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Fallen Academy - Chapter 1

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#121 He who fights monsters

He who fights monsters

    I am One with the Ferret.

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Posted 31 August 2012 - 11:27 PM

"FUCK! If that pretty boy didn't get in the way, I would get a new loin cloth!" Arctos was sure as hell soured. The cannibal brute wanted food. If he wasn't weakened, he would have torn all apart.

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    Don't feed him after midnight

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 07:36 AM

Apollo stood over... hovering above... his "brother".

Strictly speaking, they did share the same flesh. The same memories of growing up together. In that sense, they were indeed brothers.

On the other hand, it was simply because their brains were lobotomized and replaced with the grey matter of similarly lobotomized siblings. The result of which was that though they were most likely strangers to one another, they were bonded... made to share the life experiences of the sacrificed siblings.

"This will be somewhat... quite... extremely painful, "brother"."

"Standing" parallel and above to his horizontally prone brother, unbelievably large mandibles protruded from and pulled back on; enlarging Apollo's oral orifice. A "creature", not quite a gigantic wasp, emerged and made its way toward Ramirez' mouth, which was also being pried opened by various insects. It forced its way down his throat, followed by the entirety of the swarm that comprised Apollo.

And there he lay, seemingly no worse for ware after the ordeal. Despite a human's mass of bugs forcing their way down his gullet, he seemed... normal enough. His belly didn't even bulge.

And then...

The tattoo on his chest, which in truth, was an open wound, began to expand. Flakes of skin gave way as the would enveloped his entire body. Blood and pus and ichor spewed forth from behind the membrane of his ever exposing flesh. His entire body would be drenched in this cocktail which burned away at his clothing. The spiked pads he wore also disintegrated, and only the spikes on his shoulders remained.

Ramirez stayed with his eyes closed that way for quite some time, unable to scream despite the immense pleasure of the even more immense pain.

And then, he opened his eyes. Which bulged and bulged and bulged until... another eye emerged from the corner. First on one side, then the other, and then more eyes simply "bubbled" out of his eye sockets. Audible cracks could be heard as his skull shattered to accommodate the hundreds of eyes. All at once, his body began to contort and bulge and twist and crack. The sound of his bones breaking and pulverizing and grinding was like that of Chinese firecrackers and the revving roar of a Harley Davidson.

And by the end of it... it was a surprisingly bloodless affair, for the blood had hardened into a carapace before any could have been flung aside in waste.

What emerged from the union of the "brothers" were neither Apollo nor Ramirez. Both of whom were human once. But no one, or even two humans could have been adequate vessels for...


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Or rather, a more fully formed, but still as yet incomplete version of the D.E.M.O.N.

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