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Clash of the cartoons (NVCN)

Introduction:in the history o

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Posted 12 May 2012 - 07:53 PM

Introduction:in the history of cartoons they were 2 cartoon giants that never new eachother till now

Somewhere deep in the cartoon universe a mysterious force has watched these 2 channels since they were awesome till they were bad but he always wondered who had more powerfull cartoons both new and old so the clash of the cartoons begins now. Ben tennyson;well that would teach those forever knights

all was well for ben tennyson when suddenly a huge portal opened

ben tennyson:what the heck is that

? i better investigate To his surprise, he comes into contact with a short alien and his robotic companion. The pair turn out to be Zim and GIR (from Invader Zim) and battle him. Once they settle their fight, Ben and Zim team up as dimensional imbalances begin to tear Ben's dimension apart, forcing the trio to leave as Ben's universe slowly deteriorates. but after that was settled they realized that there can only be one great cartoon channel network so zim and ben all gathered there freinds from there own respective channel and battled eachother for cartoon supremecy
so who wins team nick or team cn?


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