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Match 10964 Shino Aburame vs. Ginta Toramizu

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 08:16 PM

Death Battle Electric Ferret Addition

Whiz: Anime is the Japanese Equivalent to American Animation.

Boomstick: Only compared to some American Cartoons, Anime is a bit more brutal. He's Whiz and I'm Boomstick!

Whiz: And it's our job to check the weapons, armor and skill to who would win a Death Battle! Shino Aburame is a Konoha Ninja and member of the Aburame Clan.

Boomstick: Is that guy made out of bugs?

Whiz: In a way yes and no Boomstick, Shino's body has Parasitic Insects that live off of his Chakra or energy, that being said Shino can use the same insects against his opponent to steal their Chakra from them as well. As a ninja Shino has incredible speed, in addition he also has Substition Jutsu a special move that allows a ninja to take a dangerous blow but have a peice of wood or something to block it.

Boomstick: That would come in handy in a fight to the death.

Whiz: That's not all of Shino's abilities, he has incredible ninja techniques using the same insects, including the famous Insect Wall Jutsu which allows him to use his insects to form a wall. In addition he can use Parastic Insect Swarm, even using them as a Storm and Typhoon. Which are very dangerous as the insects don't only steel an opponent's chakra but injure them as well. He has a very laid back attiude in battle and uses the insects to defeat his opponent.

Boomstick: Wow! Talk about a badass contestant!

Whiz: Even though he uses insects to overwhelm his opponent, Shino isn't afraid to use any of his TaiJutsu skills. He has defeated two other ninja one from the Sound Village using his insects to plug up the guy's sound holes. He even holds his own against the Puppet Master Konkaro of the Sand Village.

Boomstick: Taijutsu...That's fist-to-fist right?

Whiz: That's right Boomstick. He hasn't shown to have any sort of weakness and has shown himself to be a great thinker on the battle field.

Boomstick: He is a ninja so he's bound to use shadows to sneak upon his enemies.

Whiz: Ginta Torimizu is a middle school aged blond kid whom dreamed about going to the Magical World of MÄR Heaven.

Boomstick: What? This Middle Schooler is a Dreamer and what is that white cup in ball looking thing?

Whiz: Believe it or not Boomstick, this Dream World of MÄR did exsist for Ginta, and he stepped into the Gate Keeper Clown to get into the world he dreamed of. That white cup ball toy is actually his weapon, a talking Weapon ÄRM known as Baboo.

Boomstick: A Weapon arm?

Whiz: A Living Weapon ÄRM Boomstick, think of it as a Weapon.

Boomstick: THat's one strange weapon.

Whiz: Yes, Baboo is one strange Weapon one that I myself would get confused on myself, however this weapon ÄRM has the ability to change into what ever thing Ginta can imagine. Baboo has six versions total, the first transformation of this Arm makes him a Hammer or a Dagger, Version 2 allows him to turn Baboo into a Bubble Gun.

Boomstick: WHAT A Bubble Gun? What does this kid dream up of?

Whiz: Be warned though Boomstick, Ginta's Bubble Gun is actually a Bubble Gun that when it shoots can blind an opponent and these bubbles are explosive and deadly

Boomstick: BOMBS AWAY, I take back what I said about this Ginta person. If he can make bubbles into bombs then that's one heck of a gun.

Whiz: He has four other versions of Baboo, including Version 3, a Guardian ÄRM known as Gargoyle.

Boomstick: THAT CUP BALL WEAPON CAN TURN INTO A Gargoyle! Boy this kid has a crazy imagination.

Whiz: Gargoyle is Ginta's most powerful version of Baboo but it really drains him of his magical energies so he doesn't use Gargoyle that often unless it's for a finishing blow.

Boomstick: That's one heck of a weapon he can wield. Holy cow what is that very sexy looking lady?

Whiz: That would be Baboo version number four Alice another Guardian ÄRM with the power of a healing Holy ÄRM to undo curses and heal him. In addition, Ginta's fifth version of Baboo is a wield jelly substance known as Cusion Jelly.

Boomstick: Is that supposed to be a shield? Man, it looks like it could easily break.

Whiz: It is a shield in a way, and it is capable of blocking most damaging attacks. Now the sixth one is another Guardian ÄRM known as Puss in Boots!

Boomstick: Oh yeah, I loved that cat from Shrek!

Whiz: But Ginta also has two more versions of Baboo but I believe six will do for this Death Battle.

Boomstick: Wow that cup in ball is strong.

Whiz: And it is heavy appearently Ginta is the only human to wield it. Anyway while he is at MÄR, Ginta has Super Strength and even super speed. He also has the ability of sixth sense being able to sense where an opponent is and even see attacks coming. He also has strong magical powers which he highly depends on to help transform Baboo. His two weaknesses is that he tends to underestimate opponents and highly depends on Magic if he uses too much of it, it could be a bad thing.

Boomstick: Well, this is going to be a great Death Battle! A Ninja vs. a powerful kid with one powerful weapon! It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Which contestant wins?

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 08:16 PM

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