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Match 12396 King Kong vs. The Strogg

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L.I.C. (-Large In Charge-)

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 10:01 PM

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Strogg Network Guardian aka Tower Guardian................................

This match takes place on Skull Island with a Quake 4 twist..............

And also It should have been called King Kong VS the Network Guardian aka the Tower Guardian Strogg! However since there's no picture or profile of the Network Guardian this is it here in this match. The Strogg appear on Earth and also on Skull Island through an advance hyper gate-warp system called; The Travel Warps. The Strogg then begin to convert the material substances, the village primatives and bestial creatures with Strogg technology to start building an army to conquer the Earth. And then when they have enough help to start, the Strogg then start to build a large power antenna to signal the start of the invasion.

However it would take days for the Strogg signaling antenna to reach full power. And then it would take even longer because of Skull Island's arch-protector the mighty King Kong! Oh yeah the smaller Strogg warriors fought King Kong until they were pounded into scrap and mush. However the Strogg deployed their greatest champion; The Strogg Network Guardian!

The Network Guardian, also referred to as the Tower Guardian, is the second unique boss fought in the game. It is a gigantic, 30-foot tall King Kong-like alien monster that has been assimilated by the Strogg, and serves as a guardian of the 3 Towers that surround the Nexus Tower at the heart of the Strogg capital city. The Strogg insignia is tattooed or branded into his stomach area. The Network Guardian is equipped with a jetpack, allowing it to quickly fly between all 3 towers at will and making it an extremely effective anti-aircraft defender.

It is equipped with a pair of forearm-mounted cannons; the right one is capable of firing a shotgun-like spread of several blaster bolts, while the left one is capable of firing single large guided rockets. The Guardian can also launch a single, huge MIRV rocket into the air to create a rain of small rockets that home towards the player when he is close to death.

For the first few minutes the Network Guardian and King Kong stared at each other. On one side was bestial eyes of rage and fury. And on the other side were eyes of technical construction flashing their defience. And Kong struck first by throwing a rock at the Network Guardian. The Network Guardian quickly countered by blasting the rock into debris.

However then the Network Guardian used his jet wings to try and fly up but Kong was ready for that because with his speed and acrobatics he managed to jump up and onto the Network Guardian's back. And began to struggle. Kong made the Network Guardian crash and damage one of his wings.
Kong also had a stronghold on the Network Guardian and kept it pinned. However the Network Guardian fought back and overpowered Kong and then rose up and gorilla pressed Kong up and over his head.

And then he threw him afar. But King Kong quickly returned and the giant Strogg then locked his laser canon onto Kong and fired. The laser blast knocked King Kong down and quite possibly even killed him. However King Kong wasn't dead just playing dead. He managed to trick the Network Guardian into coming close enough so he could tackle him.

And the battle to save Earth continues.

Can Skull Island's protector defeat this powerful foe? And can he save both Skull Island and the Earth too?

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 10:01 PM

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The Strogg
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Posted 21 August 2012 - 10:15 PM

Match Final Results
King Kong: 21
The Strogg: 5
FPA: 1.0

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