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Match 11163 Spawn and Pitt vs. Ghost Rider (Blaze) and The Hulk

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#1 .Big Game James.

.Big Game James.

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 10:42 AM

A great writer named Big Game James decided to ressurect the Celeb Death-Match name and transform it into Celebrity Death-Match Supreme. and hire two new hosts, a reporter, a ref, and an announcer. He decided to hire host, Denny Armstrong, a 45 year old, intelligent democrat who lives in a 2 million dollar house in New York City, and drives a Rolls Royce. His co-host Chester Belleworth, a 38 year old alcoholic, and gambler who is currently living in a halfway house in Los Angeles. At one time he was known as the wealthiest man to ever walk the earth being the only man in the world to ever possess a quadrillion dollars. Chester is also a great commentator even when drunk. Big Game James also hired a reporter by the name of Gina Rose DeChamp, a blonde hair, blue eyed, 25 year old who is a successful college graduate. She is known as sports illustrated's #1 worst reporter in the world but sports illustrated's #1 hottest woman in the world. She lives in Miami Florida and usually reports in a light blue, pink polka dotted swimsuit. A ring announcer by the name of George Brewer Jr. who is always in stiff competition with Bruce Buffer and has also taken on Bruce in a Vampire vs. Zombie Deathmatch. Bruce was a zombie and George was a Vampire. He is 50 year old who smokes a cigarette every time he announces and lives in Washington D.C. Last but not least, he hired a referee by the name of Frankie "Count to 10" Samson, who has refereed over 5,000 matches in his career. And is the only ref who wears a black and red striped shirt. He is a 42 year old who lives in Honolulu Hawaii.

Celebrity Death-Match Supreme------PPV #1: Gore & More------April 10th 2012

Denny-Hello ladies and gents, i'm Denny Armstrong, along with my co-host Chester Belleworth, and welcome back to the one and only Celebrity Death-Match Supremes 1st ever PPV "Gore & More". All Electricferret competitors recieved free front row tickets to the show. My oh my i bet they are all very excited and ready for the Main Event. If your watching on TV and just now tuning in with us this is what you've missed. While in the ring wearing his expensive stunner shades and showing off his green muscles to the crowd, the Savage Dragon was blatantly attacked from behind by none other than Hellboy himself. What a mess that was. We seen Dragons fin being ripped off of his head, and Hellboys tail torn in half. I'm telling you what folks it was just a massacre upon massacres. Both fighters were carried out on stretchers and no winner was declared. Now on to Chester to tell you what happened earlier in the night. Chester!

Chester (drinking a bottle of Jack)-Yes, that sure was a bloody one wasn't it Denny? Earlier in the night we saw Steve Erkel and Screech Powers go one-on-one, mono-e-mono. Man was that a sight to see. Erkel snorted right in Screeches face and then punched his eyeball right out of his socket. The only thing he had to say about it was "Did i do that"? What a funny guy i tell ya. What a funny guy. The match ended with Erkel entering his clone machine and turning himself into Bruce Lee karate kicking Screech's head right off his shoulders. We also witnessed Stone Cold Steve Austin enter the ring throwing beer left and right to the crowd and intentionally hitting an old woman right in the nose with a full can. He then flipped her the bird, dragged her in the ring, and stomped a mud hole in her a**. His fans surely gave him a "Hellyeah" and so did I. He was kind enough to come up to the booth and share his beer with me and drink. Man am i wasted. Now i will send it Denny to wrap up the beginning of the night and the first two matches. Denny, back to you. (He burps and his head slams into the desk as he passes out)

Denny-Thanks Chester, and i hope your heads not split wide open after the contact with table, i suppose we'll find out later. Anyways, our first two matches were history makers as well. While posing for the cameras the artist, formerly known as Prince was challenged by the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Instead of a punch, kick, headbutt, or smack Michael Jackson delivered a smooth moon walk, and some spin moves trying to show Prince the ABC's and 123's of dancing. Prince followed up with some slick moves of his own, eventually leading up to both musicians agreeing to a weapons match. Jackson was almost choked out with Prince's weapon of choice, a raspberry beret that he had stole from an audience member, who he also gave a kiss to. Michael Jackson used the Free Willy vhs to repeatedly beat Prince across the face. Man that match was a thriller and the winner recieved the grand prize of a little red corvette, and it wasn't Prince, that's for certain. And last but not least our first match consisted of Marv vs. Jason Voorhees. This match was so violent it made violent look not-violent, if that makes any sense at all. It was a weapons match that will surely make the "Death-Match Supreme Hall of Dreams". We saw Jason use a machete, meathook chain, pitchfork, and even an ax. We seen Marv use a hatchet, sledge hammer, pistol, and an aluminum baseball bat. After a long bloodbath Marv took the victory by throwing his hatchet at Jason sticking it right between his eyes and then clubbed him in the head with a sledge hammer taking it clean off his shoulders. It was Jason's final friday after that beating. He's lucky Marv didn't use the baseball bat to finish off the match or it would have been a grand-slam victory indeed folks. Marv should have recieved the Goldie Award if i must say so myself. Don't forget, if you stay tuned you will witness the greatest match-up we have ever seen on this show. No Joke. But first, Chester is going to run you through some past match-ups on our show between some of our final contestants of tonights main event. Chester! (Denny looks over to see Chester still passed out. He smacks the back of his head)

Chester then lifts his head up and you see a huge gash on his forehead, some of his teeth are missing and his nose is crooked.

