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Match 11034 Angela (Spawn) vs. Illidan Stormrage

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 08:25 AM

The heavily armored, piggish humanoid breathed raggedly as frothy black blood gushed and spurted from around the splintered arrow haft protruding from its rib cage.

"Go on... elf, finish the job you started... let your hate consume you! You attacked my party without reason or warning, that is why your fellows are dead... they lie dead due to your own deeds...but go ahead and hate me if you will!"

The young elven swordsman gnashed his teeth and growled down to his wounded foe.

"Orc filth! I vow I will not stop until the last of your kind bleeds out the last drop of filthy blood and the birds have picked the eyes from your rotting carcass... No, I could never hate your kind..." He paused and raised his sword, "...enough!"

The incident had been easily explained away, Illidan had been the sole survivor of that hunting party, naturally due to the savagery and aggression of their hated foes. The fact that the Orcs had merely been searching for food and had borne no intention of harming a soul, had died with the last of their number that day in the forest. A small step on the road into centuries of raving madness and hatred had coalesced that day with this unjust act.

The road to atonement would be nearly endless, considering the blood he had wrongly spilled.


The razor-edged crescent made a brief, slick hissing sound like a sheaf of paper being ripped as it went cleanly through the fly-demon's throat and spine. The yellowed mandibles writhed and grasped out, more out of reflex than anything else. Illidan could tell by the look in the creature's eyes that it dearly wished to keep fighting, despite the fact he had just delivered a blow that had ended its life.

The bloated, grey cranium fell with a gelatinous *splotch* onto the ground and gouts of vile ichor painted the alley walls. The two young, would-be snacks for the demon - the children, still stood frozen in abject horror.

Illidan raised his cloven hoof and lowered it forcefully onto the severed head. It bulged at first, eyes bugged out to nearly double their size, before rupturing in a loathsome spurt of pus and insect larva. Not unlike a large horse-fly being crushed with a hard slap.

Justice had been served, retribution for all the victims he had not been there to save. Now that the familiar task of violence had been concluded, the hard part now came - speaking to the children and gaining their trust.

His present form would not do at all, his visage brought only slightly less terror than had the 'Violator' creature. He hissed out a minor incantation and drew out an image from his endless vaults of memory, a comforting face he had seen in one of the glass portals called T.V.

The boys looked around open mouthed, the demons had killed each other it appeared, one was a mutilated carcass and the other had returned to hell in a flash of smoke. A voice called out to them from around the corner of the alleyway, "Ayyy ayy anyone there? I heard somethin', you need help there?"

An elderly man in a sweater holding a cane, rounded the corner, bringing relief to the children. A woman's voice rang out loud and harsh with scorn.

"No demon! You will not fool anymore of these people! I can see right through your petty illusions!"

The two kids ran off away over the bridge from which they had come and a fiery red-head holding a halberd leapt down from her observation point.

Illidan let the illusion fall away, this seraphim could not be fooled by his infernal magic and he might need the energy for the savage, no-hold barred battle that inevitably ensued whenever the minions of two powerful and diametrically opposed forces met. Light and dark; good and evil; hot and cold; fire and ice; Earth and Sky; Heaven and Hell - They both knew what to expect, a relentless opponent who would give no quarter. What they didn't know yet was the actual ability of the other to accomplish this urgent goal.


This is my first attempt at a match in almost 2 months, I expected that I would be kind of rusty..

Angela from Spawn ® with her halberd versus Illidan Stormrage at about 1/4 power from the video game, armed with his Warglaives of Azzinoth.

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 08:25 AM

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 10:36 AM

That's a great match-up.

I'm giving it to Angela... simply because I'm sick to death of following Illidan around in that one World of Warcraft dungeon when I'm trying to get my weekly valor points. Makes me want to take my level 85 to Black Temple and punch him in the face.

Also, Angela is a hot female who captures demons and Illidan is always being pursed and caught in the game by a hot female who captures demons. So there you go.

Great write-up for the battle.

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 11:15 AM

Hey thanks! Yea, I am a big Illidan fan, WoW BC expac was my favorite... this match seemed like it would fit with this month's theme.

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