloud of dust in the air and in the door, mama Cinco is kneeling, aiming a shiny, rocket launcher painted grey. Another rocket shoots out, this one aimed for the Colossus's face. Its hand comes up and swats the missile away. The missile spirals off course and hits a building in the town. It turned to focus on the helicopter, rage written all over its face.

Mama Cinco leans out of the cockpit and screams. "THROW IT."

The Battle Turtle looks at Terra, shrugs, and moves to pick her up. Terra sighs exasperatedly, bats his hand away, and rips the gem out of his arm cannon. She throws it to Mama Cinco who slams it into the butt of her gun.

"GET DOWN!" She pulls the trigger and for a second nothing happen. The Battle Turtle immediately drops to the floor. He knows what that gem does. Ani and Terra slowly followed suit.

Mama Cinco's gun fires. The rocket shoots out, faster than any of the others had. The colossus tries to hit it out of the way but his huge hands come up to slowly. The rocket hits it in the mouth and explodes . Shards of Crystal spray from the monster's mouth as it falls backwards. The party runs toward the helicopter, hoping to make their getaway.

As they all pile in to the too-small chassis of the helicopter and hold on as it wobbles through the turbulent air, Mama Cinco looks at the team with a smile. "Good job, team. Near the end there I was thinking you weren't going to make it."

Terra nodded. "I also thought I wasn't going to make it."

Mama Cinco popped the gem out of her gun and held it up for everyone to see. The Battle Turtle grabbed at it, but she pulled it back.

"Hey, uh, any way you could kick some upgrades my way?" The Battle Turtle asked? "My equipment is feeling a little shoddy, and after I almost died in there, well, I think I deserve it."

Ani rolled her eyes, but Mama Cinco replied, "Sure. I can get you some in store credit and you can come over one day and pick out everything you want.

The Battle Turtle's eyes lit up. "I'd like that."

Ani spoke up. "I can't help but feel we forgot something."


The shaman of the village leaves in the night. No one sees him as he picks his way over the hills that unofficially form the village's limits. He climbs and clambers over boulders until finally he finds his target. All of the power of a god, locked up within a dead body. He began to speak incantations, and as he did so the monster melted into the floor. The shaman greedily gorged on the power of the colossus that lay at his feet. Just as the transaction was coming to a close, something went wrong. The shaman knew he had recited the incantations perfectly, but he could feel his control slipping. The consciousness of the God still lived and was fighting him. He managed to slip out a magic spell to preserve himself within his own mind as the Just God took over.

He grew taller, his eyes turned dark, opaque red, his teeth became sharp fangs, that which used to be skin scaled up in the crystal of the Just God. That which used to be the shaman, roared with a voice that was not his and as he did so a violent blast ripped from inside him and fired into the night air.

The newly incarnated Just God turned away from the village and began to walk towards Khazan. There was Revenge to attend to.

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