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The Battle of Thermopylae

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 05:57 PM

This idea popped into my mind as I was watching a documentary about the battle of Thermopylae.
This RP is a short, action packed RP meant to be played as we wait for bigger and better RPs.

*Warning. You Will Die*
That is not a challenge. You are grossly outnumbered. Spartans, you will face the battle that will cost you your life. As we all know, the only way a Spartan earns a tombstone is to either die in battle, or to die in child birth. The Persians are planing on burning down Athens, on normal standards, this would be good. This time, that will not be the case. If the Persian army manages to take Athens they will most likely target Sparta next. You are to defend your state. You are to defend Sparta. Chosen by the mighty King Leonidas, you are one of the elite 300 Spartans chosen to unite with the following cities: Mantineia, Tegea, Arcadia, Corinth, Philus, Mycenae, Thespiae, Mails, Thebes, and Phocis. Your total number of soldiers shall be approximately 7000 men. You are the last line between the one million Persians and the city Athens. Good luck Spartans, you will need it.

With it or on it, King Leonidas.
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