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Match 11102 Stella Bonasera vs. Renee Walker

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 04:59 PM

After everything that she had done for her country and for the FBI, she was ruined. The government destroyed whatever career that she once held and respected so dearly. After hearing about Kim's decision to go through with experimental operation to save Jack, she thought about confronting him. She never did though; maybe it was out of fear or something else. She tried to find jobs as a security adviser or some other type of consultant that dealt with what she had basically done for the past several years of her life but nothing could ever fill that void that the government had taken away from her. Something just broke down inside of her after what she had done to Wilson.

She attempted suicide several times but it seemed like she was cursed with life. She tried to fill that void within her with adrenaline, drugs, pain, but after everything, none of it worked. She decided to travel around the country. In her mind, she felt that maybe she could fine one last great thing to live for because some how Jack did that. Her travels had led her down to New Orleans.

When she arrived, it just seemed like another place that this country was in control of. She found herself drinking away and trying to figure out what happened to her. As she continued to drink, she thought back to that day but this time it was not about Jack or even Wilson. It was about Tony Almeida. The man, who killed Larry and could have stopped all the events that happened that day. She thought about him and his reasons. The only thing that was driving Almedia was that purpose of revenge. He wanted to kill Wilson for what he had done to him, his wife, and his unborn son. He, along with Jack, were betrayed by the country that they dedicated their lives to protecting. A country that was corrupted by greed and blood.

As she drank, someone approached her. It was a man with a scar on his forehead. He had mustache but it was not exactly clean and taken care of properly. His hair was black and his eyes were dark brown. It seemed like they could looked deep into your soul. His presence felt a little discomforting but there was something about him. Something that Renee could relate to in a way, maybe it was the scar on his forehead but she felt connected to him.

"Ms. Renee Walker?" the man said with a calm voice.

"Yes." Renee replied with a half smile.

"My name is Peter Stomsor and I would like you to join me at my table." the man replied.

"Why would I join you at your table?" Renee said as she took another drink.

"Because I can offer you redemption." Peter replied.

Renee looked into his dark eyes and tried to find some sort of error but she couldn't see anything wrong in his eyes. After everything she had been through, she was willing to do anything to feel like she used to. She wanted to be better and she wanted that peace that she use to have in her. She stood up without saying any other words and followed the man to a table near the back of the bar. She leaned back in the chair and gave a childish smirk as she looked into Peter's face.

"Who are you exactly and how do you know my name? Renee asked as she reached for her glass.

"I was an agent for Homeland Security before the country that you and I used to fight for betrayed me. They burned me, crucified me but I still love this nation. I want to see the country that used to flourish but it cannot be that nation without a change. The people of this nation need to see that it's government is corrupted. It needs to see that people like you and me should be counted as heroes and not thrown about into the trash. You asked me how did I know your name, well I have been searching for you and many others like you for a long time. It's time we stand up for what used to be the greatest country on this wretched planet." Peter replied with what enthusiasm a guy like him could have.

"That sounds a lot like domestic terrorism to me." Renee replied as she took another sip.

"That's what I would have said if I was not betrayed by my nation. This isn't terrorism, it patriotism. We are saving are nation and in return ourselves. Listen, if you really want to save this country and get redemption come back the docks at this location. I have a relatively small crew but we are going to be moving in a shipment tonight." Peter replied as he handed a small piece of paper to Renee.

"What kind of shipment?" Renee asked.

"Tools to rebuild this nation." Peter replied as he stood up and left.

Renee reached for the glass but ended up pushing it away. She took a glance down at the paper and shook her head. In her mind, she felt she had to do something for this country, even if it meant fighting the very thing she use to be.

It's been several months since Stella left New York but she was now head of the crime lab in New Orleans. She missed her colleagues and friends, but most importantly she missed Mac. Although, this job did have it's advantages. It was an escape from all the bad memories that had formed while in New York. She made new friends and she was in control. She would sometimes call all her friends back in New York but all in all, she tried to move on. Just about every week or every other week, they would get some kind of case. Not all of them were homicides but a majority of them were. Her team also seemed pretty effective. They solved just about every case that had come their way. Maybe it was just luck for being the new person in town or maybe it was something else.

