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Match 11044 Veteran Power Rangers (Once A Ranger) vs. The Foot Clan (TMNT)

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 04:14 PM

Previously, The Power Rangers made enemies of both Hordak and The Foot. Three teams (orinigal,

Zeo and Turbo) were called in to deal with multiple crisis. Aisha (the second Yellow Ranger) had gone

rouge and stealing the Dragonzord. Tommy volunteered to face that threat. TJ (the Red Turbo Ranger) Justin (the Blue Turbo Ranger) and Katherine (the Pink Zeo ranger went to Miami to investigate a threat there). That still left a majority of rangers for one final threat...

The emergencies being dealt with, Jason, the original Red Ranger assembled those that were not already gone.

"Guys." he said with power and authority. "We're going after The Foot!"

The mixed group of Rangers looked at on another, some with concern, some with confusion. A few, expressed excitment.

"That's not our priority, right now." Ashely, the Yellow Turbo Ranger, made the first objection.

"I'm making it our priority." replied Jason. He kept the same power and authority in his voice to try and shut down any further argument.

"It's about time," Rocky, the Blue Zeo Ranger voiced his opinion.

"But what about Tommy?" Ashley dug into her stance. "He may need us?"

"Tommy can handle the Dragonzord." said Jason. "We've got The Foot on the run. If we don't take them down now, they'll attack us again when we can deal with it the least."

"But Aisha!" Ashley still wouldn't concede. "We're supposed to be supporting her! What happens when she finds Hordak and needs back up?"

"I think Trini has Aisha covered." Rocky informed her.

With a snort, Ashley scowled at him. "I don't think 'Trini' intends the right kind of support that Aisha needs."

"That's why Tanya is with her." Cassie, the pink Turbo Ranger threw in. "It's a Yellow Ranger thing."

"I'm a Yellow Ranger!" Ashley was offended.

"But not particularly close to Aisha." Adam, the Green Zeo Ranger clarified. "The three of them have that 'line of sponsorship' thing going on. It's personal for Tanya just like it is for Trini."

Jason had enough of this debate and wanted to end it. "If you don't want to be a part of this mission, Ashley, you can stay behind and guard the Power Chamber."

Cautious of her words and how it came out, Ashely responded. "I think I will."

"Great." Jason said, still a little annoyed at the Yellow Turbo Ranger. "Let's morph up and get our Zords! Billy has the Technodrome tracked! We'll corrodinate the attack when we get closer!"

So it's a mixed group of Power Rangers up against The Foot.

The Technodrome is in a large underground cavern taking repairs from its battle with the Thunder

Megazord. There are about a hundred Foot ninja in the Technodrome including human, enhanced Foot

Tech and Foot Mech (both seen in the 2002 cartoon). There are ten Foot Elite as well. The Cyber

Shredder, and the human (Mirage) Shredder are also present. No Foot Mystics, though.

On the Power Rangers' side,

Jason leads the operation as the Red Ranger (powered by the thunder coin) (Sorry, no Gold Zeo Ranger)

Zack (powered by the Black thunder coin)

Billy (he has the Blue ninja coin)

Kimberly (powered by the Pink ninja coin)

Rocky (powered by the Blue Zeo Crystal)

Adam (powered by the Green Zeo Crystal)

Carlos (as the Green Turbo Ranger)

and Cassie (as the Pink Turbo Ranger)

They can all use their respective zords and they can switch out and form the Thunder Megazord (don't have the right people to pilot any of the other pieces for the more powerful megazords).

Titanus and Tor are availble though.

So do they destroy The Technodrome? Do they infiltrate the place and beat The Foot up close and personal?

Who win's an how does it go down?

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 04:14 PM

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