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Match 10978 Pit vs. Jubileus, the Creator

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Posted 10 March 2012 - 10:39 AM

As he climbed toward the sun, Pit realized he had forgotten how good it felt to fly freely. The Wings Of Pegasus did have their limits, they wouldn't be taking him too far from home anytime soon, but he felt relieved just to be able to be able to pass as close to the sun as he had. He had confirmed there was nowhere in Skyworld the treasure couldn't take him and his test run doubled as his patrol run, there did not seem to be any trouble on this level either, so the Icarus guard turned his head down from the dwarf star and descended to the Overworld. If nothing else, that level's mesosphere would be a good place to see how the wings held up against the cold.

*You've been out for a while now. Have you ran into any trouble, found anymore kinks that need straightening?* Pit heard the voice of lady Palutena carry through his head as he continued to decline through the Overworld's atmosphere, from plain to hot to cold to hot again, it always awed him. "No, you did well this time, the wings of Pegaus are functioning at full efficiency everywhere they need to be. Also, Skyworld looks good today, I'm going to finish checking the Overworld, maybe stop at the Underworld fortress and then rest easy if they look good too." Pit reported. *The nicest update I've gotten all day, I've gotten mostly bad news and I need you back at my palace ASAP.*

"Okay, let me do this one thing." Pit replied after he passed through a thick layer of clouds to see a disturbing sight on the ground. *Uh, who are those people? Are they human?* Palutena inquired. "Long story." Pit grunted as he closed his wings together and dove faster.

It was only noon but it had been a long day, from five AM to now Mark's company had been on the move at elevations they were unaccustomed to. No one complained, they were all determined to deliver their angel feather before their rivals but the sight of the finish line at the bottom of the mountain was relieving enough that the youngest recruits practically bounded off the slope with little regard to safety or protocol. For five days did the golden armored fighters trekked to get one black feather, they had gone 150 miles if one simply drew a straight line through their path and their road was anything but straight. Some had been wounded, other dehydrated, Mark himself hadn't eaten anything he could stomach in days but the gold team's triumph made the trip worth it all.

The sky itself seemed to celebrate their success. The overcast seemed to part just above them as if to shine a spotlight on his team but Mark realized this was not the light of the sun but the tracer of a scout highlighting their position. Then there were clanks of metal on metal and his teammates started to fall to unseen forces. It had taken him a while to find a setting his visor could detect the enemy on and in the confusion everyone did not hear Mark over the enemy's screeches, instead relying on the sound. Strange men they were, with wide spanning wings of gold, taloned feet of birds, faces like bulls and skin of marble. They tore into the fighter's ranks with stylized spears and scattered them with heavy flails.

The more experienced fighters rallied but their weapon were of little effect and only inspired more of the enemies to fall from the sky sounding trumpets and sousaphones which unleashed explosive projectiles as they sounded. Where the missiles landed the ground was torn apart around and plumes of lava erupted. And from the eruptions arrived yet more enemies, shaped just like the men of marble but glowing with bodies of flame. Shocked by the sights before him, Mark found his hammer broken and all his comrades downed if not dying. Backing away he stumbled, briefly forgetting the mountain he had come off earlier. Above he could see yet another figure flying down from above, but this one flew on familiar wings and held a sword which had laid down suppressive fire for the gold team numerous times in the past. "Pit?" he called skyward.

His shots did not seem to have much effect either, yet the enemy seemed to halt at his sight anyway. "Dimitto!" Pit cried out and continued to yell in words the gold team was unfamiliar with as he came between them and their assailants. "(You must have forgotten, you are not welcome here. Go back home and remind your friends.)" Pit continued. "(You think you can command us with a mere plasma blade, we who stand against Inferno? Run back to your lady)." One of the fiery figures retorted before flying at Pit, who ascended above him with a quick flap from the Wings Of Pegasus. "(Those were warning shots.)" Pit said as the clouds above darkened before dropping a lightning bolt down on him, which he directed at the belligerent party with his sword.

Five more bolts fell in rapid succession and Pit shot them all through his opponents, who backed down and disappeared into either during the resulting thunder. He then turned to Mark saying "Take this in case they return." and handed him the plasma sword. "Who were they?" the armored fighter asked as he took the weapon. "Angels of Paradiso, their from another planet. I'll have to do a thorough sweep of the Overworld." Pit answered. "The guys proceeding what’s written in Revelation?" Mark asked. "No, but they think they are." Pit answered before he produced a bow out of light and took flight. *Yeah, there are a lot more of them actually, that was part of the bad news.* Palutena informed him. "So where should I start?" Pit asked. *There isn't time, hurry back, we need to plan our next steps quickly and carefully.* "What, there are higher ranking invaders than those Affinities here?" he asked.

*I have learned the inhabitants of Alfheim were all but exterminated and the land itself was broken up and divided across Paradiso...*this time the voice in his head came in a whimper. *...and that was before they brought Jubileus back.* "This is that bad news?" *Yes, the reason I had you testing out our sacred treasures was because the Angels of Paradiso were annexing other worlds of light. They may not be enough now that Jubileus is back though.* "Come on, I've beaten the goddess of darkness Medusa and Orcos, king of the evil land, how bad could Jubilee be?" *She's not as bright as they were, her angels are attacking the Overworld now because they think they are in Skyworld but she's also unlike anything we ever fought. The enemy will realize they aren't where they want to be, the Overworld will survive but we won't unless we carefully plan our defense. Please comeback Pit!*

"Fine, fine." Pit muttered but as he turned and moved to ascend back to Skyworld and then crashed into a wall of red energy that suddenly formed above him. "Subsisto!" a voice boomed above the thundering clouds Pit had started as he stopped his fall and from the darkness emerged a figure of shining white marble, radiant armor and six golden ribbons that spread out from her head. Each of the latter ended with a face the size of Pit, he was considerably dwarfed. *Oh, she's here already. Guess I should start planning an evacuation instead.* Palutena sighed. "Come on, I've beat things about this size before." Pit whispered.

"(So finally you show yourself. You are one of this world's angels yes? I heard you talking to another, where do the rest of your kin hide?)" Jubileus demanded to know with another booming voice. "(Um, I'm the only one! The one who will defeat you!)" Pit grasped for words, trying to sound convincing. *Just stay alive, I'll charge up the sacred goddess clobber laser.* Palutena suggested. "Wait, let's make sure we need it first." Pit blurted out. "(Beat me with a bow? You do not know much about me I take it?)" Jubileus asked.
("I know you don't belong here!") Pit answered, thrusting his bow forward. ("Fool, all the worlds of light will become part of Paradiso. They are needed for my new creation!") Jubileus explained.
Pit's equipment:The arrow of light, the wings of Pegaus, the mirror shield.
Jubileus has all the powers of the left eye she had when she had at the end of the game.

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Posted 10 March 2012 - 10:39 AM

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