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Match 12254 Werewolf vs. The Xenomorphs

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 02:03 PM

Like I said, I'm going with Underworld werewolves as a benchmark. They can be killed by silver, but enough physical dismemberment can also do the job, like how the original werewolf died in the second movie. Use whatever benchmark you want to make your choice as long as they represent what you think of as the main conception of a werewolf.

I remember watching a werewolf being blown apart by a stick of dynamite, and it simply pulled itself together and reconstituted itself afterwards. I am well aware that it's been stated before: it all depends on which werewolf we are talking about. This regenerative feat that I described was seen in the movie 'The Monster Squad.' What it tells me is that silver literally is the only thing that can kill a werewolf. If a xenomorph skewers a werewolf with its tail, sure, it will react as if in pain, but it will shrug it off and strike back. The acid will eat werewolf tissue...briefly and for a moment. Then the werewolf's curse sets in and regenerates the lost tissue. A puncture to the brain will temporarily disable the werewolf, but after the tissue grows back, the werewolf regains its senses. I can only speculate what complete molecular decomposition will spell for a werewolf...
Underworld Lycans are monsters created by genetics, whereas werewolves like the Wolf Man and most other Universal studios related lycanthropes are creatures of a supernatural affliction. Also to note, most animals react negatively to fell creatures...including werewolves. Horses have been noted to panic when near a haunted area. There's no reason to think that xenomorphs would not do the same thing when the presence of a fell creature is near. How they react to such a supernatural presence...I think their 'panic-mode' is translated as elevated hostility.

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 02:33 PM


skuzzy-punk-kid, I know you're new, so I'm going to advise you to check this link before posting in another old thread:


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