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Match 10953 The Order Of The Stick vs. Lina Inverse vs. Annabeth Chase

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Posted 06 March 2012 - 12:44 AM

MOANING MYRTLE: Hello, all you weird little nerds watching at home! I'm moaning Myrtle from the "Harry Potter" series

KATNISS EVERDEEN: And I'm Katniss Everdeen from the "Hunger Games" series (soon to be a major motion picture).

MOANING MYRTLE: And welcome to the THird Annual Tri-Team Fantasy Challenge! Where three teams from fantasy works compete for the prize of being declared the Ultimate Fantasy Team!

KATNISS EVERDEEN: In addition, the winning team will win a visit by the dragon Sheng Long (from "Dragon Ball Z"), who will grant one of the members of the winning team his/hers fondest wish!

MOANING MYRTLE: And Now, let's meet our teams!

KATNISS EVERDEEN: This year, we have The Order of the Stick, the Slayers and the Half-Blood.

The members of Team 1 are Roy Greenhilt, Belkar Bitterleaf, Durkon Thundershield, Elan, Haley Starshine and Vaarsuvius.

The members of Team 2 are Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, Zelgradis Greywords, Amelia Seyruun, Naga the Serpent and Sylphiel Nels Lada.

The members of Team 3 are Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Clarisse LaRue, Silena Beauregard and Rachel Elizabeth Dare

MOANING MYRTLE: This year, the three teams have to complete the following tasks...

-each of the teams will be given an exact replica of the One Ring. Each team has to go to Mordor, get to Mount Doom, toss the Ring into the fiery depths of Mount Doom, and then get out of Mordor

-enter King Galbatorix's lair, find his dragon and kill it

-enter the Horned King's lair, grab the Black Cauldron and return it to Einlowy's kingdom

-free Ank-Morpork from Lord Havelock Vetinari's rule

-enter Britannia (the world of the "Ultima" games) and defeat the Guardian once and for all

-enter the world of "The Sword of Truth", defeat the Keeper of the Underworld and his minions and get rid of the Boxes of Orden

-enter the world of "The Wheel of Time", defeat the servants of the Dark One and stop them from freeing the Dark One from his prison

-enter Skyrim and defeat Alduin the Dragon God

-enter Izmer, recover the Rod, send the dragons back when they came from and defeat Profion

-Jareth the Goblin King has kidnapped Miko Miyazaki, Sally Jackson and Xellos. The team that solves the Lanyrinth and rescues the respective team's loved one wins

KATNISS EVERDEEN: You got all of that? Good, cause we ain'r repeating it again!

MOANING MYRTLE: And now, let's see what the funny lunatics at CBUB have to say about this match...

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Posted 06 March 2012 - 12:44 AM

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 07:34 PM

Lina doesn't do mazes very well. She'll blast her way through.

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