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Match 11023 Puma and Apache Chief and Thunderbird (John Proudstar) vs. Eyedol and Doppelganger and Lord Deimos

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Posted 15 March 2012 - 04:02 PM

NOTE: This is a part of the huge story I've been putting up so just stay with it.

"This evil must be stopped!" Apache Chief pounded his fist into his open hand.

"I agree with you, Chief," said Thomas Fireheart, not in his Puma form. "But we have to have a plan. Chief Thunder went in bull headed to fight Hordak, and he was killed."

"If we had gone with him," Thunderbird commented. "We would have stomped Hordak back to where he came from. Or in a grave."

"He wouldn't even wait for us." Fireheart scowled at his comrades. "You have ties with the X-Men, John, but you came alone."

"Those guys," Thunderbird snorted. "All they care about is mutants. No mutant threat, no X-Men."

"Surely we three are enough." Apache Chief tried to build confidence in his friend.

Fireheart shook his head. "It would be suicide. We have to gather more heroes."

They were seated the Puma's office, although Thomas Fireheart was the only one sitting down. His intercom beeped, indicating that his secretary was seeking his ear.


"You'll want to check the news, sir." said the woman.

Huffing, Fireheart turned on the television and furrowed his eyebrows at the scene of an strange wave of energy gliding across the Atlantic ocean.

The reporter acknowledged that no one knew what it was or if it was harmful or not. Apache Chief knew better.

"This is Hordak's doing. This is his way of making foot hold into the United States. We have to go and face him, now. Before that mystical wave reached here."

"I think you're right." Fireheart said sullenly.

The angle that the wave was coming, it would hit Florida first. That is where the Native American superheroes went to meet the threat.

When the wave washed over them, it had no effect. But as if registering the superhuman presence, an oversized portal opened and Hordak's terrifying face filled the hole.

"Fools." He snorted. "You're desire to stand against me will be rewarded with death."

"Screw you!" Thunderbird pointed.

"Very poetic," Apache Chief rolled his eyes. Then he regarded Hordak. "We fight for humanity and to avenge our brother, Chief Thunder!"

A smile of rememberance came over Hordak's face. "The warrior. He died at the hands of my minion, Bruce Lee. I would grant you the privilage of dying at his hand, but he is unavailible. Instead, I give you this."

His terrible face disappeared and three individuals dropped from the portal. Hordak's voice talked on. "My army grows in power. These three are new to me. I would like to see how quickly they can kill you. Enjoy you death, heroes."

Eyedol's two heads looked in their direction. He let his huge club pound the ground threateningly. Doppelganger leaped and landed behind the heroes, just to be sure the there would be no retreat. Lord Deimos raised his sword in a ready postion.

Back to back, Puma, Apache Chief and Thunderbird braced for battle, then, as if mind linked, they sprang forth with pride, courage, and the determination to destroy evil.

Would have liked to get some one on one's to help these guys get a record but I figured this would be more fun.

Just a straight up rumble, no obvious matchups that I can see. Anybody can fight anybody and use whatever teamwork and strategies you think they might be able to come up with. They are on a costal town in Florida so there's some buildings and stuff for Doppelganger to climb on and the water is just a superleap away. Hopefully I got it all covered. So who win's and how?

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Posted 15 March 2012 - 04:02 PM

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Posted 15 March 2012 - 04:14 PM

Here's some video of Eyedol and then Lord Deimos just for a quicker review.



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