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Match 10999 Link vs. Gabriel Van Helsing

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Buzz Line

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 04:01 PM

Day and night, the shells of the vampire victims stalk through the Lanayru Province. The shells do not have enough blood for bodily functions yet they move. There are no exit wounds to explain why so much blood is lost from them, yet it is clear from those who've operated on them and those who've fell them in battle that much of their life fluid is missing. It is hard to tell those who've become shells from those who have not on sight alone but those familiar with the victim know too well. All sense of their former selves are gone, they move only to fulfill the will of their new master.

As for vampires, few have seen one. The only proof of the blood sucker's existence is its handiwork and the words of Lanaryu's guardian spirit. Some have insisted the vampire must come from the water, given the province's large number of wet lands, lake Hylia and Zora river but the Zora's themselves have found nothing to prove it. The Zora were initially blamed for the attacks before the light spirit insisted on their innocence, now they are simply blamed for not doing enough to help. The vampires have no taste for fish blood it seems, so their detractors say the fish people can't be bothered to do anything.

There were many hypotheses, opinions and accusations but none of them got anything done while each night, the number of shells increased. The light spirit cannot act, he still recovers from the last threat he tried to fight off. It is not known how much longer it will take for him to recover. Simply waking him for inquiry may have set his recovery back and his only solution was to "Counter vampires aligned with Ulyaoth.” it is no help since no one knows what it means. Queen Zelda has sent soldiers in to capture a vampire but it has only left Lanaryu filled with well armed shells and Hyrule with a smaller, demoralized army. Hunters have been hired, mercenaries sent in, bounties put up but all to no avail.

It seems the best hope for the vampire problem is coming free of charge. Growing tired of the accusations, Zora King Ralis sent for a young ranger in Ordana who he claims has successfully fell a vampire. He can provide no real proof but since this Link's arrival the number of shells has significantly decreased so the residents have been thankful. Victims are still turning up in the province though and residents are starting to pack up, help has come too late to save their sense of security. Ralis finds it a little insulting that he should get unfounded blame and so little gratitude or faith but Link would not have it any other way. His battles with the twilight realm and Ganondorf had got little attention or support from much of the populace and the ranger was beginning to think he worked better that way.

He had some doubts though. Shells or not, shooting what where mostly civilians was still a new experience for him and he did not like it. Zant had forced much of the same but his victims were so twisted it was impossible to see the person they once were. They did not have human faces or cry out in pain the way a person would. The vampires themselves were cowardly and their forms were not immediately visible. Worse still, they only came out at night; he had only taken down one vampire on his first night on the job but he had encountered shell of their victims at every conceivable hour. Now that he had killed one the blood suckers avoided him like they avoided the sun. The king was distressed that the creature faded away, its body could not be put on display but nonetheless he has been supportive and Link has continued on with no audible complaints.
All the vampires were supposed to die when he killed Count Dracula but to Van Helsing's surprise, all vampires did not come from Dracula, his days of hunting them were far from over. Ulyaoth's fate had been foretold by a prophet, it was the same fate as that of his two brethren, mutual destruction. Yet the cardinal would not allow Van Helsing to simply let fate take its course and work on a more desirable case. At least Ulyaoth's creations were not of human origin, they were grotesque things that ran on their knuckles like apes and only stood up like a man while feeding but he had only caught one in the act of feeding. In the rest of his time in this region Van Helsing had only encountered their victims. He had only executed men who were driven to evil against their will. As usual, his complaints to the cardinal were dismissed with insistence to stay on the hunt, it would only strengthen his faith the cardinal said.

Though the two hunters are not enjoying their job, they are doing it as well as can be expected. The vampires are finding it harder and harder to avoid them and both are carrying the perfect vampire killing weapons, the automatic crossbow. The weapons shoot bolts of wood that are the blood sucker’s weakness nearly as fast as most bullets. Against the threat only five vampires remain, the only question that remains is which hunter will be more successful when the hunt is over.

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 04:01 PM

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 06:00 PM

I suppose Link would win this.

I'll explain at a later date.

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