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Match 10947 Robocop and Predator Herd vs. Terminators and The Xenomorphs

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#1 Cheif Captain Tupou

Cheif Captain Tupou


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Posted 05 March 2012 - 02:11 PM


For years Lex Luthor has acquired Terminator technology and has covertly sent what he has to a secret base in Detroit, over time Lex Luthor has made the technology his own and now he has something else ..

LexCorp scientists:What the Hell is that thing?

Lex Luthor:It is beautiful!

Dr.Kimble:Yes it is!, but it is extremely deadly as it has costs LexCorp several men to capture just this one .. but the good news is that this creature will breed a new source of Bio-weapons for LexCorp

Lex Luthor:With advance Terminator technology and a new era of Bio-weapons, LexCorp will be unstopable even for Superman

LexCorp scientists:Just a thought Mr.Luthor, ever considered combing the 2?

With those words Lex Luthor & his scientists begin working on a LexCorp Terminator/Xenomorph hybrid, high above the LexCorp facility a lone invisible figure sees all that is transpiring and immediately sends a signal


Robocop is on a routine patrol, he answers a call for help and is met by something (an Alien/Terminator hybrid) ..

Robocop:"Dead or Alive your coming with me!"

A battle ensures, but Robocop proves to be no match for the hybrid he's fighting against until numerous energy blasts hits the hybrid and then some sort of net is used to pin down the hybrid only for several Predators to decloak and then one of them steps forward to finish off the hybrid

Robocop:Who .. are .. you!

The Predators leave Robocop where he is and eventually Robocop is found and gets repaired

Dr.Lazarus:It took a while Murphy, but your all good now - just wish I knew what hit you .. Anyway I've taken the liberty upgrading your armour with coltan for increased heat resistance, I've added motion trackers into your visor and last but not least I had your Auto-9 & Arm Gun upgraded with Colonial Marine ammo, so hopefully this is enough to take on whatever it was you fought before

Robocop:Thank you, I must go now

As Robocop conducts his patrol, he notices a large number of people exiting a building and it appears as if this building is in a warzone, as Robocop searches the building and his motion sensors detect something that is cloaked being attacked by the hybrid that almost destroyed him, he aims his weapon at the hybrid and with the Predator assistance destroys the hybrid, the cloak figure decloaks and reveals itself to Robocop as do a number of them, the Predators extend their acceptance of Robocop assistance in ridding of LexCorp new Hybrid Terminators/Xenomorphs and so they enter and find Lex Luthor surrounded with his hybrids

Lex Luthor:Problems officer?

Robocop:You are under arrest for endangering the lives of innocents (looks at hybrids) Illegal use of cybernetics and deliberate practice of genetic manipulation which is currently illegal in this State

Lex Luthor:I’ve got the best lawyers money can buy and in any case I will make short work of you and your allies and eventually add their impressive technology to my hybrids

Robocop:Don’t bet on it creep!

And then 24 S.W.A.T operators bust in to the scene the Hybrids move to attack, but are pushed back by volleys of Cobra Assault Cannon rounds


So Robocop will don his traditional armour with coltan (for heat resistance), he'll have motion sensors added to his visor and his weapons will consists of his Auto-9 which will now fire .45 calibre rounds (same rate of fire as seen on the movies with clip holding same amount of rounds) and Arm-gun (seen on Robocop 3) which now fires 10mm ammunition which shatter into hundreds of radioactive splinters inside their target (creating astounding radiation levels in larger targets, forcing these enemies to lose health for extended periods of time), a flamethrower using Cobalt Thermogel (a slow-burning flamethrower fuel that releases radioactive material into the air and poisons to cause long-term damage to target) & a rocket launcher using Aerosol Magnesium rockets which penetrates heavy armour and discharges multiple megathermal payloads in its interior and he'll have his jetpack, he is assisted by 24 S.W.A.T operators armed with Cobra Assault Cannons and protected with USCM M4x acid & kinetic armour (from Aliens vs Predator:Extinction) and they will help 12 Predators armed with weapons seen on the movies (wrist & arm blade, shoulder cannon, spear, disc, spear gun, net & wrist gun, shuriken, ornamental dagger, noose, razor whip, laser trap & hand cannons and will use the following equipment cloak generator, mask with its various vision modes, wrist computer with a self-destruct mechanism and holograms & power gloves

And they'll go against 45 Alien/Terminator hybrids which can absorb strength from their surroundings (in other words they are able to leach elements from their surroundings) 3 of the hybrids are armed with Westinghouse M-27 Phased Plasma Battle Rifle and 1 of the hybrids is armed with a General Dynamics RBS-80 Phased Plasma Pulse Gun (weapons are experimental), so who wins?, you tell me!

#2 Callisto



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Posted 05 March 2012 - 02:12 PM

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Posted 09 March 2012 - 05:54 AM

Hmmm well from the movie alien vs predator, we already know predator would win. As for terminator vs robocop, I'd give it to terminator. This would make it a tie so let's swap opponents. Predator beats terminator with its weapons and tech knowledge while robocop is able to defeat the xenomorph due to so much of him being machine and therefor less susceptible to the aliens attacks. The fact that there is more than one predator just makes this match overkill.
In conclusion robocop and the predators win.

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 03:07 PM

Alien VS Predator: Extinction is such a great game! Aliens are by far the superior race, with Skynet upgrades they will be unbeatable.

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