Although, there was a case that just seemed pretty high profile. A case that made the national news. A U.S. Congressman was found shot in a back alley. Stella and her team were the first to investigate the scene but they were quickly relieved of their duty by the FBI. That did not stop her curiosity as she investigated behind the scenes. She watched as the FBI gathered evidence but they quickly told her to leave.

She asked herself, "Why would a Congressman be in some random back alley without some form of security?" She asked herself this several times throughout day as she went back to that alley long after the FBI had left. Although the crime scene had been cleaned up, she had to find something. She looked all around but she found nothing. Suddenly, she turned around and saw a man. He had a nice clean shaved face with short brown hair and blue eyes. He seemed like an unassuming man but he pulled out his id.

"Detective Bonasera, I need you to come with me." the man said with a calm voice.

Stella read the name from his id and also read CTU across it.

"Agent Clark Gregson of CTU?" Stella said aloud.

"That is correct. I need you to come with me." Clark said as he put his id away.

"Why do I need to come with you?" Stella asked.

"I just need you to come." Clark replied.

Stella decided to follow him to a vehicle. At first she was hesitant to get in but she ended up doing it anyway. Agent Gregson took her to a government building not to far away. As they headed inside, she read the same letters that were on Gregson's id, CTU. He led her down to a crime lab that her team was already waiting in. She saw on the table was the same Congressman who was murdered and several pieces of evidences collected at the scene as well as pictures of the alley.

"What is this?" Stella asked.

"I read your background Detective Bonasera and I know what you are capable of. I need you to find something here that will lead me to the killer." Gregson replied.

"What does this have to do with CTU?" Stella asked.

"I do not know until you find something." Gregson replied.

Agent Clark left and Stella along with her team analyzed every bit of evidence that they could. Finally, they found something, just a little shred of DNA from a guy named Carl Hakers. She used the CTU computer to pursue this man and possibly question him. She found his address and left CTU along with Agent Gregson to puruse this guy. It was nearly midnight when they arrived at his apartment, but saw he was leaving for somewhere. They followed him to the docks. At the docks they saw several others along with this Carl guy. A man stood before the entire group giving orders to all of them. It was a group of maybe 10 guys and a red headed woman. Agent Gregson took out his cellphone and told Stella to stay put. He called CTU and asked for a field team but they responded by saying that their ATA would be 10 minutes.

Gregson saw that they were loaded up several shipments of something but he did not know what. He finally pulled out a pistol and handed it over to Stella.

"Are you prepared to use that?" Gregson asked with a small smile.

"Yeah." Stella said hesitantly.

"Good because these guys are going to be long gone before my men arrive." Gregson said as he quitly got out. He headed to the back of his vehicle and took out two bullet-proof vest. He handed one to Stella and put the other on himself.

"I want you cover me and not do anything stupid." Gregson said calmly.

"Your pretty calm." Stella said with a half smile.

"Well this isn't my first rodeo Detective." Gregson replied.

They both headed into the docks and got behind several containers. Agent Gregson yelled, "CTU drop your weapons!" Immediately, these people started taking out their weapons and fired. They where they were firing but Gregson was able to shoot down several men. The woman and the leader got away. Stella saw them as they were running away and knew she had to stop them.


Peter and Renee but something happened as they ran through one of the buildings. Peter was shot in the back and fell to the ground. Blood was coming out of his mouth as he looked into Renee's eyes, "Kill." Renee turned and saw the woman who shot him. She took out a pistol and started firing. The woman immediately took cover behind several crates. "You think you people can take everything away from us!" Renee yelled as she took cover. "Stop or I will be forced to shoot!" Stella yelled as she got ready for a firefight.

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 04:59 PM

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 06:20 PM

I hope you all enjoy and sorry again that this is not one of my best. I added Stella just recently and I wanted to do a match. I saw Renee Walker still has not had a battle and wanted to do a battle between two unused female characters. It was a spur of the moment and I'm sorry if it isn't great but I still hope it's entertaining.

Also, before you guys who maybe a fan of 24 or at least watched it, get mad that I made Renee a villain. I wanted to try something a little different. She isn't really so much of a villain as more of a character looking for redemption in the wrong places.

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