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Match 12292 Exemplars vs. Ben 10

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L.I.C. (-Large In Charge-)

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 10:07 AM

This match takes place after the 8th day event and no Juggernaut and Ben 10 has the Ultimatrix too.

Things start out like this; It has been 10 days after the 8th day event where the Juggernaut has betrayed his seven fellow Exemplars: Bedlam, Conquest, Carnivore, Decay, Inferno, Stonecutter, and Tempest. And they where left in the artic and thought to all be dead. But they where not. Inferno burns and melts her way free from the Both Stonecutter and Bedlam burst free their individual icy coverings. And Decay leads Carnivore and Conquest to freedom from their icy prison.

Only Tempest was unaffected by the ice and then she and the other Exemplars regroup with the others. Stonecutter begins to repairing the hover fortress that brought them to the artic. And once he had finished he called the other Exemplars together for a meeeting. The seven Exemplars agreed to call a truce and work together in ordered to gain revenge against the Juggernaut. And so Hours later Stonecutter took to the helm and raised the hover fortress up and drove it to begin the hunt for the Juggernaut.

Days later on land near a town called Bellwood, Stonecutter from the helm detected a powerful device, the Ultimatrix, unable to resist the curiousity, Stonecutter steered the hover fortress higher above and watched Ben 10 with the Ultimatrix in action against DNAliens and one of their Overlords. Stonecutter witnessed the battle and he saw Ben 10 change into different forms and then change into a stronger ultimate form, Ultimate Humongasaur.

After the battle was over Stonecutter told Tempest to capture Ben 10, now in human form, and Tempest flew down and engulf Ben 10 in a cloud of wind and she carried him up to the hover fortress.

After Ben was release he saw the seven Exemplars.

Ben 10:"Okay where am I?"

Carnivore:"You are my dinner boy!" "ARRRGGHHH!"

Suddenly Carnivore leaps up and at Ben 10 and then he is halted by Bedlam's mental grip.

Bedlam:"Calm yourself Carnivore!" "Stonecutter wishes to examine the boys special device!"

Then Bedlam used his telekinetic powers again and lifted Ben to Stonecutter and held him there as he examined the Ultimatrix.

Stonecutter:"This device is is not of this world!" "And it's power is great!" "Where did you get it?"

Ben 10:"I'm only saying one word and that word is "SPLITALITY SEVEN!"

Then Suddenly Ben 10, in human form just disappears, and then shortly after from the Ultimatrix emerged seven different alien heroes: Ultimate Humongasaur, Water Hazard, Armadrillo, Heat Blast, Ultimate Wildmutt, Chromastone, and Brainstorm. Then the newly formed Ben 10.7 team struke out against the seven Exemplars

Ultimate Wildmutt pounce at and on to Carnivore.

Chromastone fights against Decay.

Brainstorm match his mental powers against Bedlam.

Armodrillo fights against Stonecutter.

Water Hazard splashes against the heat of Inferno.

Heat Blast fireballs Tempest.

And lastly Ultimate Humongasaur fights Conquest!

The battles waged hard in the hover fortress how can the Ben 10.7 team overcome seven beings with lesser godly powers?

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 10:07 AM

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 11:15 AM

Match Final Results
Exemplars: 16
Ben 10: 10
FPA: 3.0

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