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Match 11538 Tommy Oliver vs. Lord Zedd

Tommy Oliver Lord Zedd American Football

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#1 Redwallfan2000



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Posted 04 May 2012 - 01:15 PM

Announcer 1: This is a new season of Electric Ferret Football League, we are live at Angel Grove California in the park. It is a beautiful day for American Football, I'm Mentor Jii, current mentor of the Samurai Rangers.

Announcer 2: Oh-a-oh why does old Octoroo have to broadcast this game of Football with a mere mortal human?

Mentor Ji: Because, your Master Xandred isn't able to rise out of the Neither World with his headache.

Octoroo: You have a point there mortal, but I guess I could settle for this.

Mentor Jii: Anyway we have our field assistant Alpha Five down on the field...Let's go to him.

Alpha: Oh, aiaiaiai, I am so excited to be here live hear on the field! In a few moments two incredible Football Teams are going head to head in an action packed football league. Believe it or not this one is a rival team. I'll be waiting all for the action back to you Mentor Jii and you Octoroo.

Mentor Jii: Thank you Alpha 5, anyway today's Home Team are the Power Rangers coached by the legendary Tommy Oliver with his assistant Coach Billy Cranston.

Octoroo: And the away team are Team Villians coached by Lord Zedd and his assistant Coach Rita Repusla.

Mentor Jii: Alright let's list the positions of the Home Team. Each of the Power Rangers are in their Ranger Forms regardless of Zordon's death or not thanks to the Samurai Ranger's Symbol Powers.

C- Rocky DeSantos (Zeo Ranger III Blue)

QB: Jason Lee Scout (Original Red Ranger)

RB: Antonio Garcia (Gold Samurai Ranger)

WR: Zack Taylor (Mighty Morphin Black Ranger)

WR: Mike (Green Samurai Ranger)

Tackle: Adam Park (Zeo Ranger IV Green)

Tackle: Zhane (Silver Space Ranger)

Guard: T.J. (Blue Space Ranger)

Guard: Kevin (Blue Samurai Ranger)

TE: Trent Fernandez (White Dino Thunder Ranger)

HB: Cole Evans (Red Wild Force Ranger)

Mentor Jii: Jadyen (Red Samurai Ranger) , Andros (Red Space Ranger) Carlos (Black Space Ranger) the Blue Senturion, and all of the Alien Rangers all all on the Defensive Line.

Octoroo: Isn't that a hard offensive line, ha, you ha to ask the Alien Rangers to be on your defensive line. Like those will work. Anyway it's time to announce the villians on Lord Zedd's offensive line. Also please note that the villains are alive regardless of Zordon's death as well.

C- Ecliptor (Space Ranger Villain)

QB: Serrator (Nighlok King-Samurai Ranger Villain)

RB- Goldar (Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Villain)

WR- Deker (Samurai Ranger Villain)

WR- Rito Revoto (MMPR Villain)

TE: Knasty Knight (MMPR Monster)

Tackle: Zeltrix (Dino Thunder Villain)

Tackle: Elgar (Turbo-Space Villain)

Guard: Master Vile (MMPR Villain third Season)

Guard: King Mondo (Zeo Ranger Villian)

HB: Ivan Ozze (MMPR Movie Villain)

Octoroo: Sure fans of the series will argue our offensive Line is going to be easy to defend off of, however our defensive line might prove to be a problem as it's all Five Psycho Rangers (Space Ranger Villains) Evil White Dino Ranger's Clone, Master Org (Wild Force Villain), and the Rest Super Putties)

Mentor Jii: Not sure how your defensive lines are going to hold out against our offensive Line.

Octoroo: Oh don't be so sure yourself, because every time my team scores a touchdown the Sanzo River Rises and you know what that means if the Power Rangers lose.”


Octoroo: Oh-a-oh did you really seriously trust a Nighlok like me? Sure neither team can use their weapons which we sadly will agreed too but did you seriously expect us NOT to use this to rise the Sanzo River.

Mentor Jii: Point taken...Well fans get ready because I see the referees going out onto the field right now.

Octoroo: Yes, mortals watch as the Sanzo River rises once and for all

Mentor Jii: Emily, Mia watch if the Sanzo River Rises contain it with your Symbol Powers.

Mia and Emily: We are on it!

This football match is standard four quarters long 15 minutes in each one with Half Time in between the first two quarters. This match is between Tommy and Lord Zedd in which of the coaches will win a Football Game combined ether using a team of Rangers or their Villains. So Which team wins? You're votes will decide.

#2 Callisto



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Posted 04 May 2012 - 01:15 PM

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Tommy Oliver
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Lord Zedd
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Posted 08 May 2012 - 05:57 PM

For all that effort somebody's got to say something. I think as usual, Tommy wins because Zedd would so get to many penalties trying to cheat. He might even get ejected from the game knowing him.

#4 Guest_Redwallfan2000_*

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Posted 08 May 2012 - 07:10 PM

For all that effort somebody's got to say something. I think as usual, Tommy wins because Zedd would so get to many penalties trying to cheat. He might even get ejected from the game knowing him.


#5 Callisto



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Posted 09 May 2012 - 03:15 PM

Match Final Results
A I like these sports matches.
Tommy Oliver: 16
Lord Zedd: 9
FPA: 3.7

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