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Match 10931 Risty vs. Tenten


You Be The Judge



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 10:23 AM

(Read First)

Tenten was shocked at the news. She heard rumors and reports that she could be expelled from the Leaf Village. "But... That can't happen, right?" she asked Neji. The Jonin turned to her. "I'm afraid it's possible. Tenten, you've been losing your touch lately. During the war, you picked up the Bashenin Fan and nearly lost all your charka in a minute trying to figure it out. Not to mention you were nearly killed during the battle against Madara. At least thats what he refered to himself as..." Tenten fell to her knees, her eyes beginning to water. "Tenten. Don't worry. Guy-sensei, Lee, and I will throw in our words, try to see if we can save you. Everything'll be okay." with that, the fellow shinobi left. However, Tenten's heart was hardened, her hopes shattered.

Later that night, Tenten packed her scrolls and ninja tools together. She felt it was for the best as she may be as good a fired. She snuck out of the village later that evening and traveled to the Iwagakure; the Hidden Stone Village. There, she asked around for any potential trainers, homes, or fairs. This led to her running into Kagutsuchi. "Sorry kid, Iwa is still repairing from the war. We could use the help though." she offered. Tenten set her bags down and nodded. She instantly began to help repair the village. In the evening, she began to hear rumors about the land off the Shinobi island. "Queens Blade?" a Iwa shinobi asked. "Yeah, I heard it's filled with women who fight to become a Queen. Can you imagine that?" another replied. "Sounds hot, and... Strange. Who on Earth sets up a tournament to become ruler? What if the person never had any government experince?" replied another shinobi. Tenten listened from the hotel room and smiled. Unable to sleep.

'Maybe if I enter that torunament... I- I can win and regain my honor as a Konoha shinobi...' she thought. Giddy at the thought, Tenten waited for the shinobi to leave their post and snuck off, heading northwest. 'If I remember. A ship that leads off the cost is around here...' Tenten eventually found the ship she needed and snuck on board. It was a five hour ride until they finally touched down on land. Almost immedently, Tenten sprinted towards any general direction and realised... "I.... Have no clue where I'm headed..." she groaned. As she tapped her foot on the ground, she hid her headband, leaving her past at Konoha as a mystery. Eventually, she heard footsteps and saw a young woman walking. The woman had... Questionable clothing. Red straps that barely covered her chest? "Uh... Excuse me!" Tenten yelled. The young woman turned, puzzuled. "Yes?" she asked.

"I know this seems sudden but uh... Do you know where I can find the Queens Blade tournament?" Tenten asked. The redheaded woman smirked. "Yeah, it's in Gainos. I'm on my way there." she replied. "Sweet, think I can tag along?" Tenten asked. The redhead laughed. "You sure about that? The Queens Blade isn't for kids." she warned. "Shows what you know, I'm a skilled fighter." Tenten bragged, wagging her finger. "Is that so? Very well then. Show me." the redhead demanded. Tenten smirked. She was confident that this woman wouldn't even lay a finger on her.

"Alright, but don't feel bad if I win!" with that, Tenten tossed her scroll in the air, a kanabo appeared and landed in her hand. "I'm Tenten by the way. And you?" she asked. The redhead smirked as she prepared her morning star. "Risty, the Benevolent Bandit of the Wild." The two faced off and ran towards each other, yelling as thier fight begun.

- Tenten can only use her ninja tools and substitution jutsus. No backup.
- Risty is at fullpower and can use all she knows. Also no backup.
- Fight takes place in a field. Fight lasts until one surrenders.

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 02:59 PM

I give the set-up a Good!

For the match up, I think Risty could win this!

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