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Match 10998 White Tigerzord vs. Dragonzord

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:50 PM

NOTE: This takes place a few days after the Thunder Megazord battle with the Technodrome.

"Glad to have you guys back!" Jason, the original Red Ranger, enthusiatically welcomed his friends and comrads.

Shaking has hand and then pulling him in for a hug, Tommy, the red Zeo Ranger, smiled and replied, "It's good to be back! And it's great having so many Rangers assembled!"

"I just wish it were under better circumstances." Jason said grimly.

The statement sobered Tommy's mood. "I still can't believe Aisha betrayed us."

"Believe it!" Trini, the original Yellow Ranger, came and stood next to them. "She took the flute the controls the Dragonzord."

"I think she took it to use the Dragonzord against Hordak." Billy, the original Blue Ranger, threw in this two cents. "The way he beat us in our first encounter, her bear ninja zord isn't going to be enough."

"Whatever her reason," Trini snapped. "She had no right to come here while we were driving off the Technodrome and steal from us. We have to bring her in."

"That's eadgier than I've known you to be, Trini," said TJ the red Turbo Ranger.

Trini rolled her eyes and walked away. Tanya, the yellow Zeo Ranger explained. "She's taking it pretty hard. Aisha replaced Trini as the Yellow Ranger. I feel a little bad, too because Aisha asked me to replace her."

"So what are we going to do?" asked Billy. "Zordon is in some sort of cosmic conference. He brought three teams of Power Rangers in to deal with our current crisis."

"The Foot aren't through with us." Jason declared. "We may have driven off their Technodrome but I'm guessing their planning another attack."

"And Hordak is still out there." Tommy added. "We can't let Aisha face him alone."

Before anyone else could say anything, the alarm sounded. The army of Power Rangers assembled and Carlos, the green Turbo Ranger reported.

"Multiple situations. But I think this one is the most interesting." He brought it up and everyone gasped.

"The Dragonzord!" several rangers exclaimed.

"Okay!" Tommy took command. "Here's what we'll do! The Dragonzord is obviously a distraction. I'll take the the Tigerzord and bring it down! The rest of you break up and deal with the rest of these situations!"

"You're going up against the Dragonzord alone?" Billy wondered. "Is the White Tigerzord powerful enough!"

"I don't know." Tommy grimmaced. "But the Dragonzord was my Zord as the Green Ranger. I know it best. We can't waist resorces on that when there's more dangerous situations going on around the world. Let's do what we swore to do as Power Rangers! It's morphin' time!"

So Tommy, piloting the White Tigerzord, takes on the Dragonzord, unleashed by the rogue yellow ranger Aisha. Tommy will do what he has to to stop the Dragonzord (if the White Tigerzord has the power).

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:50 PM

Learn More About
White Tigerzord
Official Site: Saban Links: Wikipedia Powerrangers Wikia Rangers Central

Read more about Dragonzord at Wikipedia
Official Site: Saban Links: Wikipedia RangerCentral Wikia

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 12:53 AM

Good set-up, leroy, though you might want to correct that misspelling of "waste".

As for the match, yeah, the Dragonzord knocked the White Tigerzord around for a bit in their one confrontation, but the White Tigerzord, a Thunderzord, is supposed to be a step up in power from the Dragonzord, an original Zord. That, and Tommy, the White Ranger, was weakened at the time.

In a straight-up fight where the White Ranger isn't weak, the Tigerzord should just about wreck the Dragonzord.

#4 Venom 2009

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 02:28 AM

I give the set-up a Good!

As a Thunder Zord, the White Tigerzord is more powerful than a Dino Zord. So the White Tigerzord is going to win this.

I know that this fight happened before in an episode, and the Dragonzord won the fight. But that’s because the Dragonzord’s power was increased by some bad guy.

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