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Match 10985 Russia (Ivan Braginski) and China (Wang Yao) vs. Team Avatar and The Fire Nation vs. Roy Mustang and Olivier Mira Armstrong

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 11:31 PM

(Read First)

"Alright dudes, we got new information!" America yelled. The Allies turned to him, waiting for the news. "Okay, we got word that Germany went dark. Of course, we can only expect that he and his pal Italy are going to attack at any point in time with one of Japan's new super swords! I know we don't have much guys, but I suggest we run in, beat them up, and take everything back in one fell swoop!" yelled the wannabe hero. "America, we all know the two went dark. But we can't just sit here and expect anything big as of yet America." Britian replied, annoyed by the fellow nation's tone. "I agree with America." Russia replied, the psycho's dark aura shined. "I still owe Germany back for backstabbing me after that incident with Finland." he stated with a dark smirk. "See dude? Russia got my back!" laughed America. China sat in thought. "Well we can't just run in. We need spies first. Luckily, I taught Japan everything he knows." he stated.

"Ha ha ha! Dude, you didn't teach Japan how to be a ninja ya' know!" America retorted. "Thats not what I meant you fool!" China barked. France chuckled, holding a rose. "Well obviously if we wait than that leaves them time for a surprise attack." he mentioned. Britain sighed. "France, we all know that. But stealth would be our best bet. Germany's a sly one. But if we can get Italy, then he'd have no choice but to come out of hiding." The others thought on the idea, obviously, stealth was best, but who?


"Whats the meaning of this Mustang?" Olivier growled, seeing the new Fuere standing before her. "It's quite simple Armstrong. We gathered intel that new enemies have begun to show up. When we sent a scout, he never showed up. These men were fierce. Said to summon elements without an alchemic array. Of course, they were coming from the East. Obviously, that's where Xing is located." he stated. "I still fail to see what that has to do with Briggs." growled the woman. "Simple, we may need your assistence. The State Military isn't in it's best shape since it hasn't been long since that war against Father." Roy reminded.

"And I care why?" Olivier asked retorically. Roy smirked, "Well, you'd hate it if they got your brother on their side by our loss and he fights you. With as many forces... Briggs would fall." Roy stated. Olivier laughed, amused by his statement. "You honestly think the Briggs would fall to a simple alchemic force? You're a bigger fool than I thought Mustang!" she mocked. Roy chuckled. "I would have to disagree. We also learned of bigger forces that arrived ever since the battle. These forces seem to rival ours in technology but would seem to have larger forces and resources. One even put the Northern Army to shame. Now wouldn't that seem worthy of your time?" he asked. Olivier rose an eyebrow, intrested in what he stated. "Go on."

Zuko stood before the captured scout. "Okay, so you come from some world that use "alchemy"? What is that?" he asked. The scout coughed, drinking water while trying to speak between breaths. Outside, Aang sat on a bench, worried. "Aang, it's okay. According to Zuko, we may not have to go to war." Katara stated, trying to calm him. "I know Katara, but we saw that man's weapon. Its not something we can take single handedly." he said in worry. "Don't fret. The speed isn't as much as a lightning bolt sent from a Fire Nation member like Azula or Iroh." the older girl reminded.

Aang nodded, still worried. After a few minutes, Zuko stepped out. "Send a message to Ba Sing Se. We're going to war." Zuko said to a messanger. Aang and Katara's eyes widened in shock at the message.

China groaned, walking next to Russia. "I swear. Why do they have to send me with you?" he asked. "Because we have great firepower China." Russia replied, his usual grin worrying the older naton. "4000 years old and I still can't believe it... All these power struggles just don't make sense." he groaned. Eventually, the two noticed a series of armymen in blue military clothing stand in their way. "On order of the State Military, you two are under arrest!" one of them yelled. Russia smiled and walked over. "Ah, but what for? We didn't do anything." he said.

"Thats not our concern. Our scouts started to go missing. And you and your friend from Xing are under suspicion. Anyone from Xing and Drachma aren't permitted until everything is figured out." the military man stated. "Xing and Drachma? We never heard anything of the sort!" China retored, trying to get the situation under control. Russia kept smiling, seemingly amused. As China tried to sort out the situation, the nation and state military saw something in the air. "What? A plane?" China asked curiously. Upon closer look, they noticed it to be a boy... On a glider...

"What is going on here!?" one of the military men gasped. China's eyes widened in shock. "Thats... Thats impossible..." gasped China. As the boy flew off, the men of the state military saw another man run towards them. "We have news from the front! The land of East is not of Xing! But they declared war!" Russia chuckled. "And to think we came to find Germany. Kolkolkol~..." Russia chuckled.

It was eeriely silent, Russia and China were in talks on what to do. "We can't tell the others about this. Instead, I think we should take it for ourselves." Russia chuckled. "Ai ya! What are you talking about Russia!? We don't know what these guys can do!" China yelled. "Thats the fun of it. I can get the old team back together." Russia smiled. "Russia, we still have to find Germany and Italy. We can't afford to sacrifice our men for fun." China growled.

Russia kept quiet. "Well, we're winning anyway. Plus, the more we have on our side the better, right?" Russia asked. China stood quiet, not wanting to agree with the manchild.

Central was on high alert. Roy managed to get back up from Briggs, but the situation wasn't good. Those two men... Russia and China, were obviously more than they let on. "Sir!" Hawkeye exclaimed, running from the hall. "We got word, the 'Fire Nation' as they're called attacked us on a blind spot. They're attacking from underground tunnels and already attacked first, they're also sending in aerial bombardments!" she yelled. Roy cursed, getting up. "Get every soldier ready Hawkeye, thats an order! We can't afford to lose this war!" he yelled.

Withen minutes, every soldier in Central began to confront the enemy: Fire Nation soldiers backed up by members of the Earth Kingdom. As the chaos begun, Russia watched from his binoculers with several Russian troops. "The fighting has started. Hmhm. Are you ready China?" he asked. China glanced towards Russia and nodded. "This is unfamiliar territory. But since France and Britain agree on fighting Germany, I guess we can hurry." China stated, backed by his soldiers, the two looked down. "This can't end in one day obviously. But we have the element of surprise. Sun Tzu wrote it all for us. If we strike quick and fast..." he sighed.

Before the two could ready, they noticed a large wall of stone flying their way. "Of course you didn't think we prepared for that did you!?" a manly voice echoed. The troops ran back, avoiding the large wall. Before them was a battalion of State Military men with tanks and with them was a bald man with a blonde mustache. "Why can't anything be simple!?" China yelled to the sky. Russia smiled, "They have tanks too. This'll be fun."

The battle has begun, the three way war between the Ruso-Sino Alliance, State Military with Briggs, and the Fire Nation and its allies (Ba Sing Se, Avatar Aang and pals, overall at the end of the series), has begun.


* The war last until one group is victorious.

* Each team is 100 million total strong.

* Russia and China only have WW II tech (guns, tanks, soldiers). The Fire Nation learned on the State Military while the S.M secretly learned on Russia and China. To even it out in the end, the Fire Nation managed to upgrade their air ships and "tanks" to rival modern day tanks.

* Note, I attempted to not make it political. I apologize if it seemed as such.

* The war can last longer than a day for obvious reasons (recollect troops, fatigue, tatical retreats etc.)

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 11:31 PM

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