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Match 11761 Rodimus vs. The 8TH M.S Team [Gundam}

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 09:50 PM

Previously: Rodimus Prime went back into time to stop a plot by Megatron. He stumbled upon a battle between Cyberforce and the Predacons (of Beast Wars). Megatron ordered the predacons to pull out allowing Cyberforce to fight with Rodimus, not knowing that he was a good guy. Rodimus defeated Cyberforce and continued with his mission.

Rodimus had placed the three vanquished Cyberforce members in his trailer to transport them out of the mountains. From the way that they reacted to him, they had obviously had trouble with some Decepticons. It wasn’t their fault for not knowing that he was an Autobot.

This was good news though. He was on the right trail.

Going back in time was a dangerous operation but given what Megatron had done, this was the only way to prevent the effect of the Decepticon’s actions.

Having to transport his captives, Rodimus resumed his normal size. After all he couldn’t transform when micronized to human size. A bug in the process that he couldn’t wait on to be fixed. His micronized form allowed him to one: be less intimidating to the humans and two: cause less damage to the environment in battle.

The road was empty for quite some time and Rodimus relaxed. He considered how to explain to his captives, Cyberforce they called themselves collectively, what he was and why they shouldn’t attack him.

That line of thinking was stripped from his mind when a military checkpoint cut off his easy drive.

To his alarm, the humans posted there scurried to some kind of action as Rodimus approached. Sure his semi-truck form was quite futuristic, but that should have caused curiousity, not alertness.

“Stop!” Commanded someone with a loudspeaker. “We know what you are!”

That statement distressed him.

The commands continued. “You will stay in this mode and surrender to our custody.”

Rodimus considered his options. If they knew that he was Cybertronian, then they would have weapons around that could harm him. He was here to protect humanity not harm those that got in his way. Still, he couldn’t be delayed. Cyberforce had already sidetracked him and another fight would only cause him more trouble in the from of mistrust by those he was trying to help.

The best way to deal with this was to do as they said. Speaking with a human leader may even acquire him help.

As the humans surrounded his car, they ordered him to open his trailer. Rodimus regretted obeying. As soon as they saw, cybernetically enhanced mutants sedated in his tractor trailer they paniced and called in five giant robot mecha, that Rodimus recognized as Gundam mobile suites. They didn’t seem to be the most powerful models that the humans produced but they were on par with an average Cybertronian.

The situation out of hand, Rodimus transformed into robot mode and put his hands up.

“Wait a minute! Let me explain…!”

But that only made it worse. One of the Gundams fired and knocked Rodimus on his back. It was a powerful blast but he had suffered worse from Galvatron. These humans left him no choice. He was going to have to destroy these mobile suites and get on with his mission. Hopefully, he could do it without killing anyone.

So it’s Rodimus Prime against 5 mobile suite Gundams.

If it means anything, the Gundam pilots are Shiro Amada, Michel Ninorich, Karen Joshua, Terry Sanders, and Eledore Massis.

This is, again, Rodimus Prime of the 80’s cartoon who carries The Matrix.

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 09:50 PM

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:15 PM

Match Final Results
Rodimus: 13
The 8TH M.S Team [Gundam}: 6
FPA: 4.0

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