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Match 10971 Renamon vs. The Kurgan

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 01:41 AM

Renamon, the female anthromorphic yellow-furred fox leapt through the rooftops of the various buildings of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Her tamer Rika Nonaka had sent her to find any rogue Digimon to absorb for data to increase her strength. Nothing so far. The duo had been searching for hours but no trace of any Digimon or even anything remotely resembling such a creature. Since their initial encounter with each other, Rika had deemed Renamon to be the strongest Digimon to be on her side.

Left and right, Renamon had killed a few Digimon to absorb their data. So far, so good.

An hour later, nine o-clock, they tried one last location for the night; Shinjuku Park.

While Rika explored around the playground, Renamon stalked around the trees. She didn't sense anything, nothing. However, her ears picked up a sound. The sound of metal clashing. But there was another, as she concentrated on the metal sound; she was startled by something that touched her leg. An insect-like Digimon creature with blood pouring from its mouth, the creature clutched its chest in pain as it bled.

"Help..." It croaked the only word it could say.

She could only stare at it in confusion as somehow, not only did it elude her senses but also the fact it's dying.

She investigated as moved swiftly and quietly to discover the source of the noise. The anthromorphic fox moved closer and hid around the bushes to discover a peculiar sight; two male humans fighting with swords.

A tall and muscular Caucasian human with slick black hair dressed in black leather fought against an Asian man with a short stature in comparison to the other man. The black leather man wielded a broadsword, the other a katana. The two men fought furiously but it was clear that the tall male was winning the battle. Finally, the man with the katana dropped his sword after the tall male slashed across his chest.

He dropped to his knees with the edge of the broadsword prevented him from landing his face on the ground. The Asian man gave him a glare, a glare that basically said that he will regret his actions someday. The tall male grinned, he didn't care. He was in it to achieve his goal.

"There can be only one." He said.

With that, and a roar, he furiously lopped off the Asian man's head. The body slumped to the ground. Renamon's eyes widened, she had witnessed a murder committed by another human. But her confusion arose even further. The decapitated body lifted in mid-air, a glow emitted and what looked like lightning began piercing through the tall male's body. The man held the weapon tightly around his hands with the blade inching closer to his face.

It looked like he was absorbing energy. The lampposts and streetlights exploded as it continued. Rika heard the noise from a mile away and ran into Renamon's direction to investigate

Finally, after ten more seconds, it ceased. The male breathed heavily as he took in the hefty amount of energy. Rika arrived on the scene only to witness the tall male as he turned around to see the child standing in the woods.

His eyes widened, someone witnessed his murder. Or so he assumed. His lips formed into a toothy grin, almost a smile. He roared as he charged toward her with the child stood in fear but was stopped by a yellow blur who kicked him a few feet away.

He stood up after such a blow to discover the anthromorphic fox. His eyes widened in confusion upon seeing this creature. Dozens of questions regarding the creature raced around his mind but if that was the real witness, he had to kill it. Then again, he considered the creature to be a challenge. It had to go down, hard.

"Interesting challenge." He said with a smile. "You'd make a great trophy head."

Renamon only starred at him intently. He may not be a Digimon, but if it was a fight he wanted; he'll get it.

Both combatants charged and the fight began.


Yup, another random fight. This time it's Renamon and The Kurgan. I don't really have much to say but hope the setup is well done.

Anyway, prep time. The Kurgan his immortality, the broadsword and his skills.

Renamon, this fight takes before the Digivolutions and all that. She has her diamond storm attack and the Power Paw attack along with her reflexes and such.

Simple as that, that's everything and hope you enjoy.

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 01:41 AM

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 10:22 PM

Rika plugs in an ice card or something, Renamon freezes him solid. Rika yells at her for kill icing him over when all she wanted was his legs numb. The two run away, afraid they'll be apprehended for murder, not realizing such a thing can't kill Kurgan.

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