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Joke Of The Day!!!!

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#1 Artemis Entreri

Artemis Entreri

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Posted 16 May 2012 - 10:57 AM

JOKEOFTHEDAY: Three Nuns came to the alter to pray for the hundredth time that day. They had done this everyday, each one always trying to out pray their fellow sister. As always the nuns fell to their knees and began to pray with all their might and heart... "My children..." All three ladies stopped and dared not look up. For they all knew God was speaking to them. "..You are the most worth of all saints'" God continued. "Heaven surely awaits you... Arise, go and commit whatever sin you wish. Then come to the Alter drink of the holy water and repent and I will open the gates of heaven to you..." The nuns jumped to their feet and two of them wrestled to exit the cathedral...

The First Nun ran straight to the Crackhouse and nearly OD'ed.

The Second Nun hit the Red Light district and deci...de... to give free ass and blowjobs... She got lockjaw and couldn't walk till the next day...

The next day the Three Nuns walked into the church heads hung in shame... The First Nun fell to her knees in front of the Alter. God said, "Repent drink of the Holy water and ascend into heaven." The Nun repented and drank of the holy water.

The third nun began to giggle uncontrollably. Both nuns looked at her but at that second the gates of heaven came open and the first nun walked into heaven.

The second nun fell to her knees and started to repent and then she to drank of the holy water. The third nun burst into laughter once again. This time rolling on the floor grabbin her stomach. The second nun looked at her confused and perplexed. The gates of heaven once again came open and the second nun began to walk into heaven until she suddenly stopped and turned to the last nun still laughin. "What in God's name are you laughin about? You haven't even commited a single sin yet? This caused the laughin nun to choke on her words as she spat them out in laughter... "But I have.... Hahahahaha! I pee peed in the Holy Water!!!"

#2 Marvel Man

Marvel Man

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Posted 17 May 2012 - 06:56 PM


You've returned!

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Posted 18 May 2012 - 02:59 PM

That was pretty unfunny.

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