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Match 11087 Vegeta vs. Jaani Dushman Creature

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Posted 22 March 2012 - 05:35 PM

The curse of that creature is an incredible one. Even after it is physically destroyed and eradicated it still manages to transfer itself to it's next host. For eons it has repeated this same process, killing many either by it's possession's hands, or by the death of the possessed themselves.
No one knows for sure when this creature was first formed, but they know that the Turtle might have had a hand in creating it. If the creature were not nearly as malevolent as it's been in the past, it's reincarnations alone would make it be among the most fascinating creatures on Earth.
Sadly that is not, and will never be the case though, as the creature thrives on the blood shed and trauma it produces, without which, it would tear itself apart out of sheer boredom. It took a while for the mentioned creature to finally arrive in East City, and thankfully I found that notion delightful.
After all the rumors of a body swapping entity traversing the tropics near Peligona Island, I suspected something supernatural. To hear the news of the creature being very far away anyway, gave me hope of preparing a plan worthy enough to stop it.
I spent weeks upon weeks studying, and preparing my notes on the creature, working with equation after equation, but every time I tried I could never divide by 0. In otherwords, the reincarnations this creature possessed were so far beyond reasonable logic that the best scientific material I had was made inadequate.
By the time Sunday had hit, I was in church getting ready to crack open my dusty, old bible to follow through with the service. When suddenly, the roar of police sirens echoed through the church parking lot. Rushing to the front doors to see what the commotion was about, I found the creature fenced in by four police cars.
It seemed extremely enraged to the point that it would rip a man's head clean off his shoulders. What's worse was that the officers were shooting at it, if they had hit it, not only might it die and transfer itself to one of them, but it also might simply attack them in a full blown rage. Racing down the steps to the officers, I waved my arms to them wildly, several times.
"Don't shoot," I commanded. "Don't shoot it." "Cease fire!," the police captain ordered. "What is this nonsense?", he turned toward me. "If that creature dies, it'll possess one of you," I replied. "I don't have time for fairy tales," he stated. "Just listen to me, you can't kill that creature", I restated.
"And do you know this info for a fact?", he glared at me. "If you don't believe me now, this'll end up just like Chicken Little." Putting his gun back in it's holster, he stared at me for a few moments. Suddenly however, Vegeta came to the ground after flying in the sky. "Leave that one to me," he remarked of the creature. "I needed to get my exorcize for today anyway." "Vegeta no," I yelled to no avail.

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Posted 22 March 2012 - 05:35 PM

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