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#1 He who fights monsters

He who fights monsters

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 09:40 PM


From another place and another time, there lied the mysteries of magic and war. Prepare thyself for entrance into the world of Strifeblade. Demons, angels, men, and mortals all collide in an inevitable war, The world's fate, whether it will be damnation or salvation, will ultimately be decided in the hands of the war. History, law, and reality will be shaped and written by the hands of the victor. Let it be known that you now must adhere to the rule of might making right. The world is a whole battlefield now, and if you perish in Strifeblade, you will not be mourned.

The Humans and the Ardin have been warring since the dawn of time. Their adamant hate for each other cannot be pinpointed. All there is would be violence. Though the neighboring kingdoms of the Orcs and the Dwarves want nothing to do with the blood feud, the blood feud eventually forced them to battle.

Your warrior will be composed of this:


Race: Four choices: Humans, Ardin, Orcs, and Dwarves.

Humans are a solid choice, but do not excel in any field. This makes them versatile and able to use any weapon, but not particularly specialize.

While the Ardin are superb when it comes to magic and archery, they are more frail in close combat. The Ardin pride themselves in sorcery and their deadly sniping. The Ardin's weapons of choice include staffs and bows, and their infamous arbalest crossbows.

Orcs are rivals to the Dwarves when it comes to craftsmanship, but focus more on strength and speed combined. With their ability to go berserk, they are considered the best warriors in the land. These nomads prefer fighting from horseback, using sabers, axes, and their infamous ebony bows.

Dwarves are the most technical of the races, but their slower speed makes up with their heavy weaponry. Instead of the traditional arrows, they use firearms using gunpowder. Unfortunately, the gunpowder weaponry is much heavier, slowing them down. It does not help that the gunpowder, while stronger, is not as accurate. In melee, they are also slow and strong, using large maces and warhammers to pulverize the enemy.



* Warrior — One who uses might to defeat the enemy
* Mage — One who uses all types of magic.
* Rogue — One who sneaks and slays
* Berserker — One who rushes headlong into battle.
* Paladin — One who uses white magic and righteousness as his sword and shield and guides the allies.
* Jester — One who uses guile and magic against the foe

Weapons: Up to two, heavy weapons require 3 and above in strength. This should all be within reason

Armor: Heavy armor requires 3 and above in Health. Armors, from lightest to heaviest, include leather, scale armor, chainmail, and tempered steel plate armor. This too needs to be reasonable.


Up to 16 points may be spend, 1-5 for each category.

#2 He who fights monsters

He who fights monsters

    I am One with the Ferret.

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 07:51 PM

I plan for the RP to kick off around two weeks, but I'll release it sooner if demands are high. Also, here is an example of a character that I shall use.

Name: Sarlen Ruuliin

Race: Ardin

Gender: Female

Bio: Sarlen Ruuliin was born to the most prominent Ardin nobles. For that reason, she was trained to become a champion of the Ardin. Though she lacked skill in magic despite her skill with the bow, they found out because her blood could counter mages. Hence, she became one of the few known Ardin warriors, skilled in swords, axes, and bows. The Ardin concluded that for every rule, there was always an exception, as she rose to the ranks of general. Because she believes being personal isn't professional, nobody outside her inner circle knows what happens behind closed doors for her.

For the meantime, she leads the fight for the Ardin.


Weapons: Ardin bow and two handed sword.

Armor: Ardin plate armor specifically made for her.

Strength— 4
Skill— 3
Health— 4
Magic— 2
Charisma— 3

#3 He who fights monsters

He who fights monsters

    I am One with the Ferret.

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 11:57 AM


#4 Mercenaryblade


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Posted 27 March 2012 - 05:45 PM

Name: Solak

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Bio: Solak is one of the dwarven holy order responsible for using white magic against the forces of darkness, he's spent most of his time among dwarves n tunnels but now he finds himself finally getting out into the world to use his abilities.

Class: Paladin

Weapons: A flail and a mace

Armor: Scale mail

Stats: Later

#5 Djgambrell



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Posted 27 March 2012 - 08:30 PM

Name: Braag

Race: Orc

Gender: Male

Bio: Gotta think.

Class: Berserker

Weapons: Battle Axe

Armor: Plate armor

Stats: Later

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