Chester-Huh? What? Oh! Thanks Denny, and man are we gonna have another slugfest up next. Anyway, we've seen Pitt take on Sabretooth in one of the bloodiest battles in Celebrity Deathmatch history. The victor was not creed sorry to say. He was ripped in half by Pitt's uncontrollable strength and ballistic attitude. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Sabretooth was definetly half the man he used to be after that one. It was surely a bad day to be in the same ring as Pitt. Next we will talk about Pitt's matched opponent for tonight, The Incredible Hulk, and boy was his showing on Celebrity Death-match incredible indeed. The fans cheered as The Hulk scrubbed the ring with Doomsdays face. Let me tell you one thing everybody, even a mother wouldn't have wanted to love a face like that after The Hulk was finished. Now onto Pitt's partner, Spawn, and one of the best showings on Celeb Deathmatch. Spawn took on none other than Lobo. After a back and forth match, Spawn decided to end it by swinging his ax around splitting Lobo in two sections. If you did see that match you all knew it was not a split decision. And last but not least the unforgettable match including Ghost Rider against Etrigan. It ended with Ghost Rider wrapping his chain around Etrigans neck, turning him into a pile of ash. Ghost Rider definetly rounded up a nice win. Now down to the locker rooms with Gina Rose DeChamp with team Marvel and man is she looking sexy. (His head then slams into the desk again as he passes out)
Gina-Thanks Chester, I hope you recover soon. I'm here with team Marvel who have agreed to say some words about tonights main event. So Hulk how do you think the fight will go tonight? Any strategies or plans?


Hulk stomps on a locker crushing it like a can on the ground, while Ghost Rider revs up his motorcycle. You hear the crowd cheer.

Gina-Ok thank you two. Gina then walks over to team Images locker room.

I'm here with Spawn and Pitt representing team Image, How do you guys plan on winning this match tonight?

Pitt rips up a bench bolted to the ground crushing it into the wall while Spawn is swinging his ax around. The crowd cheers.

Gina-Ok. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Thank you both.

Denny-Thanks Gina that was the worst report ever, but you still look fantastic. My lord! Chester! Is that Bruce Buffer?

Chester comes to....

Chester-Huh? What? Who? Yes Denny, yes it is, but It seems he has taken on his zombie form again as Bruce Buffercarcass. What a great night folks. George Brewer Jr. in vampire form, who we like to call George Biterbrewer, introducing our fighters and Bruce Buffercarcass is the special announcer doing his "Lets Get Ready Rumble" bit before the match. Pitt and Spawn vs. Hulk and Ghost Rider. I don't know how TV could get any better than this. Anyways down to ringside with Biterbrewer to announce the contestants.

All Nightmare Long by Metallica begins to play as the lights in the arena turn bright green and flames from the stage explode lighting up fans faces. Hulk stomps to the ring while Ghost Rider drives his motorcycle down the ramp.

Biterbrewer- Introducing first, representing team Marvel, standing 7' and weighing 1,040 lbs, "The Mean Green Machine" The Incredible Hulk! And his partner standing 6'2'' and weighing 220 pounds, "The Blazing, Hair Raising", Ghost Rider!

Hulk jumps over the ropes smashing onto the center of the ring causing the whole arena to tremble, while Ghost Rider rides his cycle around the ring.

Indestructible by Disturbed begins playing and the lights dim as smoke rises from the stage. Strobe lights begin flashing while lightning strikes from the rafters. Pitt stomps to the ring while Spawn Hovers right beside him.

Biterbrewer- And there opponents representing team Image, first, standing 7' weighing 1,000 lbs, "The Combustion of Destruction" Pitt! And his partner weighing 234 lbs. and standing 6'2'' "The Phantasm of Necroplasm" Spawn!

Pitt rips through the ropes while Spawn lands on his feet after hovering his way to the center of the ring.

Also introducing our ref for the night refereeing his 5,500th career match-up Frankie "Count to 10" Samson! And to set off the match with some words of his own Bruce Buffercarcass!!!

The lights brighten the stadium and Bruce Buffercarcass begins his signature announcements.

Buffercarcass- Now it's time. Ladies and gentlemen children of all ages, this battle is scheduled for the last man standing, no holds barred. LLLEEET'S GET READY TO RUUUMMMBBBLLLEEEEEE!!!! After his words Biterbrewer punches Buffercaracass in the face making his jaw fall off and one of his eyes pop out of the socket.

Denny-Oh man Biterbrewer and Buffercarcass are going at it again. I hope they both live to announce another day, and i'm sure they both will. Here we go folks. Celebrity Death-Match Supreme PPV #1, a battle for the books. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see history in the making.

Chester-Right you are Denny. Let's open some more beers and get Celebrity-Deathmatch PPV wasted. And don't forget after Vader beats Metal Sonic to join us to see The Lord of the Darkside Darth Vader and The Emperor of Outworld, Shao Khan square off one on one in our upcoming PPV----"Brain Bashing & Body Smashing". It will be a don't miss show ladies and gentlemen.

All four combatants are in the ring staring each other down getting ready for the bell to sound.


Who wins? How's the set-up? etc
btw it doesn't HAVE to be a celeb deathmatch. it can be like what you'd see in a comic book if these two teams squared off, idc. I just used celeb deathmatch for a good set-up. it may be my trademark from now on if it gets good reviews.

#2 Callisto



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Posted 02 April 2012 - 10:42 AM

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 04:06 PM

Wow that is a unique setup. You put alot of thought into it for sure. Its good from me. As far as the match, spawn should win this one.depending on what power level everyone is at. Good job dude.

#4 .Big Game James.

.Big Game James.

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 09:24 PM

thanks man. its a gift. :) everyones at there normal/average abilities btw

#5 L.I.C. (-Large In Charge-)

L.I.C. (-Large In Charge-)

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 04 April 2012 - 03:29 PM

Man I just vote on this match I like them all! So they all win!

#6 .Big Game James.

.Big Game James.

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 11:04 PM

is this match ever going to end? holy crap!!!

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