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Match 10981 Riley Freeman vs. Fat Albert

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#1 Buzz Line

Buzz Line

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 10 March 2012 - 06:06 PM

"...and I'd once again like to thank you all for attending this year's Junior Olympics. I know the track and field events most of you came to see are winding down but I encourage you all to stay, if not for the other athletic events than for our Symphony Orchestra, for our theaters, for the Ravens, or just to sight see. Know that you're always welcome here." mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced over the loud speakers.

"Well, they say the country that hosts the Olympics will always receive a spike medal wins but it apparently doesn't hold true for the city that hosts them, at least not for Baltimore in these junior summer games." said the Ghanese athlete Kofi Kingston, who sat in the commentator's booth. "Nope, the two little Jimmies with the most medal wins are from Chicago and Philadelphia and they about to face off again!" his partner, R-Truth, added. "In what many called an upset, the runner affectionately dubbed 'Fat Albert' took gold in the 100 meter dash. That would technically make him the fastest athlete here." Kofi mused.

"But lil Riley finished first in the four hundred meter run, now we at the 200 meter, the last individual sprint of the night. Now we'll see who really is the fastest between the two." Truth said. "It will be interesting to see. There are a lot of good athletes here, after running so many races and preliminaries these two might be at their leg’s end, someone else might win but I still am interested to see which of the two comes ahead of the other. Earlier we had sent Kevin Holmes track side, for some comments from the runners. Care to give those who tuned in late a recap?" Kofi asked.

"Sure thing, Riley proclaimed that he is in training to be the first man to get away on COPS and that this track thing is just to expand his name recognition for his future crack deals. Albert meanwhile is really here to coach relay runner Doris Robertson and did not expect to be a finalist himself, much less a medal winner. He is dedicating this race to all the kids in Philly, encouraging them to follow their dreams because they just might come true."

"Could their outlooks be further apart? It seems the only thing they have in common is not taking the competition to seriously." Kofi chuckled. "Jimmies don't know what they talking about. You know they're gonna look back at this tape years down the line and cringe...and there's the gun, they're off!" Truth yelled!

#2 Callisto



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Posted 10 March 2012 - 06:06 PM

Learn More About
Riley Freeman
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Fat Albert
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#3 treacherous


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Posted 10 March 2012 - 11:13 PM

Fat Albert's got them mad fighting skills yo!

#4 Shadow Flesh

Shadow Flesh

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 06:37 PM

I loved it just for the commentators! WWE stars at a junior olympics meet with fat Albert and Riley running, hilarious!

I say "Philly Fat Man" wins this one. Just look at those awesome Mugen moves treach posted lol

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