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Match 11005 Vlad The Impaler and Blackbeard vs. Robin (Dick Grayson)

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 03:57 PM

Tales of the Torn TARDIS

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It’s a blue police box, the kind that hasn’t been seen in England since the 1980’s, and it flies through time and space driven by the impeccable will of a madman and genius. The TARDIS and the Doctor, two lost souls venturing into unknown territories, forever seeking but never concluding their everlasting journey.

Who could have foreseen their ultimate destinies after their countless adventures? A destiny that could spell the end of everything….

It was the black of space, cold, unending and dotted with the burning stars which the Doctor liked to think of as a horizon. He liked comparisons like that; something that would remind him of Earth, the planet he would call home. So many faces from the past flashed in his mind, some dead, some long forgotten, some loved and all left behind. He was good at that; leaving things behind.

He brushed his hand along the smooth edge of a flashing screen and felt the familiar hum and rumble of the TARDIS. Familiar and soothing, like a mother cradling her child. He smiled at the thought.

Suddenly a whirling light flashed on a table and a loud siren started sounding. The Doctor flew over to the control deck, furiously flicking switches and turning dials and the result was a large screen which floated before him.

His mouth fell open as he saw the appearance before him. A man? Surely not, it was a nightmarish fusion of technology and flesh of imaginable proportions. It was larger than planets, larger than suns and amazingly bipedal in appearance, purple and blue and with a gaze that spoke of eternal wisdom.

From far in the deepest recesses of his memory came a name familiar in the ancient histories of Gallifrey; Galactus, devourer of worlds! A myth surely! A legend made to scare children!

And yet, here he was, the ancient terror, as clear as could be. And just as the Doctor watched the wielder of the power cosmic, so too did the God of Oblivion turn his gaze upon the mighty TARDIS and his eyes went wide with something like astonishment. He raised his hand…

Cosmic power reached out towards pure time energy and the two clashed in a raging tornado of elemental chaos. Galactus fed like he had never fed before, his power swelling and growing inside him; cosmic and temporal forces raged in his heart and expanded until he could no longer contain them.

Galactus imploded in on himself, a being older than the universe torn asunder by pure time and the TARDIS, itself feeding on the backlash of power cosmic distorted and tore apart trying to contain the reaction…

The TARDIS blew apart in a showering of energy; the six pieces that formed the outer shell flew in six different directions through time and space and in their wake time and space became distorted and rippled.

Beings aged backwards and children gave birth to their parents. Time streams split and ancient beings walked with future entities. Old nightmares were reborn and new wars began throughout the universe as creatures that should never have met were brought together in a savage wrenching of reality. Ancient Leviathans from burnt out stars collided with Imperial Cruisers and the darkness of space was awash with death.

Of the Doctor there was no sign.

It was the DESTRUCTION OF TIME and nothing would ever be the same again….


Following: Princess Leia Organa VS Padme Amidala

Robin jumped through the building window and as always before he faced an enemy, said a quick and silent prayer to his parents. Not even Bruce knew of this habit, this tradition that prepared him for the fight through preparing to meet his fate. Live or die, Robin was ready. He landed in a tucked roll and came to his feet immediately in the shadows, tensed for whatever was to come.

What he wasn’t prepared for was a pile of dead bodies.

The warehouse staff; part of a network of drug smugglers that Robin had expected to bust, were lying on top of each other, bloody holes in their bodies. Their faces were grimaces of shock and agony, curled in the last efforts of screaming their lives away.

“Good evening to you stranger” said a voice from the shadows.

“Who’s there” said Robin, dropping immediately into a crouch.

“An interesting question, as we are not actually sure where here is.” The figures emerged from the shadows. There were at least ten of them and Robin saw that they all held bloody weapons and were dressed in ancient clothes.

“The circus in town?” he said . The young man’s hand dropped to his side, preparing a smoke bomb.

“Oh very droll. Very amusing.” Said the man dressed as a pirate of old, a huge filthy beard ringing his face.

“No” said the other speaker, the taller and leaner of the two. “There is nothing droll about this situation. One moment I am enjoying dinner, the next I am this blue box and the next in this strange world. Kill him” This last was spoken to the silent men around him, warriors without a doubt and carrying an array of nasty looking weapons.

The bearded man laughed and turned to the remaining men, “one hundred pounds for the man who brings me this insolent boy’s head” and the remaining pirates rushed forward with the warriors.

He then turned to the taller man. “A wager Prince?”

The Prince raised an elegant eyebrow.

“As to who kills the boy?”

“Indeed. I am not one to let the men have all the fun.”

“By Wallachia, you have yourself a wager” said the Impaler, picking up a crossbow in one hand and an evil, curved sword in the other.

Blackbeard’s laugh filled the room over the sounds of Robin’s fighting and, hoisting a massive blunderbuss and a cutlass, he joined the fight!


Robin VS Vlad the Impaler + 4 Wallachian soldiers & Blackbeard + 4 pirates

Can Robin survive the night against this attack from history? You decide.

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 03:57 PM

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 03:01 PM

I think the two legendary swordsmen can slay the boy-wonder, well trained as he may be.

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